Stay powered with spare and extended batteries for your BlackBerry smartphone - Leave a comment to win one!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2011 01:02 pm EDT

Leave a comment on this post and you could win an extended battery for your device!

BlackBerry Battery

Sometimes it seems like you just can't make it through the day on a single charge. When you can't find a plag to plug in, that's when a spare or extended battery is the best thing to have. With our great selection of both extended batteries and standard OEM batteries you can find the right one for your device. Pick up a spare to carry with you so you have double the charge, or start using an extended battery to get a bit of extra juice through the day. Pair up with a mini external battery charger for some devices and you'll never run out of power again. Check out the full selection of spare and extended batteries for most devices at

Contest: To enter to win an extended battery for your device just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT. 

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Reader comments

Stay powered with spare and extended batteries for your BlackBerry smartphone - Leave a comment to win one!



I love my torch and I run so many things on it all the time! I'm charging it everyday and would love an additional battery!

I would LOVE to win a Seidio Innocell Extended Battery 1700mAh OEM Size for BlackBerry Bold 9650!! This wouldn't be my spare battery... this would be my ONLY battery! The Blackberry D-X1 battery that came with the phone is no longer retaining its full charge! with the apps i have and the OS 6 upgrade i have to charge my phone every 4 hours (thats with moderate usage too), sometimes even less! The phone lives on a charger now! So show a lil love for the easter break crackberry.... This new battery will definitely help me out alot!

My mom needs a new battery for her 8330m. It won't be much of an upgrade but she needs something to get herself though the day.

Sweet! an extended battery so I can visit the Crackberry site a little longer! Put me down for one...or a hundred!

I've got the 9800 and see pretty good battery life. Still an extra battery would be good for long trips using GPS navigation.

My Storm and my soon to be Blackberry Touch would so love a back-up battery. Actually, forget the storm, let's just say my Blackberry Touch would like a battery back-up

(I know, I am probably one of the few that have survived their storms since launch, barely! Only at 4 battery pulls a day. LOL)

I'm always out & about so I would appreciate an spare/extended battery. I would love to stop worrying about having to miss a call, text, email or BBM when my phone dies.

Thank you CrackBerry, regardless if you can or cannot make it happen for me.

BlackBerry Bold 9700
T-Mobile USA

Kind of thing that would be perfect for the short weekend away but you still want to stay in touch. Cuts down on the cords and chargers....

my battery is always dead had to get it change under waranty but would like to get an extended one!!

The extended battery should be made standard with the BB smartphones. Great contest, as usual, CrackBerry!

well i have a 9800 BB i think this is enough said, no? please enter me for that spare battery! PLEASE?!?!?!?!?! thx

yes please. and thanks ahead of time. (will do me good on my long bike rides while listening to music and tracking my ride with gps)

It would be so good not to have to worry about running out of batteries. Hence this would be great to win.


Nice, but if the battery is dead and you want to change it, you will have to put up with 5 minutes off boot patience. Can you do that!

I need one for my BB Torch 9800! I use it constantly for both business and personal things, this will keep me powered for when I'm on the go!

A new batter will do wonders for my social life since I'm constantly on facebook and twitter so yea CB hook me up.

I am a paramedic. With my 9700 I can't get thru a full shift without charging my BB. This would help out immensely.

normally id be fine, but with BB Bridge now installed...i think i could use some extra juice to drive that blutooth to the Playbook! CB ROCKS!

Blackberry is a really powerful device. With more juice to squeeze it will turn into a beast. I think everyone who owns a blackberry should have extra juiceee. ughh i wanttt more juice for my bb :(

Using my Bold 9700 all day, sometimes before the end of the day i have to reload again. Better, stronger battery is always wanted. Count me in for this contest.

My 9650, once I upgraded to OS6, just tears through the battery. Would love an extended pack o' powah!

I bought the spare battery and charger for my 9650. Works Great! I can now actually make it thought the day with out scrambling to find a outlet to charge from. My wife wants one too. It would be great to surprise her with one.

#SweetBabyJesus, does my Torch need a new battery! Being in college and working two jobs, I stay on my phone receiving/responding to emails, finishing papers (seriously), and jamming to my music - a new battery would be awesome.... :)

ever since i upgraded my curve 3g to OS6 my battery doesn;t last too long. It'd be great to have spare battey for the days I have school then work.

My Blackberry Torch 9800 barely makes it through day. Having an extended battery for my Blackberry Torch 9800 would be greatly appreciated. I thank you and my Blackberry Torch 9800 thanks you.

My 9700 was great when I first got it but since an OS update in Dec, the battery has never been the same. Even new battries seem to act funny after a few days. I went back to the last good working OS but still no joy. I would love a new extended battery to rekindle my phone. Please...!

May my Torch never be extinguished. A spare is good. An extended spare is even better. Make it so.

Winning an extended battery for my Bold 9700 would be great. Mine does not last more than a day with all the things I do daily...

I would love a new battery for my 8900...barely lasting through the day and I'm waiting for the new Bold Touch to upgrade!

my battery lasts 4-6hrs max with all the full service to no service i get constantly going indoors to outdoors. i could use one of these

Hope I win. My Curve 3G 9300 sure needs an extra battery. With the extra battery, I can go on my WordPress app in my BlackBerry and blog about how I won my extra battery.

I'm always running low with the battery i extended one would be amazing for my bold blackberry! :)

I'd love an extended battery, i usually cant make it though the day without a recharge with my talking!