State of the Mobile Nations Survey - What's Your Next Tablet?

State of the Mobile Nations Survey
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Feb 2012 04:14 pm EST

The tablet wars are heating up! Apple is getting set to announce the iPad 3 next month. BlackBerry is going to release a major PlayBook OS update any day. The Kindle Fire is hot as is the Transformer Prime in a sea of Android tablets. And Windows 8 tablets are getting ready to enter the battle.

With so much going on we wanted to take a moment and find out where you weigh in on the tablet wars. We have five quick questions (and one bonus) that will take you less than a minute. Hit the link below.

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State of the Mobile Nations Survey - What's Your Next Tablet?


The link should definitely work. Triple checked across different browsers, computers, and had other people confirm it works?

And yeah... PlayBook OS update alone is an awesome thing. :)

Link doesn't work in PB Crackberry app, so far none have worked from "Latest News" in the app on PB. Took survey from PB web browser just fine...

Personally I think it is best to keep tablet and phone in the same DNA for cross compatibility reasons.

lets see, in my house there is an iPad, a Xoom, a Samsung Galaxy 10, a Chromebook, and Acer notebook, two desktops, ans a Playbook. Whenever things need to get done I am always asked for my Playbook. I going with the Playbook. It could only get better!

Doesn't matter to me. Once my netbook fails, i'll be sure to replace it with the playbook and use the tablet pc to sync my blackberry.

Works for me, and I will think I'll get an ipad 3. I really like the PlayBook, I just prefer the ipad for my needs. I will consider the Playbook 3G though when I have the cash... ;)

Thinking of buying the PlayBook 4G but I don't think I'll be needing the upgrade since it's just a few minor upgrade in terms of specs. I'm content with my 9900 + PlayBook + Pocket Wi-Fi.

Too bad the survey doesnt allow for multiple answers.
as i have a Playbook and iPad at home.

although I use the Playbook, and my daughter uses the iPad.

The link works fine. I'm looking forward to seeing the specs of the Playbook 2. I just hope they don't mess with the Bridge feature. I like not having my info on 2 devices. I hope Rim breaks the carrier standoff in North America that 7 inch Tablets aren't allowed to have an active voice modem like they do in Europe.

I'm 90% sure that my next tablet is a 7" to 8" Windows 8 WOA tablet. I currently have the original 7" Galaxy Tab from Verizon which I use all the time. I also have a 16g Touchpad that I use only as a picture frame. I got the Touch during the fire sale.

i just got a PB 16gb less than a month ago, was going to get an ipad but work will not support it but said the os 2.0 will be supported on our network. did have a look about when i was buying mine and was torn between the PB or lenovo's tablet but lucky for me and bb i got one for £169 and loving it. Rob

Happy with the two Playbooks in the house. Next tablet? Probably another Playbook in a year or two if things go the way I think they are headed :-)

I would really like to get a PB ..I got a iPad 2 from a family member who got it from their boss. The iPad 2 is very good..Im a BB Guy til Death its been a lil different. But I feel like the PB needs a better ecosystem and more apps that are mainstream to most folks rather than digging the App World looking for awesome apps (which it has plenty of) But its hard going from iPad 2 to a PB that doesnt have the apps that iPad 2 has..Meaning a better ecosystem. I would love to have one though. But I still feel like its coming along this year. We Still Love You RIMM

Difficult to answer the survey accurately. I have a 16g Playbook and a 32gTouchpad -- my wife has the first generation ipad. We really don't need another tablet.

But. . . .

I use the Playbook a lot Its hardware and form factor are the best I was thinking about another Playbook, a 64 with more memory First I want to see how os2 actually performs and wait for a little more info on the new version of the Playbook

That's not really a "plan" for a new ta let, though.

Ok Kevin, survey needs some tweaking as I as well own more then 1 tablet. Although my iPad is slowly becoming my 4 year old son's tablet. I am content sticking with my PB and eagerly awaiting the 2.0 update. I am a mac user by default owning an iMac and macbook pro. But I have always been a Blackberry Smartphone owner and to be honest when it comes to tablets - the Playbook has been the best I have had the pleasure of using. The only decent things microsoft has produced in the past was XP and the 360. Android needs to stop releasing devices every week as they have lost their "originality" - that they may or may not have ever had. The iPad is a phenomenal device but with Blackberry Bridge the Playbook is, in my opinion a step above. RIM has made it's fair share of mistakes. But theu continue to grow and produce some of the world's most advanced hardware. Stay strong RIM, you still have my loyalty and it has been well deserved.

