SteroTube updated for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Now lets you download videos

By James Richardson on 28 Dec 2012 12:11 pm EST

We covered the launch of the SteroTube app for the BlackBerry PlayBook back in early November, but this week sees a nice update to version 4.0 with a selection of new tweaks.

Most importantly is the option to now download content from YouTube. You can save either as a MP4 or MP3 depending if you need the video or just the audio. Completing this is pretty easy - just click on the download tab on the bottom right of the screen and you will then have three options given to you of using external sites to convert. I found for that for saving videos using the link was the one that worked for me and it really is a nice bonus to be able to download your favourite videos to watch at your leisure - perfect for travelling when you don't want to be using data.

In addition to the download feature the developer has also added speed enhancements, a new UI for selecting playlists and rename playlists - good stuff.

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Reader comments

SteroTube updated for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Now lets you download videos


It's not a bad app, but it doesn't really allow you to download videos. It provides you links to websites that allow you to download videos, such a Big difference in my opinion.

Thanks! I was going to download this app when I got home until I read your comments. Thanks for saving me the $,time and trouble. Big difference in my opinion too. I'll pass on this one.

If that's true that you can't download through the app itself then I'm not as keen as I was two minutes ago...

Not only that, but since I used Dirpy and selected flv file type, I had to download another app just to playback the videos I downloaded. From what I can tell, the app doesn't even allow you to playback any videos you have downloaded, the only file types it recognizes are audio files.

not saying this app can't be useful, but the immediate use I had for it, downloading Starcraft 2 videos (yes I'm a loser), could have been easily satisfied by going straight to and downloading a .flv player for free.

Although I do have to thank the dev for the links to the youtube downloading sites. i never knew dirpy existed before. not sure if that is worth 2 bucks, but it made my train ride go by much quicker having the SC2 tape to watch.

The only thing I don't like about it is you can sign in to your youtube accnt inorder to see favorites and or subcriptions, hopefully the developer can add this feature.

Glad I did not read the above comments before buying the app, because I might have been discouraged. The app is solid 5 stars. Yes, it does show a screen where you can select to download audio or video through another site, no big deal here.

And it does open up in dirpy with your video already setup for download if you select that option. All you get to do is select .Mp4 or .flv to begin the download. Someone above said he saved in .flv and could not playback without another app, he messed up not the app. I saved my videos in .mp4 format and played them immediately after download using the player already on my PB.

And playing YouTube videos through the app was very smooth. My PlayBook has always had a streaming problem playing using the native YouTube app, although it plays ok using the browser, though the experience is not as good on the browser. Get the app, it is worth it.

Oh come on people. Give the developer some support and appreciation. Who cares if it doesn't natively allow you to download videos. Just enjoy it.

No complain, this app is best and it was on sale when I got it. The review is sure 5 stars, and I agreed. Many thanks to Developer. Everytime I open this app, it just never fails. Way.... Better than Vivo app, no crash, no slowness, no bugs. For someone who complains about this app, well just STOP. If you can't build something better. This app is worth it.... Try it, and if your not satisfied, you can refund it... So its a worth of try, a win/win situation....

Bought this app when it first came out & it is great! I'm usually on Wi-Fi everywhere I go & have 40-50 complete LP's in my playlists under each artist name. Great way to listen to music at home thru my Bose system or on the go thru my Denon headphones (while either bridged or on a public Wi-Fi). As Ben stated above, this app is definitely a yardstick for other apps to strive to.