Stay tuned next week for the return of the New York City CrackBerry Vodcast!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Apr 2014 09:43 pm EDT

A year ago right now I was in New York City, covering the launch of BlackBerry 10 in big city style (be sure to hit play for the replay of our awesome CrackBerry NYC Meetup!).

Between those fond memories, yesterday's BlackBerry Experience: New York and the welcoming of NYC-based Jubei Raziel to the CrackBerry team, I couldn't take the not being in NYC anymore. I just booked my flight and Sunday I'm flying to the Big Apple for the week.

Jubei promised you a CrackBerry Podcast talking about all that was learned and heard during his BlackBerry Experience, so we're going to record it up in person next week, good 'ol CrackBerry Vodcast style and from NYC. Stay tuned for it!

In the meantime, be sure to watch the TRAILER below!

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Stay tuned next week for the return of the New York City CrackBerry Vodcast!


interesting choice of music, but it was a nice video. super excited for the present/future of BlackBerry under the helm of "No Mistakes Chen"

Note: CB never ever criticise Chen, even after what was one of the biggest ever PR calamities I have ever seen earlier this week

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CB never really criticized Heins either until the very end

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Start spreading the news...if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere...New York New York!

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Not into that kind of music, but it keeps going through my head now, lol.

Just signed up for Toronto date. Should be interesting to hear first hand.

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I'm having a very good feeling about CrackBerry and BlackBerry again!

We cannot afford to get caught standing still so keep moving "victoriously"!

 BlackBerry Q10 

Go go CrackBerry, in full support. Can't wait to see next week event. CrackBerry community needs some more talent writers like Jubei. BlackBerry forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Android Central - one podcast per week

CrackBerry - one promise of a podcast a week, one actual podcast every three months ;)

Only kidding, but as much as we appreciate fancy smancy podcasts from time to time, a regular weekly enthusiast podcast would be even greater.

Great start to the team btw :)

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I totally agree. It's the Android Central podcast more than anything that's made me a fan of Android. Crackberry will never do a consistent podcast, partly because there's not enough to talk about most of the time, and partly because they have no follow through.

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Go team BlackBerry! I'm a native new yorker, I wish that I could be there for the BlackBerry experience event.

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Who was the rap by? 'what's your BBM? '

Why isn't in any BBM commercials yet?

Time to build that tidal wave of support for BlackBerry.

How much would it cost to have an outside small ad agency run a campaign for BlackBerry for a year after the launch of the Z3 and 'Classic '?

The Z3 has come in different colours. Especially if it is under $200

The Classic and Z3 has to be ready launch in the US before Thanksgiving.

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I'm happy NYC is getting all this attention again :)

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Guess you guys never listened to Russel Brands video-podcasts which he named viddycast. sounds more inviting than vodcast imho.

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New york... when for toronto again? :D

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Oh, snaps! Who is that dark male specimen panned into the shot starting at 1m and 03s? Is that Batman? Naw, it's just me.