Staples doesn't want to feel left out, slashes price of BlackBerry PlayBook by $200 like others

By Jared DiPane on 5 Oct 2011 01:58 pm EDT

We have seen quite a number of sales and price reductions for the BlackBerry PlayBook over the past couple of weeks, and it appears as though Staples may have come late but didn't want to miss out on the deals. They are offering $200 off each PlayBook model, bringing the 16GB down to $299 like we have seen at other retailers. Act fast, the deal does have an expiration date of Oct. 15, 2011 so be sure to grab one before the price sets sail back to the $499 price point. Thanks, Kishore!

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Staples doesn't want to feel left out, slashes price of BlackBerry PlayBook by $200 like others


That is a nice price point. I ordered one from 1saleaday because I did not want to deal with the mail in rebate. After I purchased it I saw the negative reviews about this site. I wonder if I will ever get it.

I've bought a few things from them and they have always arrived just fine, maybe a little slow because of free shipping but I don't mind. I haven't bought anything expensive from them yet though.

Holy Crap! I ordered my Playbook from them on the 28th for the same reason that you did (to bypass MIR), that same night I read all the negative reviews that were posted on other sites about 1saleaday and decided to send them an e-mail to cancel my order (still haven't heard from them though)... I called the credit card company the next morning (Thursday) and was adviced to refuse the package (they still haven't sent it out though). I went to Staples that same Thursday and did the MIR deal. It has already been 7 business days since I ordered it and still no sign of the device being sent. I am glad I decided to go to Staples and buy it. The credit card company charged me for the purchase but it will eventually be reversed. According to their consumer reports reviews they are not reliable!

Don't wait too long to take action! it'll be sad if you end up without a PB if the price goes back up (retail) and you get screwed by

In the US, Staples, Office Depot and Best Buy all have $200 off on the Playbooks, whether they are 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB. Staples only carries the 16 GB at stores, so try Office Depot or Best Buy for the 64 GB one.

Staples price for the 16gb was $249 after $100 instant discount and $100 rebate last week, but changed the price to $299 (after discount + rebate) mid-week. They lowered the price to $299 (after instant discount) on Sunday without rebates. Plus they have been price matching other stores all along, so I wouldn't exactly say they came late... ;)

Oh, and if you order online and don't mind having a Staples Credit Card, you will get an additional $50 credited back to your account after your first purchase (ie, PlayBook), but you must apply for it online at the time of purchase. So that is a total of $250 off any size PlayBook.

I will leave Feedback on my purchase from them. The reviews were so bad it made me sick. Let's see if and how long it take to ship. I also read that they ship a lot of reFurbished items when they list them as new.

I started to raise hell when I read those reviews. I've called my credit card company multiple times, sent a complaint via the BBB (they couldn't do anything because hasn't responded to my e-mail stating that they wont cancel my order). I saw the ad on Crackberry and automatically assumed that they were on the up and up... Next time i'll do my research.

Word up! Since last week I've told my friends and family with other tablets or no tablets at all "Those that don't have a Playbook (especially at the current prices), haven't tried a Playbook".

I wish some of the UK stores would reduce the price.

The 16GB version is still £400 over here - That is over $600.

I got my 16G from BestBuy. $299 is just too good of a deal to pass up. I know people harp on the missing features but for everything else the PB does $299 is a steal.

I just got an email with my tracking number.... Come on playbook hurry up and get here.

@Abrante, did you get an email as well?

Yup, the package will be refused! lol, I bought it from Staples already. Hope all goes well with your PlayBook, you will most likely end up loving it as much as I do.

I picked up a 32GB PlayBook from Staples in Guelph, ON yesterday and also received a $150 coupon against accessories at checkout!