Statement from RIM CEO: BlackBerry 10 passes critical milestone; achieves Lab Entry with more than 50 carriers

BlackBerry 10 on Track!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2012 02:17 pm EDT

We just received great news for all of us waiting anxiously for BlackBerry 10 to hit the market. Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins just issued a statement that BlackBerry 10 has achieved Lab Entry with more than 50 carriers. We'll keep this short for now. Read the statement below.

Thorsten Heins, President and CEO, Research In Motion, said: 

I'm very pleased to confirm that we have passed a critical milestone in the development of our brand new mobile computing platform, BlackBerry 10. In the last week, BlackBerry 10 achieved Lab Entry with more than 50 carriers - a key step in our preparedness for the launch of BlackBerry 10 in the first quarter of 2013. We made this commitment during our recent results conference call and we have delivered. This process will continue in the coming months as more carriers around the world formally evaluate the devices and our brand new software.

I have spent the last several weeks on the road visiting with carrier partners around the world to show them the BlackBerry 10 platform and to share with them our plans for launch. Their response has been tremendous. They are excited about the prospect of launching BlackBerry 10 in their markets. Our respective teams are now engaged on the technical and commercial preparation of the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the lab entry is an important milestone in that context.

The hard work will not stop here as we build towards launch. Our developer teams are continuing to generate momentum to bring a wealth of applications to BlackBerry 10, our enterprise teams have started to present BlackBerry 10 devices and services to our business customers, and our engineers are fully mobilized to ensure that BlackBerry 10 launches flawlessly in the first quarter of 2013. 

It's great to see things are on track and RIM is holding to their commitment of a Q1 2013 launch window. No word yet on carriers, pricing, etc., but I'm sure they're saving that all for the grand unveiling in early 2013! 

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Statement from RIM CEO: BlackBerry 10 passes critical milestone; achieves Lab Entry with more than 50 carriers


Are you posting from the PlayBook also? I've been getting random double posts as of late. I wonder if it is the PlayBook or the Site. I know I didn't hit the post button more than once.

iMaps was a major failure. As a matter of fact the guy who designed it was fired from Apple LOL.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I'm having keyboard delays where it pauses. Not seen your keyboard down issue when typing though.

Dude, lets be realistic here... Do you honestly think the iPhone will be dead when BlackBerry 10 arrives?

Dude, do you honestly think be honestly thinks the iClone is dead when BB10 is unleashed? I would characterize it more like: iClone has peaked and will begin its inevitable decline as BlackBerry begins its resurgence in share.

I don't get you blackberry fans. Whats so great about BB10? sure it has hub and the peak and flow which is cool but the iphone5 has an extra row of apps..BOOM that alone blows everyone else away. The extra row of apps is a leapfrog. Ya you are still trying to wrap your head around the extra row of apps.

Ya really big F***** innovation to put a headphone jack on the bottom. I LOL'ed so hard when I initially saw that commercial. Apple is losing their edge for sure.

It's on the bottom? Why?
Headphones need to go to the head. Isn't the head on top?
Why must we loop around?
This is all way too confusing for me.

As an iCrap fanboy you must be stoned coming into a Blackberry site. Don't understand why you iDudes join a Blackberry site. You think you'd ever see a Blackberry fan in an iCrap site? DREAM ON!!!!! We have dignity unlike you iSheep dudes.

The thing I can not get over is the separation of work and personal data in BB10. And you get to use them AT THE SAME TIME!!! That is revolutionary and insanely handy. Oh and the time shifting camera shots. That would have been like an entire iphone release right there. Sorry. That was a preemptive sorry.

friends of mine already tested it. Not only 1 persons, but over 10 person who try BB10L EU. All feel the same, No hassle in operating London, the interface is so smooth so liquid, even S3, Note 2, or iPhone 5 cannot match it (I believe them since they all are gadget nerds). The screen resolution is the highest, a truly HD Phone.

What you said about iPhone 5 has extra flow? Which flow do you want to compare with London? until now, none can match it. even iPhone 5 cannot match BB10AD itself, for the flow I mean.

