Staying True to Old Blue: Jessica Simpson and the 8700

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jan 2008 01:10 am EST

Jessica Simpson and her 8700

We haven't done a CrackBerry Sighting post yet in 2008, so I figured it was about time to do one (good content for a Friday!), and that said, it would only make sense to kick off the new year with my CrackBerry Sighting Favorite, Jessica Simpson.

You gotta respect Jessica when it comes to her choice of BlackBerry - though she can probably get her hands on any new smartphone device of her choice free of charge, she is STILL opting to stick with her trusty 'ole BlackBerry 8700. This photo was taken earlier this week in Los Angeles.

In 2007 I called the BlackBerry 7290 Old Blue. I think in 2008 I'm going to pass that title on to the 8700 - it's time to upgrade. Though to be fair, even though the 8700 feels like a tank compared to my Curve, thinking back to the pre-Curve days I really, really loved my 8700 - it was my do everything savior. I can't really fault Jessica for taking her time upgrade (though I'm not sure I could get by without a Media Card anymore).



yay now i don't feel left out i am currently using a 8700 it's tank very durable i like it but if i had the money to upgrade i would but for now it's my baby


I think it would be definately a cool thing if there was a website out there that had what certain celebrities had as their wallpaper or themes.


This woman has no feet!!! Maybe its the latest hollywood fashion.


Jessica Simpson is smart enough to use a Blackberry????


still got a few of those lying around..... in good working order!!