Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry runs dry - No longer available for download

By Adam Zeis on 4 Oct 2011 10:31 am EDT

Starbucks for BlackBerry

It looks like Starbucks hasn't had too much success with their Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry as they are calling it quits from here on out. The app is listed as no longer available for download on their BlackBerry page. The app originally surfaced to the delight of many users a little over a year ago, and while it wasn't available for too many devices, it still seemed to be a hit. While the app isn't officially supported, you can still grab it OTA here (for OS 5+) but keep in mind it may not be stable on your device, so be sure to backup first in case you have any issues (and we can't be held responsible if you brick your phone). If you're a Starbucks junky the app is actually pretty handy and we're sad to see it go. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry runs dry - No longer available for download


guess im screwed when i get my new phone then because I use this app at least twice a week. I hate carrying around cards like this

I had sent mybbota the link a long time ago. He still has it there stored on his server. Could still be an option on where to download the app.

I have had it working on my 9930 since the day I bought it and have had no issues. I love this app and Key Ring because I hate carrying around all those cards and key chain tags.

I moved it over from my 9700 to my 9900 and it has worked great from day 1. Really stupid that they couldn't have just left it the way it was or even provided a small update to officially support OS7.

Worked on OS5, 6, & 7 for me, wtf Starbucks. I think it's in the best interest of a company to make it as easy as possible for consumers to give you their money, and here they are removing a path for cash to their coffers... Nice...

I went to key ring from cardstar and its just lightyears ahead. Ota sync/backup, ability to import to the app by scanning the cards with ur camera, and you can even print a hard copy for those jerks who can't figure out how to type a barcode into the register at your local subway.

You guys getting funnier everyday! Thats my story I found that while I was in my bed and I can honestly say that no one from this forum or "anyone sent this to you" was in my bed w/ me,I sent that to N4BB only. Since everyone reporting you N4BBs post that doesn't mean that you dont need to show source on that... "Thanks everyone readin' this" @rr_yy

Who the hell cares where it came from? No one gives a shit if its your story and I doubt anyone cares that it was posted on n4bb. Crackberry is the only real Blackberry site that matters anyway.

Just In Case! Guy that consumes only can't make any comment to me... He should first start to make some work to prove If he is necessary or not to this world... (I mean BB world but it's better for you to think the real one ;) )

Just in case of what? Maybe you should brush up on your English before you try to bash people or this site in the comments. You try hard but make no sense. You sound like a fortune cookie.

Are we talkin' about language skills here? Keep this in your mind you can't make money w/ talkin' English unless you're a English teacher… No reason to make moronic comments. Focus to the main topic. But I don't expect you to understand the situation thats not because of your low brain skills because you are consumer, you should be a producer to understand what I'm talkin' about…

Their blackberry support has been horrible. I tried many times to download on my 9650 with no luck. Also, no luck on my 9930. Bah.

Hmm, first it was Barns and Nobels abandoning the BB; then its Starbucks abandoning the BB; and now, in Canada, its Rogers Communications, the largest wireless company, abandoning the BB security by hiring a company to make secure the emails sent through Iphone and Android devices. I wonder who's next in terms of abandoning the BB.

hiring a company to make secure the emails sent through Iphone and Android devices.

Good luck with that aaahahahaha! Google major security breach on all HTC android phones. The quest you write about it hopeless.

Well, Dunkin Donuts it is for coffee now. This will end up saving me money, but I refuse to support companies that give me a reason to go to them and then strip it away after I get comfortable using it.

I agree with this line of thinking. Happens too much. We spend money on these devices so we can save time to spend more money at places like Starbucks and Barns & Noble.

I also heard Hello Kitty Island Advenure will no longer be supported, just to twist the knife a little...

I have a 9850 and have been using the 9800 version of the app successfully since I got the phone. I did have to download it to a friends 9800 and pull the cod from his phone to be able to use it. Works fine for me. I am disappointed they are discontinuing support though.

I have closed my account at Starbucks and wrote a letter stating why. One small fish in the sea but I would spend at least 50.00 bucks a month on joe. No more.

I've got the app working fine on my 9810. Had it on my 9800, too. I'll make sure to save the cod for any needed re-install. It's a useful little app.

I love this app and just had my 10th java failure on my 9930. This time though the last link is down and I can't get this program. I should have saved the .cod to disk (speaking of which how is it I don't know how to back up 3rd party programs on BB desktop - maybe because there isn't a way.) Would you email this .cod to me pretty please John

I'm guessing both this and the B&N decisions are caused by the fact that the new QNX phones sorry BBX phones will run Android apps. Honestly if you are not an app developer would you invest in a special app for BB if the new phones will run Android apps?

That doesn't mean real developers won't take advantage of the underyling power of QNX/BBX but Starbucks sells coffee. Also it seems pretty clear that not enough people downloaded the app to make it worthwhile.

Would have been nice if they had offered this app in Canada! I know many that would have used it. Myself included -- every day.

I was able to download the app but like others in Canada, cannot make it work with my Starbucks account. The only way we (consumers) can influence the big companies is to send them our comments. I posted a comment on Starbuck's idea site about; 1) bringing the app back, 2) upgrading it to newer phones and 3) making it work outside of just the USA. I suggest that we (the consumers) go to this site and either approve of the comments (there are others about this app) or add your own. Numbers speak!

No way! I love that app. I specifically found the link to use the app on my Torch 9810. I used that app to pay for all of my coffee. Geez... c'mon are you kidding me right now? I have all 3 of my Starbucks card on there, it's awesome. Who do I need to call to keep this app alive? I feel abandoned. I need a hug. LOL!

Ha, I didn't even know the app exsisted. I don't even know what the big deal is. If Starbucks wants to lose business then its on them. All I know is that business people own blackberry's and they also consume lots of coffee. If it doesn't have to do with the new nfc then they may need to figure out how to make the app better instead of eliminating it.

No brainer.

snoozininsomniac - Do you have the .COD files available? I've been scouring the web and can't seem to find them.

Just tried to do the OTA, says the page doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone have a link to the .COD files so we can still load the app?

I love this app and use it 5+ times a week. Wtf starbucks?
My coffee consumption alone should pay for you to update this app.

For what its worth the app works great on the bb torch 9800 at&t os