Starbucks Card Mobile now available for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

By Adam Zeis on 8 Mar 2011 09:27 am EST

Starbucks Card Mobile BlackBerry Torch

The Starbucks Card Mobile app made its full debut a few weeks back however it lacked Torch support. In an announcement via Twitter Starbucks let the world know they have finally added support for the Torch 9800. If you haven't seen it before, Starbucks Card Mobile lets you purchase drinks using only your BlackBerry. Just enter the info from your Starbucks card and you're able to track your balance, rewards and purchase drinks at pretty much every Starbucks location. The app is totally free - to download just text "GO" to 70845.

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Starbucks Card Mobile now available for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


I've been running this on my torch for a few months. Just find the old post, in the comments is a direct link. Worked fine for me!

Same. I wonder if this "new" one is any different. Kind of reluctant to delete the app I have since it works.

What version should this be? I was running on th Torch and the download link I received from the text message took me to the same version.

I just tried to install on my Torch and got "Error starting MobileCard: Error loading module 'MobileCard' VerifyError" - this error persists after rebooting. Any thoughts?

I don't have a "Pay" button on the screen with the Gold cup. I'm going to the try the link above.

The site says it supports 9650, but what OS? I'm running the official OS6 Sprint version and it comes back with does not support your device! Any clue anyone? Thanks

I got around it by loading the Starbucks app when I was still running 5.0. Lame, but there you go. I've bitched at Starbucks several times for ignoring those devices that can be upgraded from OS5 to OS6.

Been using this on my 9700 for several months also, works great. I had to wait on Starbucks to add their scanners for a bit. I always somehow lose my cards a lot, so this is a very nice app for Starbuckers...