Stay powered with spare and extended batteries for your BlackBerry smartphone - Leave a comment to win one!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2011 01:02 pm EDT

Leave a comment on this post and you could win an extended battery for your device!

BlackBerry Battery

Sometimes it seems like you just can't make it through the day on a single charge. When you can't find a plag to plug in, that's when a spare or extended battery is the best thing to have. With our great selection of both extended batteries and standard OEM batteries you can find the right one for your device. Pick up a spare to carry with you so you have double the charge, or start using an extended battery to get a bit of extra juice through the day. Pair up with a mini external battery charger for some devices and you'll never run out of power again. Check out the full selection of spare and extended batteries for most devices at

Contest: To enter to win an extended battery for your device just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT. 

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Reader comments

Stay powered with spare and extended batteries for your BlackBerry smartphone - Leave a comment to win one!



Would love a new F-S1 battery for my Torch - love the idea of having a spare battery with me as I travel! Thanks!

Who wouldn't want one. The post doesn't indicate if the battery is any bigger and if it requires a special back cover or not...

I am in dire need of an extended battery. I am a heavy user on the ohone at least 6 hours for my job. An extended battery would be sweet!

I always carry a spare, one in the car, one in my desk and one in my bag......yea I know its a phobia. One more would not hurt :)

My Torch would love the security of knowing that it has a backup battery and an extended battery would just be over the top for both of us.

Would be nice not to have my BB charge so often... although it will last a day and a bit. But when you're out in the middle of nowhere, an extended battery would be a great asset!!

Extra power is exactly what cell phone need. I hate when my phone power down. With the spare at least I'm not connected to a wire..

Thank you

I hope I win one for my Torch because the yellow light is already flashing that the battery is about to die.

I would highly recommend getting an extra battery. I recently bought one for my bold 9700 after a year of abusing the heck out of my original batter. Best $$ i ever spent. It reinvigorated my blackberry. Best part is that it will tide me over until I get my QNX bb next year hopefully!!

Could really use one of these for my bold 9780. While the normal battery is good, By the time I get home from work the battery life is down to about 25% due to constant changes going in and out of service range. Would be nice to have it last from morning to night on a single charge ;)

Yep, at this point I would absolutely love a battery for my old 9000.. The current battery doesn't quite eek out a day and the trackball has stopped working. I've theorized it's because of the lack of electricity going to the trackball.. Perhaps a battery to test out my theory? :D

Wow! Just weeks after I complained to Crackberry for not shipping to India comes this contest! I had set my eyes on the Seiko 2600 MaH battery for my Curve 3G. I am a heavy BB user and charge my phone thrice everyday. Yes, you read it right, thrice everyday. I hope to win this and that YOU SHIP IT TO ME IN INDIA :)

*fingers crossed*

A new battery will really help my 9630 lasts longer.... because now I have to charge it 3 times a day.....

Wud luv to have a spare battery, especially when Im on d road for long periods of time.
Thanx Crackberry....keep doing a great job!

My 9700's battery is about to die soon and I'd love to have a new one, bbm and whatsapp are killing it within less than a day :) thank you crackberry!

My storm2 rarely makes it through the day if I actually use it. An extra battery would be great. That way I won't have to lose my XM radio to charge my phone while driving.

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas with no Torch because my battery died. This would have been great for me.

never really thought about having a second battery till i read this - always digging for my cord or make sure my charger is in the van - be alot easier with a second battery. Good going guys great idea.

This standard battery for my 9650 just isn't cutting it anymore. I would gladly and greatfully take an extended battery off of your hands :)

Wow......getting ready to do the tourist thing in Europe for three weeks. Between taking lots of pictures with my Torch annd using Google maps to find my way around the streets each day....a spare battery would be necessary and awesome !!! jeez pick me please...

i would love an extended battery for my curve 8530... when my currently battery reaches 1 bar and im using the phone it just shuts off and i cant turn it back on without plugging it in.... and i have t charge it at least 3 times a day

I would love another battery. I love my BB but it just eats batteries and the external battery cases are so chunky.
thanks CB for helping out with another problem!

Just like a solider with an AK-47 fully loaded extended clip, I will be mowing down the competition with my BLD-97 fully charged extended battery. Bring'em on!