Staples' Black Friday ad points to $199 price point for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Staples PB Sale
By Jared DiPane on 9 Nov 2011 01:09 pm EST

We have definitely already seen our fair share of BlackBerry PlayBook price drops in the past months, but this deal takes the cake. Early Black Friday ads surface annually, showing off what retailers are planning to sell, thus making knowing where to go a breeze. It appears as though Staples will be pricing the 16GB version of the PlayBook at the lowest price to date, $199 -- a savings of $300! The ad only shows off the 16GB pricing, but folks in the forums are saying that the 32GB will be priced at only $50 more, making it $249, and the 64GB will be priced at $399. Some pretty serious price drops taking place, will you be picking one up for anyone this holiday season? 

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Staples' Black Friday ad points to $199 price point for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I just bought a 16GB $299 one from Bestbuy a few weeks back. Wish I had waited, would've got the 32GB model

Nice! I love my PlayBook. I may pick one or two up as gifts :-) It would be nice to have video chat buddies.

Isn't Black Friday an American holiday? The Staples Canada website still lists it as $499. Can anybody find one in Canada at this price, or should I just pull the trigger for $299 at Bell?

These are still bf early bird deals, will be really hard to actually buy one. They will have very limited quantities and they will be all gone by the time you get to the door...

Sounds good! I got the 32GB for the discounted price of the 16GB through Staples. I will consider the Black Friday $249 pricetag a difference of $50 which can be attributed to depreciation for the 2 month time advantage that I had with the PB in my possession.

Although the source says that it is in-store only, the actual scanned ad says "Order in store or online for fast and FREE delivery."

I think you're at the wrong website. This is CrackBerry, not CrackHead. However, given your comment I forgive you as it's clear to me that if brains were dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose.

Will be picking up the 32gb if it hits $249. For this price, will be worth it for movies while traveling if nothing else.Would be great if they allow online purchases, if not guess I'll get out with the masses and snag one.

I only hope that there is a Canadian Black Friday and can pick one up for myself. If not, boxing day it is

Smart move. I let me co-worker take home one of the companies Playbooks and now their whole family want's one. The think is slick as is. Will be even better once OS2 comes out in the official version (I'm not willing to sideload).

Jonathan Kopycinski

I will at least be picking up one of these. I'm assuming more locations (Best Buy etc...) will be discounting to similar price points as well.

Loving Jesus!

I will be picking up 2 of 32GB for $249 each is a great Deal!!!!!! Down here in Mexico Office Depot last month blow up their stock of PlayBooks on a ridiculus price! Onlye $1,999 pesos. That is just $149 USD!!! for the 16GB version... for my bad luck... the 2 office depots on my hometown did not get the playbook for sale... so i try to get one in another city but the stock was gone the same Day they put it on sale :(

It appears I'm the first to notice this possible typo. I don't follow the PB as I don't have one or plan on getting the first gen of it. But the ad states "QNX" under the picture, above "BlackBerry." From what I know of it's just Bb PB OS...Where did they get QNX from? For a platform which doesn't exist, and has also been confirmed to be known as "BBX."

got myself a 64 to replace my 16 for C$402 this morning, and in Ontario in all places....

"Do the Right thing & Make your Mother proud"

You can thank Amazon and the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire for this.

$199 is the new price for 7 inch tablets.

It is an absolute pity that this sale occurs only in the US. Would love to get myself a BB Playbook but the prices for these devices in Switzerland are terribly inflated.
Is there a good soul in the land of the free willing to buy me a BB Playbook and post it to me (with full reimbursement, of course)?

I'm in the US and just ordered a 32GB PlayBook from for $299. Website shows both the 16GB and 32GB models for $299.