Step back in time to the wild west with Cowboy Guns for the BlackBerry PlayBook from Union

By Bla1ze on 13 Jul 2012 10:52 pm EDT

Another awesome game from the folks at Union has now landed in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cowboy Guns will take you back to the wild west where you'll have to take on a gang of gunslingers known as The Crimson Jackals in order to restore peace to the town.

Cowboy Guns Highlights

  • Adventure mode with a great story and depth. Cinematic scenes connect this western tale.
  • Survival Mode where endless enemies come from all directions in different areas of the game.
  • Bounty hunter mode: Get rewards for defeating more than 20 wanted criminals in the bounty hunter mode.
  • Use a variety of Wild West weaponry from handguns, to shotguns to sticks of dynamite.
  • Upgrade your weapons with the rewards you get for missions, bounties and with stars collected through exploration in all of the levels.
  • Four challenging bosses to defeat.
  • Authentic soundtrack based on spaghetti western movies. 

I've been checking it out for the past few hours and have to say, it is a very nice game and weil worth the $2.99 you'll spend to get it on your PlayBook in my opinion. The controls are a little bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, you'll be good to go. You'll find it available now in BlackBerry App World, you can hit the link to grab it.

Download Cowboy Guns from BlackBerry App World

Via: @UnionUnity3D

Reader comments

Step back in time to the wild west with Cowboy Guns for the BlackBerry PlayBook from Union


It is always good to see a big gaming firm supporting Playbook, the release date is so close to the iOS version, really nice! :)

Reminds me of Mad Dog McCree I used to play back in the day on my PII Win 95 system. That game used real video. Having that game back for the Playbook would be outstanding. I'm sure the Playbook would be more than capable of running it.

They've turned this glorious productivity tool in to a gaming console, not that it is a bad thing, but having these games really proves to be a distraction.