This app could be a life saver - St John Ambulance First Aid for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Mar 2013 08:46 am EDT

Although an Android port the St John Ambulance First Aid application for BlackBerry 10 works like a dream. If you need to have quick and easy access to a whole variety of health related problems and injuries then this one is worth checking out.

The user interface is kept pretty clean with just four tabs at the base of the display and then the rest of the screen is taken up with the different injuries. The four tabs include - Emergency, Techniques, Minor and St John's info.

Selecting an injury will then offer you a few more options. Let's look at Choking for example. There are two options given - Adult/Child and Infant. Clearly due to a baby being a lot more fragile than an adult the choking techniques are very different and this is a perfect example of how in-depth the app is. As well as being presented with written instructions you do also get some basic images to assist with the procedure.

St John - Choking

The St John app is free to download so you haven't really got an excuse not to have it. I would highly recommend having the app on your BlackBerry just in case of an emergency. You never know what's around the next corner.

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This app could be a life saver - St John Ambulance First Aid for BlackBerry 10


If there's one app you should have on your Z10 it has to be this, very simple but could be vital since you never know what's round the corner!

Who knows enough downloads may get us a native one in the future :)

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yeah, but i never knew how to save a baby from choking to death.i guess i'll download it and pic up some tips that cld be a life saver one day.god forbid

Being a Volunteer Firefighter for 8 years and 911 dispatcher for 5, I appreciate an app like this for the minor things but I am not one for apps that give instruction on major health issues or events. I cringe at the thought of coming upon somebody laying on the ground without vital signs and somebody freaking out standing over them going thorough their phone trying to find the right thing just call 911, 112, or 999 depending on your country. Most emergency services offer some sort of "walk through" on pre-paramedic treatment right over the phone. They can walk you through everything from CPR, Stroke like symptom treatment to child birth. And at the very least, go get some basic first aid training that will always work.

Great review of the Product, just not sure if the thought behind the product is completely thought through.

There are still places in the world cellular service does not reach, so you can't reach 911 either. But if you have any reception at all, by all means, call emergency, of course.

St John Ambulance publishes books and gives courses too, none of which they would suggest as a substitute for calling emergency. But we don't burn the books and stop taking the courses, because there are trained professionals just waiting to jump into action. One of the first things they teach is to call emergency, or to designate one person to call (not "Someone call Emergency!" but "You! Call Emergency!")

I don't think anybody in their right mind would opt for a first aid book or app as a substitute for calling emergency. I think the thought behind the product is in the exact same place as the thought behind their books and training.

The app could add '911' to the list of numbers it frequently recommends calling (only has 999 and 112), but I'm pretty sure anyone who might use the app would already know the local number as well.

If you want to know first aid, take St John ambulances course. What good is an app in an emergency? And in its not an emergency I'm sure Google could give you better info. What a joke

It's not even native!!??? 1 star

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Actually St John Ambulance Brigade has been around in the UK for donkeys years, and yes it is very well thought through. They also give training.

Yup they are very prevalent here in Canada as well... They put on training and can be hired for major events around here... I am not trying to trash them, they do good work, in fact I have training from them... I guess I what i am getting at is to take this app with a grain of salt... It is all good info but in a real emergency call 112, 999, or 911 vs trying to go through the run cards, more often then not call takers and walk you through the same thing and have EMT's responding at the same time and you know for sure help is on the way

ok if possible call 911 112 999... but once you are outside in the wild and have no radio then it's a good to have app ;-)

Thanks CB for these app updates. Very handy and would never have known had it not been for this site. Keep up the good work.

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Great app to have. As St. John's themselves ALWAYS make VERY clear in any training they give, call your area's emergency number, or designate someone else to call, first.

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Is the side loaded android port you speak of better then this version or the same? I'll load up which ever is better

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Great app acting as a supplement to prior First Aid training. There's definitely no replacement for proper training though. Anyway, big supporter of St John's and I think this app is a great release.