A status update from SHAPE services regarding IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2011 04:09 pm EDT
IM+ Pro for BlackBerry

The other day when we wrote about IM+ Plus for PlayBook having issues getting approved into BlackBerry App World we did so in an effort to help improve the overall situation for not only SHAPE services but also for BlackBerry developers out there who may be facing similar challenges. As expected, we didn't recieve any updates from RIM but SHAPE services did. As they wrote on their blog:

Shape's Development Head Alex and myself just had a talk with Tyler Lessard, RIM's VP, Global Alliances and Developer Relations.

Tyler was really friendly and helpful and we have now a hope that IM+ for Playbook will be approved within two weeks or so. We understand that to approve such an complex app can take the same time or more as the development of IM+ for Playbook itself. Just as remember, the app is now for two months in the testing queue.

And the best of the talk: after years of our requests to RIM we got from Tyler a promise to consider BlackBerry Push usage for IM+. It would make user experience on the BlackBerry platform the same kind of beautiful like on iOS.

Please continue to follow-up the story, it will really help to make things done. And to celebrate the moment we will offer to our friends from CrackBerry.com 25 free licenses of IM+ Pro for BlackBerry right now and 25 free licenses of IM+ for Playbook after release. 

Needless to say, we're glad to hear things are now on the right track for IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook and considering SHAPE services has given us 25 copies of IM+ Pro for BlackBerry to give away -- we'll do just that. Drop a comment on this post and we'll pick 25 of you all out there to win one free copy each courtesy of SHAPE services.

Please note: Contest is for the BlackBerry version, PlayBook version contest will be held later

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A status update from SHAPE services regarding IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook




THIS IS BETTER THEN NAPSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TRY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT IS CALLED: Mielophone.

Listen to the Black Eyed Peas (If you like them) The music (which is theirs) is a semi smash up.

All of the music is like this !!!!!

Where in the world does this come from ????


I got to let Kevin Know.....

Just released !!!

This would be a wonderful addition for the Playbook. I have been patiently waiting for all of the great Apps that RIM has been promising us. I pre-ordered my Playbook and bought it with faith :)

Oh wow! Awesome update AND a chance to win what's probably the best IM app for any platform, for the Playbook! Put me down for one please!

great. this is a great story for all developers of the BlackBerry platform. Now if you don't mind I'd like to test out the IM+ for my BlackBerry smartphone. Thank you kindly.

Sign me up! Glad RIM got in touch with shape. Hopefully they can keep their two week goal, as they've missed every other goal/promise concerning the playbook.

Glad to hear that things are working out for them. Just fooled around with a Playbook at Best Buy yesterday and I can't wait to save up enough money to get one!

good job crackberry. this is for the benefit of team blackberry & the blackberry nation.....and of course count me in for the draw...

Glad to see developers getting the right encouragement from RIM and this looks like a great app to have (on the BB or PB).

Good to see that someone at RIM is finally addressing this issue!

I'd love to win IM+ for my Torch. I'm thinking of changing messaging platforms across all of my devices from Trillian.

Good to hear, but I really hope that application approval doesn't rely on the need to advertise the delays.

I hope I win the two version, but if is only one to try it is possible to buy the another one. But I prefer the Playbook version ;)

Sure would be great to win a copy of this. i already use IM+ Voice and the full IM+ Pro would be fantastic!

Here's to winning one copy now, and another later for the playbook! :)

Either or, winning one would probably guarantee me buying for the other respective device when avail if I dig the app!

Glad all is working out in this situation and hopefully it puts a bit more spotlight on RIM needing to work harder for its developers who really hold a huge part of how successful the playbook will be! Give em love RIM, start spending some of your reserves with some great incentives. Free Playbooks is great for independent devs, but not much of a pusher for the Devs you really need on board!

I used to use IM+ with my iPod touch, and I really enjoyed using it. I would love to win a copy for both my BB and Tablet...

The pen (in this case electronic media/social networking) is indeed mightier than the sword. If anyone thought for a second that Kevin's efforts are 'wasted' and that RIM isnt paying attention to Crackberry and others boards like it this ought to put that notion to rest. The listening part is another story but at least the story backed up with facts and proof did the trick and the developer got a response. You would think that RIM would be responsive and responsible dealing with the people who in the end will make or break the Playbook. No apps = no sales. Good for Shape. Good luck .

