StereoTube for YouTube and Animated Weather HD with Voice go on sale - grab them while they're hot!

By James Richardson on 30 Nov 2012 09:23 am EST

Hopefully you saw our video posts of both StereoTube for YouTube and Animated Weather HD with Voice in the recent couple of months here on CrackBerry. Both are awesome applications with stunning graphics and features.

The developer dropped me an email to let me know that both apps are now on sale with a 33% discount ($1.99 USD) so if you haven't already picked up the apps now may well be the time to do so.

Andrei also has another app submitted to App World called 'Radio Player for SHOUTcast' and I presume that one will be just as good as the previous two. Watch this space for a video post.

Download Animated Weather HD
Download StereoTube for YouTube + MP3 Music Player



I picked up stereotube last night. This app is great for $2.
I might try animated weather


I have both Animated Weather and SteroTube - great apps.

However, Animated Weather really needs to pull the updates from better weather sources. The Rain Probability is no where close to being accurate. Local forecasts and Weather Network will show 80% chance of rain while the app shows Rain Probably at 2%.

My only beef, if you could please fix Andrei.

Otherwise, the apps are definitely worth purchasing.


Just bought StereoTube, great App, well worth $2 or $4 for free queuing up of YouTube songs, it kind of makes Youtube your free jukebox, who needs to pay $10 a month for a service with this app! Well done.