Star Front: Collision for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Joseph Holder on 14 Oct 2011 01:49 pm EDT

Star Front: Collision is a real-time strategy game for the BlackBerry PlayBook by app devloper Gameloft. So what does that mean? If you've ever played Command & ConquerTotal Annihilation, or Starcraft (three of my all-time favorite games), you're already familiar with the general idea.

In this game for the BlackBerry tablet, you can play as one of three races: the human Consortium, the beastly Myriad, or the technologically advanced Wardens (which to me, reminds me of the Vorlons from Babylon 5). All three races struggle to control the rare and valuable mineral Unobtanium... er, I mean Xenodium.

Build extraction facilities for the mineral and energy resources, create garrisons to train your troops, and lead your forces to destroy the enemy. The game makes great use of the 3D rendering capabilities of the PlayBook and allows several levels of zoom, so you can see exactly what's going on. Even while your forces are building and fighting in other parts of the map, scrolling between areas is smooth and quick.

The touchscreen interface of the game is perfectly suited for the tablet. Large buttons and controls ring the screen and are easy to use even if you have large fingers like me. There is a small learning curve while you learn to control the camera and your forces, but the excellent four-part tutorial included with the game makes it a breeze.

I could go on and on about how excellent this game is, even without discussing the skirmish and online multiplayer modes. Bottom line, Star Front: Collision is a well-crafted, fun game that's sure to bring me hours of enjoyment. If you want a taste of what gameplay looks like, take a look at that video up there. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Xenodium to mine and some Myriad to exterminate.

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Music for the video, "Feeling Dark (Behind The Mask)," was created by 7OOP3D and is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.  Many thanks to 7OOP3D.  

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Reader comments

Star Front: Collision for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Interesting game something similar to Starcraft but at a more smaller scale :), ill give it a try later when ill be home, and ill come back with impressions ;)

Some of you who think this game is to pricey, think like this: a breakfast sandwich and a coffee is 5.49$ add a donuts and it is 6.05$, so in my opinion dont buy your BFs next morning and make your oven eggs and coffee home. (yeah you have to wake up a little earlier but hey you'll love your home made coffee and BFs).

So in my Opinion $6.99 for a game like this is nothing it worth every penny, and i hope we gonna see some great games in future from this Developer and from EA especially.

Not bad, now they just have to figure out some multiplayer and they may move some decent volumes. If there's something I have learned from Games, is that if you have a good game with good multiplayer, you will sell games and in some cases, systems.

I'm not one for games on my PlayBook, but I also won't look the other way at trying something if it looks fun.

You're absolutely right in that some games nowadays live or die becuause of their online multiplayer abilities.  Star Front: Collision indeed does have a multiplayer option, I just haven't tried it yet.  Being so new to the game, I knew I'd get my behind kicked pretty hard in a matter of minutes.  :)

Honestly, I think this game is worth it.  You've got over 15 single-player campains, a skirmish mode, and online multiplayer.  Plus, it's a really good port and fun to play.  

wow..really wasn't kidding on the starcraft comment. Even down to the 3 races, and zerg hives...the latter part of the video almost showed an overmind.

should be fun to try.

Curious is Blizzard would ever say something about how close they are to Starcraft. Not sure where copyright infringement begins and ends here.

Guess if FPS games vary the same way, nothing would/could be done.

Nice to see that some decent games are coming to Playbook.. But It's still not enough IMO.. we need to see more its a great Tablet OS its a shame that there aren't many applications and games yet...

What specifically do you want to see. I don't even have the time to look through the ones they already have, nevermind giving me more.

I find the graphics on my Playbook look way better than the video posted. For those complaining about the price - How much does a movie cost you, what about a mixed drink at a bar. I paid 9.99 for Dead Space, 6.99 for the Golf and Starcraft. No regrets. I'm sure you like getting paid for doing a job well done also. You want more games - prove it with your wallet.

Absolutely agree. I can only imagine all the time and labor that goes into programming something like this. 6.99 is not bad when you consider the cost of a movie with concessions nowadays runs you at about $20 for a one-time experience, and the movie may not even be that great...

I love this game. The one thing that I wish they added was a super weapon for each race, kind of like what you would find in command and conquer, those are always fun...

Gameloft is known for their shameless 'homages' to popular games. NOVA/Halo, and Modern Combat/Call of Duty...

Going to give this a try. Modern Combat 2 plays very well.

I took a chance and purchased this the day it came out. It's WELL worth the cost of a McDonalds Value meal.. and this is a lot more fun. It's very well executed.

Buy this game, you will not regret it.

command and conquer: red alert was awesome as a quick LAN game with room mates.... this looks similar. Could be a big hit if the online is acceptable.

I am really glad that Gameloft is finally porting their titles to the PB. They have tons of fun ones.

A note for those who play multi player and have a friend with a playbook, get a video chat going with just the audio! A lot of fun playing and hearing their reactions (modern combat 2) or for getting the upper hand on other players by working as a team!

I love the NOVA 2 Online Multiplayer, and u have a great Idea ! Lol next thing is that ppl will make an online Gaming Section here in crackberry so ppl with PBs can pla ea other !

nice or not nice, or great, still CANT BUY ANY APP. BB should really fix that problem first, then more people might be able to buy some apps. Now i only can get the crapy free stuff.

i am at level 6 in starfront collision playing as the consortium how do you get out of the third kind base, have tried several times with no luck