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StereoTube for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - brings VEVO support and more

By James Richardson on 27 Sep 2013 12:54 pm EDT

It's been a while since we looked at SteroTube - in fact the last time I wrote about it was when I did a quick video review for the PlayBook. The BlackBerry 10 version has now been updated with a host of new features - including VEVO video support. 

The application is the perfect way to create your own playlists of not only YouTube content, but also the MP3's you already have on your BlackBerry. SteroTube is currently on sale for a limited time - priced at $1.99 so you may want to get in quick. If you fancy checking out the initial video we did you can catch it here

New in version 2.5:

  • VEVO videos support, the only app YouTube that doesn't use a hack to play VEVO music videos
  • The "Favorites", "Likes" & "Watch later" YouTube default playlists are now present in the app
  • YouTube playlists can have more than 50 songs and all of them will be seen by the app
  • Auto enter/exit fullscreen on phone rotation 
  • Phone Search integration, even if the app is not open, you can type the name of an artist/song in the phone's main search screen, and then tap the StereoTube icon, and you'll get directly to a page with results for that artist/song
  • Songs from the main playlist can be deleted and shared by tap and hold on any of them
  • Major performance improvements
  • OS 10.2 compatibility
  • Minor changes to make it compatible with Built for BlackBerry program

More information/Download SteroTube for BlackBerry 10



Where do I buy the old version so I can Dl YouTube videos

Posted via CB10


You have to contact developer directly. Check with him. I think I might have read you could only download the old version if you had bought an older version. Not sure about buying today and getting access to the old one. But check with the dev for answer.


Send me an email to learn more about the download feature.


Love this app

Sent from The Legendary Zed10



Posted from my Zed10 via CB10, follow my channel C00121C1B


One of my fav apps on my PlayBooks. One of the first I put on my Z10. The BB10 UI wasn't what it was on the PB, so liking the improvements. I create playlists not only for music, but things I want to learn or share. I like to learn things while I exercises.

Posted via CB10 with *Z* BEST!


If this uses Vevo videos properly I am buying right NOW!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!


Great app! You can make multiple list
I got a list just for full length movies. Developer responds quick if you have questions.

Posted via CB10


Sweet vevo support, will grab it

Posted via CB10


Fasttube is the same thing but free. Check it out before you buy this, it's the best YouTube app I've ever seen.

Posted via CB10


agree, …ツ

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

I bought FastTube Premium, didn't know about StereoTube til now :cant-watch:


Still very awkward on the Q10

Posted via CB10


Just tried Fast tube, not even close. To get support its a premium feature. Have to sign into your you tube account to save playlist. Google controlled.

Posted via CB10


Whether you get Stereotube or Fasttube premium, you're paying either way. Fasttube gives you a "basic" version at least

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

FastTube's Built For Blackberry too.


The best you tube app... love it

Sent by Bbry Zed10


Thanks James for the review!
To learn more about the download feature send me an email to feedback.stereotube.bb10 @ gmail .com

Pete The Penguin

Does anyone use Fast Tube or StereoTube? What's the differences? Similarities? Both now have Vevo support... What's this "hack" mentioned that StereoTube doesn't need?


StereoTube is much more well suited for listening to music, you can even create playlists without having to be logged in to YouTube. FastTube is more of a general YouTube player/client, but it's also a good app. It's up to you what do you use YouTube for: if music get StereoTube, if no music at all... get both StereoTube and FastTube , just cause you never know :)

Disclosure: I'm the StereoTube developer.


Great app.

Posted via CB10


I find Stereotube better than fast tube for more formats.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!


Spend the money it's well worth 2 bucks . I have never used fast tube since buying stereo tube.

Posted via CB10


Still doesn't have the facility to add music folders to play list. Also music player UI can be much better.

Posted via CB10


Hi, Any suggestions on how to improve the music UI?


So "StereoTube" is the correct name, and not "SteroTube" as written a couple of times in the article. I just couldn't let those slip by.. ;-)

Posted via CB10


Yea, people tend to not remember this name, they call it stereo types most of the times :)