Steelthorn Software launches new deal-tracking app "QuackBot"

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2010 07:28 pm EDT
Everyone loves to get a deal on their purchases. Be it buying something and get next one free or just something totally awesome at a cheap price. Steelthorn Softwares latest application helps with finding some of the best deals out there available to you. By collaborating some of the "deal of the day" sites all into one, visually appealing application you can pick up some great stuff for cheap. In their words: 

QuackBot tracks all of the best daily deals on the web from retailers such as, Walmart, Target, Newegg, Gearslash, and more! With QuackBot, you can: read detailed item descriptions, view item pictures, e-mail the deal to yourself or a friend, and even follow a link to buy the item, all in one neat, energy-efficient package!

Personally, I'm a fan of woot and shirt.woot. Having checked Quackbot out for a a while, I can certainly see myself using the application a lot. Although, the in app purchase ability scares me considering my impulse buy history. Check it out if you're a bargain hunter, its a free download for all.

Reader comments

Steelthorn Software launches new deal-tracking app "QuackBot"


I downloaded and bought something right away. Came back later and tried to get back on the app--it wouldn't work! It just kept sending me to different web pages, such as Google mobile app, cartoons, etc.

Installed. It uses Location Data (guessing to check based on location?). Loads quickly, only showed like 6 deals, none from quite a few of the sources they list.

Hey, this is pretty cool! I use woot fairly often, though I never really buy anything, lol. I just might start now, though. :)

To the above poster, I see 12 deals when I open the app. Maybe try the refresh button? Dunno.

I'm going to guess that like Steelthorn's similar barcode-scanning app, edocrab, that this searches US sites only.
If Zaventh is reading: any Canadian support this time around?
If not, any intention of adding it?

QuackBot is only supported in the US right now, but it has been engineered to allow for other markets in the future. We had a hard time finding good "deal-a-day" sites that will ship to Canada. If you know of any, please suggest it as an idea on our feedback forum!

FOr those with newer phones, this isn't a biggy, but us with older BB's.... this app is for OS's 5.0 and higher. My 8330 still chugs along with 4.5.

I installed, good app, however I noticed a tremendous battery drain, had to delete it, now I'm back to normal on my battery life.

Glad you like the app. :) Not sure what the drain would be, as QuackBot doesn't run in the background or anything evil like that. It only fetches data when you open it or press the refresh menu.

Have you looked into including other deal websites like,,,,, They are outdoor gear type deal websites. I think you definitely should!