Stealth Book allows you to keep SMS, calls and emails private

Stealth Book
By Kerri Neill on 18 Jul 2012 11:29 am EDT

Do you need to keep certain things private from prying eyes? Then Stealth Book by Oswald Designs may be just the thing you need. Similar to the app BlackBook, Stealth Book filters your incoming calls, SMS and emails from specific contacts and keeps them safely hidden away on your BlackBerry device.

With Stealth Book all calls, text messages and emails are stored in the Stealth Book app instead of in their native apps. There's no icon to launch the app. You create your specific key combination to launch the app (default keys to launch can be changed in Options).

If an e-mail, call or SMS comes in from one of your Stealth Book contacts, the message will never show in your BlackBerry inbox. Instead, the message will be kept within the Stealth Book app itself. Your BlackBerry will vibrate when you receive a new message. There is also an option to have a customizable pop-up message. The app automatically times out and closes after a few seconds of non-use. Stealth Book has a couple more cool features that basically turn your BlackBerry into your Black Book.

Features include:

  • Completely Hidden Contact list
  • Hidden Text Messages
  • Hidden Emails
  • Edit emails while forwarding
  • Hidden Call Logs
  • Auto-reply on call disconnect
  • Backup/Restore Contacts
  • Enhanced Call Logs/Text Messages/Email Filtering
  • Threaded SMS
  • Customizable message pop-up alerts
  • Vibration alerts
  • Closes Automatically
  • Enable/Disable Message Pop-up

The options and features of Stealth Book are sure to help anyone keep their information private, for whatever reason that may be (we here at CB won’t judge you). The main difference between this and the fore mentioned BlackBook application is the cost. BlackBook will set your wallet back $3.99 while Stealth Book is only $0.99 in BlackBerry App World. Stealth Book is available for pretty much every BlackBerry smartphone running OS 5.0 or higher (available in most countries).

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Reader comments

Stealth Book allows you to keep SMS, calls and emails private


Sounds definitely interesting. Does anyone know how good their database is encrypted? And if so if it's a live encryption? I don't need this program if it decrypts the data whilst the phone is in use.

Muhahaha ClassyBold. You made my day! Thank you :)

Well no what I mean is this. PGP desktop says that it encrypts your data. That's only tru as long as you don't start into Windows. I just want to have my emails which will contain confidential data to be safe. If someone offers such a product then I expect it to keep everything I entrust it with confidential.

That's all.

I don't believe this software would involve any database's or any encryption, it seem's to just mask the information....well, if it worked it would! lol

Well, tried this out, imported a number and it still shows in call logs and text messages still show. Doesn't seem to work :(

How bout people stop keeping secrets. Oh wait we've been doing that since the beginning of time! **facepalm** LOL!

I have blackbook app and it seems to work well for hiding my side projects. Only complaint is that you have to pay again for any updates and the initial download does not save your numbers. So if you get a new phone and restore info, contacts, etc from your old phone none of the blackbook girls are there and you have to re add.

Hmm, I know for a fact that when I tested out BB by Mblware the backup/restore featured did in fact work...I'd email the developer if I were and see if there is a fix.

I bought this program on Wednesday (7/18/2012), My only complaint is it seems to be a memory hog! I have never before gotten a warning about system memory low until I started using it. I don't have a lot of programs running on my 9850 at any one time. (that I know of)

I purchased this app, I get a lot people handling my phone and needed the extra privacy. Do not recommend, I imported my contacts to the app, took over an hour to complete. It is a memory hog, moreover when I detected this was such annoyance than useful, I uninstalled and this deleted all the contacts on my exchange account. My corporate account addressbook is now blank. Even after I reinstalled it still same story. I have back up of contacts, re synched--- no go. THIS APP SUCKS! No support at all.