I seriously do NOT get you iFen users. The fact that RIM has built a new platform creating a scalable ecosystem that's spans beyond household electronics is more than enough to instigate massive market/share growth.

The iPhone (Sorry I will stick to iFen)has provided more of the same to its ever so loyal 'bandwagon' pushers is a lack of commitment and innovation.
- a failed map application
- forcing iFen5 users to by new appliances
- iOS6 glitches on 4S devices
- the fact that you cannot attach a photo to an email and have to send individual photos is annoying
- the iFen is a toy and by NO means a business device. BB10 give you a personal and work profile.

But look on the brighter side. BB10 is a multiplatform device catering for iOS and Android applications - 3 in 1.

Tell me why I would not want a BB10.

@Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes. This is a great milestone for Blackberry and we can only hope BB10 will be a big nail in Apples iCoffin. Would be a much better world with no Apple, specially considering the level of corruption in that company.

iCoffin is currently available in metallic silver, white and black and comes complete with an iPad mini 7.9 inch screen, no retina display and iMaps. Fire sale for only $2000. iSheep are lined up around the block to get one for their iProducts.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

No, just posting the obvious lol
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Bold untill the hybrid comes and Vic Franklyn are both cool. VIC IS F***** HILARIOUS WITH ICOFFIN CONSIDERING TODAY IS HALLOWEEN LMAO!!!!!

I hear that Apple execs are walking out the door in droves.
Is this the beginning of the end for Apple?
Where is jobs when you need him.
It's lights out for that fruit company.

@OneGreenFerrigno. Thanks. @Jimcmf Yep its true. The guy who designed the flop iMaps was fired, and many execs have been fired. Apple is an iMmoral company and deserves this. Karma is a bitch and it wouldn't surprise me if in a year or so, is Blackberry becomes huge again, and Apple dies. RIP Apple LOL.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

The key words here are: "technical and commercial preparation". RIM needs to teach carriers how to sell the devices and how to show the winning features of BB10...

Now it gets interesting, since I think a lot of the leaks picked up by sites like this come from carriers.

First :D and realllly good news to read this ! Was thinking about changing to a other phone. But really , i just love BB ! YEAH RIMMMM ! I'll be one of the first guys running around with a BB 10 !

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

agreed, i lined up outside bestbuy in the pouring rain when playbook launched, ill be doing the same outside of my carrier store when BB10 launches!

surely there was no line, since people who buy a bb device work, don't have time to line up for hours or days... just saying...

Nice bump in the stock, perhaps because of this. I'm excited


Sweet. Carrier testing takes around 3 months right (correct me if that's incorrect)? That would put launch at Jan 31.

Keep in mind that this is a milestone (the 50th carrier entered lab testing). Not all 50 entered lab testing at the same time. It is likely that lab testing by the first carrier occurred 1 to 2 months ago.

Ya that's right. I'm thinking all 50 carriers happened very close together (all within about one week).

I quote CNET, "Carriers need to test the platform and RIM's products before certifying it for use on their networks, a process known as "Lab Entry". The process, which could take anywhere from a week to several weeks and varies depending on carrier partner..." That means all the ads and sales staff training can take place before launch and still launch mid-January.

WTH ? Thought I was first -.- seems like I wasn't :p sorry guys :D

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Haha :p why can't i see it when people reply ? And i'll never post from my bold again :p only happins with my 9900 , i'm placing a reaction as first , and 2 sec later already 17 people had put a reaction on the forum...coulnd't see it . So to people that can't stand this. I'm sorry ;)

Lets hope carriers can get this (these, if N-Series got through too) devices passed through testing quickly. I want my BB10.

few days ago my gf showed me series of tweets from someone about bb10 he claimed he already has. later on when asked, that guy said that the bb10 he has was the devAlpha he borrowed from his friend who work at one of the carriers at my place.

now i really hope the borrowed devAlpha on those tweets was the device from bbjam, not one of the device for carrier testing >_<

Carrier testing will include things like antenna performance and so on that would not be the same on a dev device as it would on the real ones, so lab entry could not happen until they had basically final hardware to provide to the carriers.

RIM better train the electronics retail stores too.

I looked at a PlayBook demo at a local electronics store, there was no salesperson around...

