StereoTube for YouTube v1.8.0.1 now available

By Bla1ze on 17 Apr 2013 03:59 am EDT

As I'm sure you all know, there is a ton of videos and music to be found on YouTube. One app to gather all that content up that I use is called StereoTube for YouTube. We've looked at the PlayBook version in the past and the BlackBerry 10 version works much the same in respect to the features it offers. A new update to StereoTube for YouTube for BlackBerry 10 devices is now available in BlackBerry World and while the change log is small, it covers quite a few bases:

  • Added sleep timer to settings page
  • The app now works fine while minimized and while phone is in stand-by
  • Added automatic skipping of certain YouTube videos that are not playable

If you find yourself turning to YouTube for a lot of your music needs, you might want to give StereoTube for YouTube a look. Right now, the app is on sale for only $2.99, which is a great deal consider the power it packs.

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StereoTube for YouTube v1.8.0.1 now available



The playlists in stereo tube are local and do not need a YouTube account.

Plus you can include local music as well.

Yes, I went and bought the app after this post - and can say I like it :).

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Cheers for the if I already have a YouTube account (with the playlist option) is there any need for me to download this on my PlayBook?

Do you get a replay button in Google's playlist? You have one in the app. (Replay the whole palylist as far as I can see.)
And from what I have seen, I think it allows you to watch videos without seeing an advertisement first - at least on the PlayBook where I have only ever used the browser (The stock app (on the PlayBook) does not display all videos - might be a regional thing), this would be an advantage. Having said that - I now have the application on my Z10 only (where I can use the University Wi-Fi to stream videos).

Wow! Even my Note II can't do that kind of stuff without leaving an ugly notification in the tray or some other stuff on screen to help it keep the video playing! Playing video while in standby is out of the question! Great app and OS!

If you're rooted you can. There's a HD YouTube that'll play with the screen off (as in locking the screen) I don't know this app for bb as I haven't made the jump back yet

This is one of my fav apps. I can have a playlist and not have to listen to ads or fiddle around looking for vids when I want to listen to something. I use it while I exercise, usually a video on something I want to learn. Then listen to music while working in my office sometimes. Many of my playlists are for topics other than music. For example when I wanted to check out the PB mini keyboard I quickly threw together a playlist of reviews so I could check it out while I exercised. I create playlists for educational purposes or when I want to quickly share something with the family because I don't have to do searches.

@Bla1ze Thanks a lot for the article about this update. More awesome features are about to come soon. This was just a maintenance update, and I took myself the liberty to add the Sleep Timer feature :)

For the CrackBerry Nation:
If you have any questions about the app reach me via email/forums or here. I'll be glad to help.
Don't forget to write a review on BlackBerry World if you like the app! :) Thanks!

Yeah the ability to download music was the clincher
I am not seeing much use for the app now
Wish I had known this before buying
I just don't see much functionality for the app now
Maybe the de should at least ad some sort of tagging or recognition system into it so it would actually search the vids for you by listening to them, but as it stands now I don't see why pay for something you get for free (youtube)

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This is an amazing app! Allows me to save songs from youtube on my device so I can listen offline! I didn't think I'd use it as much as I do!

Download function gone? I have this on my PlayBook and that is the feature I love. I know they are just links to other websites but it was superb having it in one place.

I have this app on my playbook, but don't see it available on my z10 (My world), does it mean I have to repurchase it?

Please don't tell me the ability to download is gone? That's why I shelled out the 3 bucks in the first place.

Just to clear it out:
Initially the app had the download feature. After a while BlackBerry forced me to remove it, so the download feature is not officially supported anymore on new downloads (only version 1.5 had this feature unlocked).
However the people who initially bought the 1.5 version can update to newer versions because they will not loose the download feature.
For more info about the download feature contact me in private via feedback.stereotube.bb10[at]

Hi there I'm enjoying this application on my playbook. There are two problems though. Firstly the playlist sometimes plays smoothly going from track to track and like now only will play a single track at at time? Also there is an update in bb world which just won't work? I am also worried that if it did work then it may delete my current playlist?

The update won't delete the playlist. However the latest update was just to address the removal of download feature for newer customers, so if you have 4.0 keep it, it works fine. The issue with playing tracks is YouTube's bug, can't do anything about it, they're not answering me to my emails.

Hi Andrei thank you for your reply! I am running 3.0. When I try to upgrade I get a message saying "an error has occurred please try again later". Thanks Mark

Well, you should go to BlackBerry World > My World and click Refresh List, then go to Uninstalled and also click Refresh list. Then try again to update.
If that doesn't work, restart your PlayBook and try again to update.
The 4.0 brings some awesome updates, by the way.

I got this app a few wks ago and have to say it is super fantastic for the pennies paid... I use it for watching and listening to movies n music... the best app for you tubers...

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Just downloaded StereoTube 1.8 because I had previously read that it could download YouTube videos. Was disappointed to learn afterwards that BlackBerry had forced the developer to remove that feature. So now, I have to go back to my trusty PC with RealPlayer Downloader and use it to download YouTube videos and, afterwards, sync them to my BB. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Thorsten Heins said something recently about how he is reinventing the world of (mobile) computing so that we wouldn't need PCs anymore? I guess that was then and this is now.