One suggestion for the survey, make the current tablet question multi-select to account for those with more than one tablet since it could have a particular impact on their next one too e.g. I have a playbook and an ipad with my next tablet being likely to be an android one to replace the ipad since itunes is just too annoying to use for loading large amounts of data onto a tablet.

Another PlayBook is already on its way. Why would I want any other tablet? Having tried all the big name competitors, I honestly can't understand all the PB bashing. Once you've seen the PB, everything else looks ... outdated.

Unless something drastic happens, I expect both will be upgraded to the next major revision later this year or next year.

why do people need all of these apps on their tablet??? RIM- just keep making tablets more and more like computers so we don't need apps, just downloads. when was the last time you downloaded an app on your PC? i never have, and its the most powerful communication device i own. sort of along the lines of playbook having flash so it doesn't need a youtube app. do that for everything. make it a true pocket computer with all computer capabilities. enough with this app wanting. app world would merely be a convenient place to download high demand programs, games and other things. at that stage it should really be called playbook download store. apps are a thing of the past for mobile devices that don't have true computing power. once we have hardware that can do this the blackberry solution will be the best.

I have 4 playbooks in the house and as soon as the playbook 2 with NFC i will buy one at a time to replace my current playbooks with the new NFC ones. But i will not own anything other then the playbook Had ipad one and ipad 2 NO MoRE I JUNK for me.

i own both an ipad 2 and a playbook. i must admit the playbook form factor is nice. Also Qnx seem way ahead in term of stability, multitask. The playbook gesture are so much better then my other tablet. With 2.0 there's only few games i'll want on my PB. My ipad 2 is now an expensive paperweight.

Hi @scbou,

Ty from RIM here. You’ve hit upon one of my favorite PlayBook features – form factor. Its 7-inch size makes it really easy for me to get work done in more places, even on a crowded bus or plane. I’ve been lucky enough to go hands-on with PlayBook 2.0 at the office and have seen some of the upcoming apps and content – I’m just as excited as you are.

To keep up with the latest BlackBerry news and announcements, including PlayBook 2.0, keep an eye on our Inside BlackBerry Blog:

Ty, RIM Social Media Team

I have a PlayBook already, hopefully with another on the way from the latest developer offer (still officially waiting approval, but I think I'm safe). And lots of family already have them. I'm pretty strongly stuck with the PlayBook as my tablet of choice and the new software will only solidify that.

If I really felt like I needed another one, I would probably go for a 10" Windows 8 tablet. I don't have any interest in the iPad or Android for my purposes, but I could see Windows 8 being great because I've always loved Windows Phone for its interface and I could see some great ecosystem potential between my PC and the tablet. Especially if it was like some of the Android tablets now which plug into keyboards, in which case I could use it like a laptop if my work requires it.

The coolest thing about the Windows tablets is that they do not need an "ecosystem" like some Android and MAC fans claim that they are lacking one. Staples, CDW, Best Buy, Microcenter, B&H already have the entire econsystem for Windows tablets locked up. Not to mention the hardware guys (like motion and kiosk) that have specialized software to complement their product line. It is a tablet that is an actual PC. In the last 14 months I have purchase a 17" Laptop, a Playbook and a 24" Touchscreen Desktop. My windows tablet is over 3 years old and a Windows 8 tablet is probably the next purchase either personal or business expense. The second coolest this is that they have been making them for years and they can only get better.

well.. actually just caved in and grabbed one of the super cheap PB's while they last, as they are becoming pretty sparse in my area in oregon. Should be here just as OS2 is hitting on the 21st :) wonder if they'll surprise me and preload it? lol

Have a PlayBook and HP Touchpad (firesale). HAD an iPad1.
My next tablet might be Win8 (if the reviews are good) to complement my PlayBook. Or if OS2 (and updates) hits it out of the park, maybe a 10" PlayBook to complement the 7".

I have an IPad 2 and a Playbook. I prefer the Ipad , it's bigger, faster , no lag. The Playbook is, sorry I have to say it, to small, browser is lagging ! Waiting for the update OS2 and the IPad 3 !

Why don't we remove the bezel around the playbook? Same functionality as it has now but without the annoying black frame around the beautiful screen!