Could not even figure out how to get to HomeScreen back then (swipe from top to bottom)...
(For the record, I strongly feel a HomeScreen button makes sense, and is a big time saver).

No working demo for me, no sales.

Our family ended up buying a competitor brand.

This may be part of the reason why even BlackBerry users are slow to use PlayBook.

I agree it is a good idea that RIM needs to have people in store to teach the sales people and demo the products for customers when they first release BB10. Apple did this at one of the big box stores in my hometown when they started selling Apple products.

That being said, I think that the PlayBook is awesome even when you don't have a BB phone. When you own a BB phone the experience is enhanced via BB Bridge. The fact that I can use my PlayBook to watch HD videos on my TV while sitting on my couch and controlling my PlayBook from my BB phone is great. I am not familiar if this can also be done using their competitors tablets since I have never owned either an iOS or Android tablet. Although I do own an iOS and an Android phone along with my two BB phones so I do have some experience with their offerings.

"Vaporware" is software that's announced with no plausible delivery date, and goes on for months/years with little or no visible progress.

RIM has been meeting almost all of its targets so far when it comes to BB10, and that includes stuff like SDK releases and feature implementation. These achievements are specific and measurable.

BB10 stopped being "vaporware" when Beta 3 was released to the developer community last month. This crucial milestone is further proof that BB10 is anything but.

you mean aside from when it was pushed back from Q2 2012 to Q4 2012 to the now Q1 2013?
Because to me, that's not much of a track record.

Some folks asked what lab entry means. There are multiple stages where smartphones need to be evaluated to make sure they meet the technical requirements of the wireless operator and their network.

Carrier lab entry is generally the final stage and indicates RIM is reasonably confident the smartphones will pass the majority of the tests. Prior to this stage, RIM would have independently tested the smartphone at vendor labs, which replicate the tests used by carriers. This is no easy task since AT&T has different tests than T-Mobile which is different than Vodafone.

Once majority of the tests pass at the vendor labs, RIM would enter carrier labs.

*EDIT* sorry for double post

Some folks asked what lab entry means. There are multiple stages where smartphones need to be evaluated to make sure they meet the technical requirements of the wireless operator and their network.

Carrier lab entry is generally the final stage and indicates RIM is reasonably confident the smartphones will pass the majority of the tests. Prior to this stage, RIM would have independently tested the smartphone at vendor labs, which replicate the tests used by carriers. This is no easy task since AT&T has different tests than T-Mobile which is different than Vodafone.

Once majority of the tests pass at the vendor labs, RIM would enter carrier labs.

Also, they would enter carrier labs on final hardware (from a component perspective) although not necessarily final exterior design.

I was preparing to ask the question but decided to read the comments first. Thanks for a clear explanation.


I'm ready to give up my Windows Phone, but BB is really dragging their feet. Show us the phone. I could care less about the defunct playbook.

Great news! I know carriers have commitments with other manufacturers so this is probably just a dream, but it would be reeeaaaaallllllllllly nice to have a carrier come out and spread some love for BB10. RIM has been bashed so much in the media that it would be great for buzz to start based off of what the carriers have seen and not by RIM marketing alone. This is especially true in the U.S. where people have all but forgot about RIM and BB.

Someone once said patience is a virtue but I can't wait for BB10 and hope that Q1 turns out to be January and not March. Either way 2013 is the year of the BB10 revolution!

BTW, thoughts and prayers to the Crackberry fans on the east coast. Help them out and make a donation to the Red Cross. Also, support Kevins love of all things body hair related (see his post about Movember). I personally think a Hulk Hogan inspired fu-manchu would go nicely with his flowing locks.

Very curious to see how they ramp up the marketing. It doesn't make sense to start seeing ads and commercials before Christmas. Do they start in early January when most people have accumulated a large Visa bill? Whatever the case... I hope they get it right and bring some pride back to the brand. Nice to see they are finally sticking to promises and (let's hope) the targeted dates.

I am hoping to see them show off phones at CES and announce availability there. Hopefully, ride the praise from CES into their ad campaign.

