StereoTube for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a new 'Trending Songs' playlist

StereoTube for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 15 Nov 2013 04:17 am EST

For you StereoTube users out there you'll be pleased to hear that an update is available for the popular BlackBerry 10 application. While the number of new features in the update is not huge the 'Trending Songs' playlist is pretty special. 

The app now has a built in playlist of songs, that is automatically populated several times a day with the trending songs - the most downloaded songs on iTunes. That means that anyone can now just start listening the most popular songs without searching. Also, it helps discovering the latest songs, daily. A nice improvement don't you think? 

New in this latest version:

  • Added "Trending Songs" playlist
  • Performance improvements
  • Various bugs fixed

If you haven't tried the application before now may be a good time? For a few days more StereoTube is on sale and priced at £0.75/$0.99. Hit up the below link for the full list of in-app features - there's a ton of them! 

More information/Download StereoTube for BlackBerry 10

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StereoTube for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a new 'Trending Songs' playlist


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One of the best apps and developer for BlackBerry. Always quick to respond.

Posted via CB10

I never got a response from the developer. I wanted to know if the app would still allow you to watch videos not available for mobile viewing. Does anybody know? I have yet to see an app for YouTube do that so,my assumption is no.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, I didn't get your email, or I might just missed it by mistake, I get tens of support emails daily. Sorry :) Can you give me an example of that kind of video?