Stay charged for days with the BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charger Bundle

Get the most out of your BlackBerry Q10 with the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle!

By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2013 12:57 pm EDT

One of the great things about the BlackBerry Q10 is the amazing battery life. It's packing a 2100MAh battery which is bigger than any BlackBerry battery to date. So far it's proven to be awesome for everyone on the CB team as we really haven't had to worry at all about killing a battery during a normal day - or even during a conference day - the most grueling battery test of all. 

I'm one that always worries about my battery though. I always want to be sure that I have enough juice when I'm out so that my phone never goes dead. Thankfully with the Q10 I haven't had that happen and probably don't need to worry, but better safe than sorry. 

For that I carry the BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charger Bundle when I head out. I can easily carry the charger in my pocket thanks to its small size and I always have a fresh battery at the ready if I need to swap out, or I can just plug right in if I'm on a call and losing juice. It's a no-brainer.

The bundle is small enough to carry anywhere

The Q10 Battery Charger Bundle is super easy to use - just pop in the included spare battery and charge it up. You can use the charger that comes with your Q10 and charge the battery on its own, or better yet, plug your the charger bundle into your phone and charge both at the same time. The microUSB charging port can be used with any microUSB charger however the one that comes with your phone works best (or even the BlackBerry PlayBook charger). The LED on the charger lights up amber as it chargers your battery. It then changes to a flashing green when you're topping up and will go solid green when your battery is 100% and ready to go.

The attached microUSB cable lets you charge on the fly

Carrying both your Q10 and the charger bundle isn't a hassle thanks to the size of the charger and battery. It's very lightweight and doesn't take up much space at all so it easily fits in your purse, pocket or bag. If you're battery is low you can pull swap it out with the fully-charged spare or, if you happen to be on the phone or doing something important, just plug in the attached microUSB cable to your Q10 and have instant power. It's a win-win.

While the Q10 battery hasn't failed me yet, I do always like to be prepared. For that I dub the BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charger Bundle on of my must-have accessories without a doubt.

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Stay charged for days with the BlackBerry Q10 Battery Charger Bundle


These are so handy. Love being able to remove the battery to pop another in. Especially for z10 that has a shorter life then q10

Posted via CB10

Or the other way. Can you charge the Q10 with the Z10 bundle. I have the Z and the bundle but wanted to switch to the Q when it hits the USA.

Posted via CB10

You can charge the device with the bundle either way (Q10 to Z10 or Z10 to Q10) but obviously can't use the opposite batteries in the other device.

I bought the Z10 bundle when it launched, best BlackBerry accessory I've ever bought!

Posted via CB10

I just received my Q10 charging bundle in the mail this morning and the phone hasn't hit my country. I have what feels like battery OCD. I get a full day out of my 9930 battery, and I still keep two spares on me (just in case I unexpectedly can't be next to an outlet for three days).
This bundle lets me forget about charging on a schedule or being stuck to a wall.
I wonder what would wear out slower, the USB port taking a charge every night or the battery door being taken off everyday to swap batteries.

I ordered this and while waiting for it had planned to return it. I never thought I would use it. Once I started using it however, I am VERY happy I bought it. I use mainly when I travel, but use it all the time.

I actually use my phone so much more when I know I don't have a battery limitation.

Posted via CB10

Folks, saw a segment on Fox News last week which stated peeps look at their phone every 6 minutes and average 150 times a day. Or 10 times an hour for 15 hours. One of the talking heads even mentioned that she has an app that produces "white noise" and she uses that so she can get to sleep because "this is New York City", I guess she means it's still too noisy even late at night. As for having a spare battery, that sounds like a no brainer since I'm always reading of peeps at airports constantly complaining about the hogs at recharging stations, apparently people have come to expect free charging stations. I'd get 2 spares, that way one is always charging up.

Actually white noise is very helpful for people who are extremely light sleepers or who have sleeping disorders. My girlfriend has it going when she goes to sleep (I have to use earplugs 'cause I can't sleep with that shiznaz on!). I don't know how but apparently it works.

Anyway, back on topic, I have the bundle for my Z10 and it's amazingly handy. I hate having to worry about using my phone due to the battery. That's no way to live.

Posted via CB10

I have this for the z10. Must have! The problem for me is I almost need 2 of them. By noon I swap and by 6pm I swap again. It charges on the car charger but it's slow and after 4 hrs of charging it's still only half charged sometimes.

Any ideas as to a better solution!


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Wow, how much do you use your phone? With my Z10 I unplug at about 7:30 AM and i typically come home from school at around 3 PM. On a good day, I'm at maybe 50%. On a bad day, I'm at about 30%. I'd agree that the battery life isn't fantastic, but i can't imagine needing to swap batteries half way through the day

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Most of the time I'm where I can plug my Z10 into either a wall charger at my office or a car charger. But there have been a few times when I was not near a charger and having a spare battery was a life saver.

The Z10's battery just does not last all day when it is being used regularly. Especially if you use GPS functions.

One thing not discussed:
When you have a low charge phone internal battery and install the full charge external backup battery the backup battery charges the internal.
The external backup battery will get hot in the process.
The process gives about +10% charge to the phone internal phone battery in each ten minutes.
It takes about three-quarters of an hour or so to get a terminal charge at about 90% in the internal battery.

Also, I find the Playbook charger gives both batteries full charge when the backup cable feeds the phone internal battery. The stock phone charger only give about 90% charge to both batteries

This is the kind of phone I've been wanting. I'm selling my iPhone because of the battery easily drained. I want blackberry q10 now ")

Love the Z10 version. Has saved me a few times. Battery bundle gets a little hot, but nothing major.

Posted via CB10

Agreed... I felt funny getting one for my Q10, after hearing about the amazing battery, but it has come in handy. Plugging in an AC charger is not always convenient, so this battery pack is great.

Posted via CB10

This is a fantastic product. I had it for my Z10 which was a must and purchased this solution again for my Q10. A must have for power-users.

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is there any recommendation when charging this for the first time, i know with phones they say to "burn it in" your opinion, does it really matter?

I'm surprised to hear that the Q10 has a longlasting battery. That's not my experience at all.

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