I think if BB10 is an early Q1 release they should have a marketing campaign that starts before Christmas and urges people to wait to get a late Christmas present.

You could do something like show some teens getting iOS and Android phones and being real happy. Then cut to 10 minutes later where they are already bored with them. Then cut to the top of the Christmas tree where instead of a star there is a shiney new BB10 phone and then display the tag line "BB10, it's worth waiting for a late Christmas present when this shows up under the tree"

Cheesy? Yes! And in my opinion the cheesier the better to make it stick in peoples minds.

Another idea would be to show old BB where they release incomplete and early vs BB10 where the device and OS are awesome because they waited to release it.

There are plenty of other ideas they could use to start advertising through the Christmas season. If however it is a March release then I will also be interested in seeing how they market this.


That's a great point - a campaign that gives people reason to wait until after Christmas for a new phone might actually work if it's done right. I like it.

Woot! Woot! Can't wait to get my sweaty hands on a new BB10...I'll play with a working model at ATT and then when my contract is up, snatch one up in June!

There is almost zero chance of that one showing up then, it is far more likely that it will get a further spec increase and then show up at the end of 2013 as an upgrade to these first devices.

Bigger and faster is fine for a particular form factor's yearly upgrade, but the next one we see after this first one and the first qwerty will have to offer another option and is more likely to be a slider or if they can reduce hw costs sufficiently then maybe a bb10 curve.

I'm still licking my wounds from the original 64gb PlayBook purchase. I'm going to sit on the sidelines for this one and watch things roll out.

I completely understand the sentiment, and the risk of being an early adopter when there is yet more to come soon after, but it will be a real struggle not to dive straight in.

+1 I feel the exact same way. I don't want to feel a bit ripped off and disappointed like I did with my PlayBook initially, but I find it hard to believe I won't be one of the 'first-in-liners'.

Okay - here's a plan.

CB should immediately market either a VISA, MC, or AMEX pre-paid card with CB and BB10 artwork/logos. Would come in two denominations: a one device value and a two device value ($600 / $1200 ??). We can buy them here, sort of like a pre-pre-order of our BB10 devices, so when announced/available we can walk into the carrier stores / retailers and drop our CB/BB10 card on the counter and say "Gimme my BB10!!!!"

Maybe instead, buy the card with any value today and add to it over the next 2-3-4 months like a BB10 savings account, so the money will be there when it BB10 phones hit the street.

How about it CB? Can't be that difficult to get something like that going - so many pre-paid / re-loadable cards out there with so much branding attached . . .

+1. i smell a startup pitch :D CB-BB card! with a photo of kevin, b1aize and everyone from CB on each card ^^

Just a thought.... if the lab entry is the final stage of the approval process, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, is it not a possibility that RIM may be poising themselves to launch BEFORE Christmas and prove to all that no only did they get the platform to launch, but they did it AHEAD of schedule??? Not holding my breath but I do like to dream.

Comments in an article indicate carrier approval typically takes 60 days and can take as long as 120 days. That means worst case scenario, a given carrier would approve by mid-February at the latest. Rumours are that BB10 is ahead of schedule, but a pre-Christmas release is unlikely... or so me thinks.

"Carriers need to test the platform and RIM's products before certifying it for use on their networks, a process known as "Lab Entry." The process, which could take anywhere from a week to several weeks...."

This was taken from the article I had read. The whole process can take the 60-90 days but as I read in an earlier comment (and hope I understood it correctly), the labe entry is the final phase of carrier approval.

Again, most likely not going to happen but it would be a very strategic move to boost stock prices and confidence in RIM.

Sure sounds like we are getting closer, and that would explain the stock jump too. I feel like a kid waiting for a toy at or after Christmas. My birthday is in January so I'm already trained for this. Haha

Most carriers will typically have more than one phase to lab entry, there will be issues that they find that will need to be fixed before release so the odds are that this is just the first round of testing with them going back into the carrier labs in december and then due to the holidays they will not get carrier acceptances until january leading to the first shipments showing up at the end of janaury or the start of feb.

Realistically speaking, since they have already missed the holiday period, they are not going to rush things since making sure it launches right is more important than saving an extra week when either of them would be in 2013 anyway.

