Carry the universe in your pocket with StarTracker for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 22 Dec 2013 04:55 am

Featured recently as one of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts, I though it deserved a closer look. As a child, I would spend each summer with my father and our binoculars gazing up at the night's sky trying to identify all of the stars and constellations or just admiring what we saw.

When it comes to star gazing, however, StarTracker is a completely unique experience. All you have to do is hold your BlackBerry up, it pinpoints your location, and shows you exactly where each object, star, constellation is in relation to you in real-time. 

It accomplishes this feat with what it calls augmented reality star gazing with gyroscope. What this translates into is a 3D map which moves when you do, to give you an impression view of the solar system. That is exactly the first thing that jumps out at you, the amazing quality of the graphics. What truly makes this stand out is the ability to customize the view. My favorite though is how it displays the Zodiac artwork and overlays it on the stars that comprise each and every one.

From searching and targeting specific items and objects, to viewing the world map or glancing at the entire system, this application has it all. Not only is it a marvel to look at, but it is educational as well. The video above does not do it justice, you have to take it outside with you for the full effect.

If you didn't grab it during the BlackBerry promotion, the regular price is $2.99 and supports BlackBerry 10. There is a free version available to try as well if you wish to do so before purchasing. I highly recommend it and it certainly is a great way to show off all that your device is capable of. You'll be amazed at all the wonders you'll see. 

More information/Purchase StarTracker  
More information/Download StarTracker Lite



This is such a great app. I downloaded it as part of the 25 days of christmas.


Misses downloading it as 25 days pack. Which extra dies purchase able app provide(in comparison to lite) ?

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Thank you for uploading both links (free and paid)

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Great app, although I witnessed a slight Discrepancy with the actual sky although that may be due to me testing it from the 3rd floor ... only a couple degrees difference, though.

Apart from that, I love the app.

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Got it way back when and loving ever since and especially after the latest update which lets you gaze closer into the solar system with precision. It simply amazing to see the universe like that!

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Prem WatsApp

Had Stellarium on Windows and Linux for years, great stargazing back in the days when netbooks were all the craze. Also the constellation art.

Now that gyroscope adds another dimension. The iPhone had similar apps for "a while", glad to see it on the Berry now, got it for free.

Non-berry friends were impressed. On Q10 and Z10.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


Great app.

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KJ Wong

Does not do anything. I pointed at sky and so? Just like superimpose a static picture on sky. Remains static even from different angle

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Make sure you gave it location permission. Otherwise try and reinstall. Verify tour sensors all work using BlackBerry Virtual Expert.

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turn on your location, it's pretty damn accurate. i located the big dipper myself and when i looked up and pointed my phone to that spot it said the same thing via the StarTracker app. I even saw a bright start and assumed it was a planet, Startracker said it was Jupiter ;-) love this app


Beautiful app and smooth as butter.

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Love this app! One of the first things I bought for my Z10!

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel


I've had this app almost as long as I've had my Zed. It's a great app for anyone interested in the night sky, and it showcases what your phone can do in a spectacular fashion.

One of my favorite apps - highly recommend.

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One of my favorite apps. Went gator hunting this year so had to get out in the boonies late at night. Was really cool to see all the constellations on this app.

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Very neat app indeed

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Excellent app. I can't wait for summer or even a clear night now. The kids love picking out constellations while we're camping and this app will be super handy.

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I paid for this app a long time ago and was pleased to see it was free on the holiday giveaway so that others could experience it's awesomeness.

If you have any interest in the stars or would like to know what constellations are in the night sky when you look up, buy this app because you won't regret it.

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Fabulous app. Thank you BlackBerry for this free Christmas giveaway.

Posted with my gorgeous Z30


One of the apps I always like to use when showing off my BB10 device! Together with Space TV I have all my stargazing needs. :)


Looks great but calibration seems to be off.

BB Proud


hardly. probably your gps.


A must have. It makes people with iphones jaws drop.


Outstanding app. Bought it before the 25 day giveaway, easily worth the $2.99 price. Smooth and hang free.


Finding Orion's Belt for the very first time was a moment I will never forget. I have heard of Orion's belt in so many movies and books that I didn't understand what that meant until using this app. 5*



I have it ,and it is just so amazing.


Great celestial mechanics tool. Missed the Christmas freebie. Glad I got the lite. Anyone know what features the lite lacks? If they are significant I may just fork out the three bucks.

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Looks extra good on z30.

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i can't imagine... take a pic!

Joe Fiero

Simply magnificent!

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This app is amazing. I've tried others on Android and this bb10 version is much better by far. One of my top 3 fave apps

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Truly an entertaining app. Developer did an excellent job. My 6 year old daughter likes it too :) thanks blackberry for the free app.

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Solid app. Other good astronomy apps I use are What's Up, Deluxe Moon, Jupiter Sats, and Planets.

Christophe Piquemal

I use it since day one.

Nice app.


Love this one, had I known it would be a give-away, I would have held myself back from paying it.

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I was playing around with it while at a local sky viewing that an astronomy club set up. People with iPhones and Androids said this one is way better than the sky viewing apps they have. It was nice to hear. I had to give them a good look at my Z10. Many were impressed and never heard of it. It's a start in the quest to enlighten the masses of our Z10's here in upstate NY. I still haven't seen another one out and about.

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