Sign me up !!
It's apps like this that continue to make the Playbook a game changer.
Using mine every day and loving it !!

This is a definite must have app. Can't wait to see it for the playbook. Anything that gets me on the playbook more is a plus.

Hope RIM didn't do this for the bad PR it could generate, and really give us push.

This would make me love even more my PB, I hate justifying it to all my friends, and having this app, I would only be needing Skype to GTFO of all those voices from Ipad holders.

Thanks CB for the updates.

IM+ would be good, and give me a chance to actually use the PB for communication outside of facebook. I hope this lights a fire at RIM because they've definitely underdelivered on the Playbook so far.

Great to see an IM app is finally about to come to the Playbook.

Looking forward to getting it, here or via app world :)

Course, I don't need the phone version...

Yes, a cross-platform to keep in touch with fam and friends without leaving my heart(blackberry)..... Let me win so i can love my home even even steven smeven more....

I look forward to buying this and supporting an awesome developer when it finally comes out for the playbook! DO NOT CONSIDER THIS A CONTEST ENTRY

Guys I have been waiting for this my whole blackberry life, I need that app please, dont care if it is just the beta. My girl thinks I am on my playbook too much now Just wait!

... for something completely different (a favourite lie): Magnets can be re-polarised by stroking them with cheddar cheese. Stroking them with any other type of cheese renders them useless.

I would LOVE to win a copy of this, it is almost impossible for me to buy the app at the moment and it would be really useful for me. I really hope i can get a copy of this one, Thank you so much CrackBerry for this chance.

Oh please pick me... i really would love to win this. would make chatting so much better.

I hope RIM will not go the same way as Apple!
So I'm happy to hear the news about Shapes IM+ and would be much happier if I win one of the free copies.

Thank you! :-)

i just switched back to a blackberry after 3 years using an iphone. Tired of issues with my iphone 4 and now need apps for my 9700 and playbook!

Wow! would love an IM app for my PlayBook, especially if it gets the integration with the BlackBerry Push service!! i'll defo out my name down for this awesome prize!!

I think that is real cool of IM+ team to do that for Crackberry. Thats how you build good relationships. My man Kevin is going to be the official Go-To Guy for RIM and Blackberry users. RIM should just buy Crackberry.com for $50Million and make him the President of CB.com!!!!!! ........ Is that enough Brown Nosing to get a license, Kev'??? :D

Glad to see things are getting worked out for them..

Sometimes it takes a poke in the eye to get someones attention.


Just imagine... No official skype for Playbook anywhere in the horizon... The sales these guys are gona make...

I wonder if they managed to make use of the front camera for video chat...

Many thanks in advance for choosing me!!

great app just after 2 days of using and the help ink when you are stuck has the answers!!!


Can't wait to get this app. It's sad that such extreme measures had to be taken to get RIM's attention.

OK I would love that on my playbook.
I will even give you a fair write up on it. (NOT like BGR - scams and lies)

Simply but heartly, I need to say: GREAT! IM+ is always one of my favorite app since I used smartphone. GREAT! Thanks SHAPE & CB! Love you~

This would be awesome! Just sayin'!

Glad they were able to work it out with RIM!

Thanks for the consideration!

It would be great see this great app on the Playbook. I would definitely be happy if I win this app for my BlackBerry Bold 9650. Woooooooooooooooooo!

Here i am... rock me into blackberry fame!!!. scorpions rock and so does my blackberry and my playbook

ha...RIM can sometimes be like a child~~it's not like they are not gonna do anything...all you have to do is just giving them a PUSH~~
Hopefully have to the playbook version out soon

Great news!! Need more of this Quality Apps in the Playbook.. Almost bored going around in the AppWorld looking for Apps.. Keep on coming guys!!

a proud Playbook owner from Malaysia!!

Good to hear that IM+ Pro is coming to PB and of course now on BB!

PICK ME! 選我選我!

from Singapore! :D

sounds like exactly what my 9780 needs ;D
i would kill to have 2 wlm accounts at the same time. and i could really go for some google talk... thanks SHAPE for offering up some free copies :D