I have said it before but I will say it again, RIM should bless its lucky stars for a CEO like Thorsten Heins. He had the discipline to stick to his guns and bring forth a new generation of smart phones. I can't wait to see it.

I have only one wish. Could BB10 have some sort of killer consumer feature like video phone via BBM that allows people to split or share screen information? Even better if it had cross platform capabilities. Man, I would personally show it off to every iPhone user in the building and then ask why they are so loyal to a brand that is so "2007". It is nice to turn the tables every once in a while.

I've heard that they were toying with the idea but I wasn't aware that it was working at the production level. Enabling video chat and screen sharing through BBM would certainly be a technical feat and a real bonus feature.

Good News!!! Now lets start seeing some real leaks with great pics of the devices and a nice walkthrough of the OS!!!

I feel bad for those that DIDNT BUY STOCKS when they were below $5cdn, cause the shares are going going going up up up and up. Im in the money cant wait for BB10 honey!!

Are you sure you bought stocks that were below $5?? Because RIMM's low was $6.22. It never went below $5. lol.

I've been accumulating shares as long as it was priced below $8 and I hope I can start reaping my reward soon. Go RIM!!!!

I've been buying hundreds of shares every pay check ever since the big drop of the stock price 2 quarters ago. You guys probably can't comprehend how excited I am with this news and with the coming launch of BB10!

Carrier testing varies by carrier, 60 days is typical, but can take longer, sometimes they ask questons, or there are corrections, rework.

Launching before Xmas is nuts. There is no time for training, and during the Holiday you have two problems. Temp help that doesn't know the product, permanent help that doesn't know the product. They are in the "just taking orders mode"

Not everywhere in the world is it Xmas.

I like the tax refund season. Phone costs a few hundred, well within the refund number.


PS: For those who think it is vapor ware. At this point, no chance, the labs don't test stuff that isn't pretty well baked. It has more to do with radio behavior and much of the testing is to make sure it plays nice on their network.

If he doesn't live in Asia and he wants a phone then he should care.

The odds are that these are the first 50 carriers that are going to launch bb10 handhelds and will consist of the big ones from north america, europe, the middle east and asia covering all the big bb markets and the united states where they obviously hope to make a comeback.

As Heins has stated the rollout will happen in three waves, so I imagine these are the carriers involved in their 1st wave. Europe, parts of Africa (Nigeria, South Africa) and Canada are the ones I've seen mentioned by name. I'm sure there are others like the U.S. that must be in the first wave and as much as I would love for RIM to give the middle finger to the American tech media, the market itself is way too important to ignore.

CB user "lenn5" stated above bb10 is vaporware for atleast 3 more months. Everyone write down his username. When leaks and videos come out of people with the device before then send him a message and say "YOU WERE WRONG AND I WAS RIGHT"

I also saw similar articles to this on CNet and TechRadar. Finally at least something positive to read about BlackBerry on other sites as well.
Right now Blackberry needs as much positive news in every tech site as possible.
I just really hope that RIM will get really, really - I mean really - talented people to create lots of hype before and even more during the announcement of BB10 and new devices. After all everyone knows that it is all in the marketing.

Just take Apple for example. Every time Tim Cook is on stage he brainwashes people. He uses this toned down voice to tell how everything about Apple is "PHENOMENAL" and "MIND-BOGGLING". He pulls up some made up statistics which show how every product is best-in-class or has defined a new category etc, etc...

RIM has a great CEO. A man who - when Blackberry fans are offended - speaks up to the press. He should gather around him a very professional team of advertisers and marketers which will know how to portrait every great aspect there is about BB10 (I am sure there are plenty).

Keep up the good work and make everyone proud...

Tim Cook is as much a retard as Steve Jobs was. I'm telling you that Apple is a God damn cult and all those retard iSheep are brainwashed little drones. iPad mini is regurgitated iPad 2 and these iTards are to stupid to see it.

I was deeply shocked earlier when reading engadget's version of this article as on the whole the comments about bb10 were positive when usually they tend to stick to a rim rip meme.

unfortunately the cnet news about this didn't get to their facebook page, but all other stuffs are there lol.

