Staples giving $100 off select tablets, PlayBook included

Staples Coupon
By Jared DiPane on 20 Jul 2011 09:26 am EDT

Whether you have been waiting to gather all the funding, hoping for a sale or in the market for a second BlackBerry PlayBook, Staples has made a deal that is a bit difficult to resist. Currently Staples has a coupon that lasts until the end of this month that will drop the price of select tablets $100 and unlike the Kindle or HP Touchpad, the PlayBook is not excluded from the deal. That means you -- yes you -- can print the coupon out, go to your local Staples and grab a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook for $100 less than what you originally intended on paying! The deal is only valid until July 30th and unfortunately only applies to US based stores, but it is definitely not something you want to miss out on. Have you picked one up on this coupon or plan to in the coming days? Be sure to let us know about it in the forums. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Staples giving $100 off select tablets, PlayBook included


"PlayBook is not excluded"
I had to read that double negative about 4 times. "PlayBook is included"

Just sayin' :)

This is sickening after my (and many other's) feud with them during the PlayBook pre-order process. Then again I don't have much reason to go to Staples ever again anyway.

Exactly my thoughts! Damn you staples.

its a bit funny though because we were getting less of a discount b4, then they cancelled everyones coupons, treated us like crap, and lost our business.
now they're having to put out a 100 off coupon to try and boost their sales, but i still won't buy from them.

i should email them back and rub that fact in their face lol :D

Cus my preorder went fine. Got it right one time. I also went back with this coupon and they refunded me the difference. And all I did was ask nicely.

Damn & I just came back from a week long trip in the US. Coulda bought one and brought it back. :(

Timmies it is!

Not surprised. Not for any other reason than this is what Retailers and Wholesalers do. They get a great buy opportunity or find a great sale opportunity and they go with it.

I may get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or PB using this coupon. I would normally get the PB but I think the screen size is just too small. My buddy has the PB and his wife has the iPad 2, he says PB for surfing web and iPad for everything else. Said he was surfing web with fully charged PB and after 2.5 hours he was at 50%, I don't think that is all that great. I have a Torch for my work phone so getting PB would be great and bridge would be awesome but I also have an Evo 4G for my personal phone and I like Android as well.

For f**k's sake!! USA only? Bulls**t! I was stoked as I was reading this, thinking I would get a PlayBook this weekend. I guess it will have to wait a little longer yet

I wonder if they ever think of Canada. We're right fucking above them. I mean how hard can it be to say USA and Canada

I already got one for myself and my wife but this gives me a reason to get one for my brother. This is going to be a nice birthday present for him. Very cool.

canadian dollar worth 1.05 us + $100 off coupon + driving down to Portland, Oregon (no sales tax) this week for work = I think I am buying a Playbook!

I also got a very negative experience when dealing with the Staples store nearby. I made my mind set not to ever make business with them again. I felt cheated when I went to get a mini HDMI cable from them and paid the absurd sum they asked me for it. Only a week later I found a better one with longer extension for a third of the price in Amazon.

Are you kidding me? Of course you found the cable cheaper on Amazon. That is no reason to hate Staples. Cables and extended warranties are how stores like Best Buy, Staples etc. stay alive. If they had to rely on the profits of "commodity" items like tablets and TV's that have slim profit margins they'd be bankrupt. Always buy cables from Amazon and other internet retailers unless you absolutely need the item that minute.

Just ordered mine at the store!! Didnt have a 64gb in stock but they ordered it for me, will be at the store on Friday!! Only 650 with tax.... Thanks Crackberry!

If they don't have it or you don't have one close to you, Office Depot and Max will accept competitors coupons don't forget! Great deal....wish I had the $$ right now, Id be all over it!!

Another less appealing reason for $100 off Playbooks (Not excluded like hot sellers Kindle, HP?) is to dump their inventory.

I was in a Staples store Sunday and saw the charging dock, fast charger and wall charger in the "REDUCED" bin at the front of the store. Also the PB display that was at the front of the store was not demoted to a side isle halfway back. HP touchpad displaced it front and center at the entrance.

Seeing that HP has allot more leverage (toner, paper, printers) with office supply stores, Blackberry may be losing traction there.

I asked the store manager if Staples was giving up on PB already, he said no, they are actually selling pretty well. Maybe?

Just used the coupon to pick up a recalled 16GB model at Staples. Awesome.

I thought I'd take a break in my work day to let you know Staples is still selling Playbooks that have been recalled.

I checked the list of serial numbers and mine is there... can't get past the Agreement screen. I didn't plan on buying a Playbook initially, so I didn't follow the recall that much. Was there a manual fix? I went out of my way to pick this up and will have to go back out of my way to get it replaced.

I am really pissed at Staples right now.