Step it Up: New BlackBerry PlayBook Promo Video from RIM!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2011 02:12 pm EST

A new BlackBerry PlayBook promo video has popped up on the BlackBerry youtube channel. You can check it out above. CES 2011 is definitely ALL ABOUT the BlackBerry PlayBook for RIM, and the PlayBook's multitasking capabilities is one of the traits of the device RIM is really pushing (it fits with the "professional grade tablet" branding). Lots more PlayBook content is on the way, so stay tuned for that. We'll do our best to track down some phone info as well, but in the meantime it's all about the BlackBerry PlayBook. Enjoy the video!

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Step it Up: New BlackBerry PlayBook Promo Video from RIM!


Its all about the Playbook because they cant make a touchscreen phone to compete with the iPhone! If this is the extent of what RIM is bringing us, then I think after 8 loyal years, I will be ditching it for an Android or Apple phone and tablet. All I want is a widely available touchscreen phone with good hardware and OS6, and they aren't providing it.

I was a super fanboy, but now I'm just jilted.

Could not agree more, I was about to write exactly the same words.
If there is no news about that much expected touchscreen mobile phone by the end of the month I will look for something different, likely android.
I have been waiting for too long.
Somebody should remind RIM what its core business is and how hard it is to get a customer back. Besides, if I do not use a blackberry phone I will be less likely to buy the playbook.

I settled on January 31 for my decision on when to leave as I wanted CES and anything Apple would say to go by the boards. I've been contract-free for 3 months, and wanted to give RIM their due chance. I know I am staying with Verizon, now its just what device to get. Looks like it may be a Thunderbolt.

Hate touchscreen phones so BB works just fine for me. Can't wait for the Playbook to come out. Saving my pennies for it. Ok, maybe my quarters.

Jesus christ, you whiney babies need to not bother commenting. I mean, I get that I'm whining about your whining, but I can't handle the comments to ANY of these posts anymore.

None of you idiots will ever be happy. Period.

Thats totally not true. I have been very happy with my Storm 1 AND 2, but I'm a little put off that they haven't made any improvements on the touchscreen phone model.

My loyalty to Blackberry allowed them this much time to come out with a touchscreen phone, because I dislike the button phones they have with Verizon, whose service I have enjoyed more than the other carriers.

I just want to see them put as much behind all of their VZW products as they do with their other carriers. They updated the Bold and Curve, so why not the Storm?

Agreed. Storm 3 has taken way too long. I ditched my 2nd Storm I after 18months. I couldnt take the lag/freezing and batterpulls any longer. Sporting a 9700 until an iPhone Eater is released. I will never leave the BB platform. iPhones are toys for kids. Business comes first but I love my media at the same time.
Im hoping Fergie walks out on Stage Feb 6th with a Storm III and her Playbook and BBM's me.

do you think the guy who was skipping that fell, could possibly be the apple guy from the commericals lol. since they are talking about tru mulitasking :) either way, playbook is looking awesome !

I think if chuck norris was in this commercial, it'd been a kickazz experience 4 all, and every1 would want a piece of the playbook... even the i-users...