As a PlayBook owner I really which just the best for RIM... BUT honestly, with Microsoft offering windows 8 ( full truly pc capable "mobile computers ") with windows office support, flash and silverlight support, plus more than 100,000 applications at this time (more than blackberry at this time ) with the mayor apps already on board (Skype, netflix, hulu plus, kindle and word with friends ) I just pray for RIM get the same or even more capabilities than windows, because if they don't I really don't see why someone would pick a blackberry instead of a windows device or even worse.. Instead of a iphone or android

Glad to see they are making progress. I personnaly don't clog my BB with tons of apps. I use some apps that are really handy but when it comes to watching movies and tv I dont want to see the mobile bill afterwards. BB10 I think will be much better because they have a new CEO and I think since they already pushed the date from Fall 2012 to Q2 2013 that the software would have gone through much more testing. OS 6 was slow, OS7 only a few problems but I think they will end up with a reliable OS.

Yesterday Disney announces Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015 and now this news, how fitting. The RIMpire Strikes Back!

The RIM should adopt the testing of the carriers as the testing for the Blackberry 10. It would give the RIM the faster approval for the carriers to carry their products.

- Rezaur Rahman

Different carriers will focus on slightly different things so there are limits to how much they can tailor their testing to fit the carriers testplans and in any case, we should hope that they focus on producing the best possible device they can and not simply the one that scrapes past the most carrier tests the easiest e.g. carriers within reason probably don't care as much about battery life, boot times or roaming providing they are okay, whereas for a device to get a good reputation with users rim needs all those kinds of things to be great.

Totally agree with you...that's what I've been thinking for a while now, that RIM will use the super bowl to launch their new devices. If I were a betting man, I'd be that we'll see every other commercial during the superbowl a BB10 commercial, each showing something new about the phone. And they'll announce that 1 week later, they'll be for sale. Maybe halftime show sponsored by the new Blackberry 10! Timing fits perfectly, and there's no better way to reach not only the American public, but world wide by using the Super Bowl!

Don't underestimate this milestone. I work in this industry: Getting a carrier to free up the space and resources for ANY Lab test - especially close to the year end - is a major accomplishment.

Typically carriers stop all testing and abuse of things (and certainly any upgrade to the network) about December 15th or so - to resume again about January 10th or so (depends on the Carrier and other conditions.

Depending upon the test regime it is quite possible that they could be finished by December 15th (when the carriers go to a minimal dont-break-anything-over-the-holiday state).

Many carriers have outsourced their operations to 3rd parties (like Ericsson, Huwaei, NSN, etc) so that 50 carriers testing on their own is actually a pretty big deal.

It's all goodness.

So in plain old english this means bb10 is gonna suceed bigtime. bb10 is gonna rock my Playbook like its never been rocked before. Thor is the man to get all this done.

Dear RIM,

Could I please see a list of the carriers? Does one of them spell their name S-P-R-I-N-T?!? If not, please let them know that they will have one less subscriber next year.

Thank you,

James Harmeling

"My name is James and I am a BlackBerryaholic, thank you for letting me share."

Want to see the mighty Thor and the new CMO and the rest of the team in barong tagalog check this out, very nice pineapple fabric :-) ---@horhe316: "@BlackBerryPH:RIM CEO Thorsten Heins vsted the Philippines recently to pave the way 4 d upcoming BB 10." #bb10believe

Lets hope AT&T is one of those carriers... If not, we won't be seeing BB10 on Big Blue until Q4 of 2013 with how slow those f_ckers are....

Well yah. Lookin' forward to Blackberry10. Let's be realistic. Where is the list of carriers? if the list includes the "johnbirchsociety" network, we are in trouble. Even John Pacskowinski in All Things Idiotic didn't have that much negative to say. Not that his opinions actually matter.

Reality is that the digital world is stupid Apple. God forbid Windows, Android actually, or Blackberry have advantages to the Apple OS. Those advantages will soon become apparent.

Hang in there bro's.

RIM read between the lines:
Stock is up because investors want ACTION, not promises, no delays.

Does anyone know what the time line usually is for going to market after Lab testing?

