State of the Mobile Nations Survey: Phone buying habits

State of the Mobile Nations
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2012 11:25 am EDT

Help Us Help You! In our ongoing quest to better serve our community, we want to gain a better understanding into your phone buying habits. Are you buying your next phone in store or online? On contract, off contract or pay as you go? Those are the kinds of questions we're asking on this one.

The survey will only take you two minutes or less. Thanks!

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State of the Mobile Nations Survey: Phone buying habits


I completed the survey.

Now for my story.

August 2011: buy Torch 9810
September 2011: return Torch 9810, get Bold 9700.
November 2011: sell 9700, buy iPhone 4S (contract)
December 2011: Bold 9900 finall comes out, give mom iPhone, get another contract for 9900.
February 2012: sell Bold 9900, get Atrix 2 (WHY? IDK!!!!!!)
February 2012: trade Atrix 2 for iPhone 3GS, trade iPhone 3GS for 4S (from my mom who uses it as iPod, so she didn't care)
April 2012: keep iPhone 4S...never use it, but buy Bold 9700 for $200, brand new. Battery dies at 25% :( (gotta get a new battery soon).

May 2012: win Porsche Bold and/or Bold a Day?? I hope!!

I love Bold. I regret selling my 9900 :(

i have a feeling this survey is going to get very few responses of people like me on MeeGo. I'm liking the similarities bb10 is showing to it so far.

Likewise. It's nice to see that those neat UI elements will hit the mainstream with a few new equally clever refinements added on to boot.