Is it possible they are ahead of sched? I'm not throwing out a theory because i have no clue how long these things take but considering all the missed dates previously, they are due for a miss on the early side?

I hate to even bring this up, however is anyone as concerned as I am that this is great news, however flat out may be too late? I have no doubt that many of us will be getting BB10 devices, however we actually a small number of the population. I am concerned that over the last year or so a ton of people have given up on BB and have moved to other platforms. Isn't something like 5M+ that went with the iPhone 5 just in the first weekend? I have a fear that so many have made the switch that it could be difficult to get the numbers back to make this a complete success. Hope my concerns are unfounded.


Imagine a salesman trying to persuade a consumer to switch to a rival brand, but "your data/call costs roughly 40% more expensive per month". Would they switch? Good luck trying to persuade them!

And with RIM confirming BB10 devices "must" use BIS for consumers, this means much more expensive data plans for BB10 consumers. (Corporate staff have BES which is different).

Android & iPhone users would balk at such expensive monthly fees... meaning it would be very difficult to gain traction in persuading others to rejoin the BlackBerry fold...

I don't know where you are, but here in Canada, the rates are the same for my BB than for any other device.... they might even be lower due to the fact that my BB doesn't suck up data like others do.

Also, keep in mind..... everything is negotiable. I don't pay list price for the features that are part of my plan. Remember, carriers want you and you have choice. Remind them of that and have them woo you.

If you're logic were sound, then Apple and Motorola wouldn't be around today. They were both considered dead years ago and made significant come backs. Too little too late thinking is beyond absurd and has no coherant logic to explain it. People are fickle and forget indiscretions when they are presented with something new that pleases them.

Why do you think celebreties can be ousted as a spouse abuser one day and hated by the public, but celebrated as a great artist the following year if they make a hit record everyone likes? Same logic.

What's a 'good number'? Every platform on the planet has way more apps than I'll ever use.

I'd prefer they all get the primary ones that people want to use. The 'fart apps' etc are filler.

+1. And not only an advantage but the respect of people as being the one who invented it. In the late 1990's Microsoft was king and Apple was a lowly company trying to survive. Since the inception of iPad 3 years ago, Apple has been #1, but with their innovation behind them, the world is ready for some amazing new smartphone technology. And I firmly believe Blackberry will rise from the ashes like a great Phoenix. If you look at Blackberry stocks in the past month or so, it has risen from $6 a share to almost $8 a share. That's a substantial rise in a short amount of time and represents investors faith in the new BB10. Blackberry still has a long road ahead and many things to conquer but struggle builds character, and determination which results in great success.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

+1. You have the makings of a true Jedi knight.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Let the force guide you, go through you and become part of you Luke. It will never guide you wrong.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

In the name of the father,
And of the son,
And of the holy spirit. Amen.

And on the 3rd month it rose again from the dead, it ascended to 50 carriers, and sits in the right hand of thor almighty, maker of bb10.

#step one : Back on tracks : done
#step two : target and organize : done
#step three : produce software and deliver : done
#step four : enroll developers : done
#step five : spread the word : running
#step five : tests : running

Can't wait for the #go !

i am a big fan of BB, i have the 9850, and the awesome playbook 16gb. I only have 1 friend who has a playbook 16gb , and no phone. my problem is, there are alot of BB haters.. i try to show people the playbook is great, but its not enough. I need some real hard proof evidence that the BB10 phones are gonna blow the other competitors out of the water. especially these ipeople. If the BB10's dont come out before christmas, they will certainly lose alot of business. ALOT!! On the other hand i dont want the hardware if it doesn't have the software. I hated getting the Playbook and not having the software. I felt like such a loser... the worst part i constantly hear about RIM is " delay, delay delay..." can we break this pattern? who's in charge at RIM! Fire who ever is not making the deadlines!! Get these BB10 phones out there( with the software of course!) IF YOU SELL THE PHONE.... PEOPLE WILL COME.....

Geez I really hope I can see the newest bb10 even just a little after everyone else. I was finally able to get the 9650 here in rural alaska just last year. now the carrier doesn't even sell any blackberry.