Squiggle Racer zooms into BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2014 11:46 pm EDT

In an earlier post we let you all know about Squiggle Racer, the impossibly hard but fun racing game that was available on Android and iOS. At the time, the game wasn't available through BlackBerry World but instead the Android version had to be installed through Snap or sideloaded onto your device.

Seeing how many folks were actually trying the game out that way, the developer behind it all decided to go ahead and release it onto BlackBerry World as soon as possible and as such, the game has now gone live. If you never caught the original post, the objective of Squiggle Racer is fairly simple. Guide the race car around the track using the left and right on-screen tabs. Sounds simple right? Ya, not so much when you actually start play it. 

With old school 8 Bit graphics and a selection of tracks to unlock, Squiggle Racer is an ideal game for when you have a few minutes to kill. If you're willing to give it a go, you can grab it now from BlackBerry World for only $0.99 and it's listed as being compatible with all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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Squiggle Racer zooms into BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones


It's not free on Android, it has in app purchases. It's only *free* if you get bronze on all the long tracks which is not easy. Also, it's called not being cheap... it's $.99. The developer didn't HAVE to put it in BlackBerry World.

In a nutshell, yes that is all correct. We should be pleased to see dev support. No one should see a reason to not support BlackBerry.

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It's not being cheap, it's just that people won't pay for something that you can get for free. In my honest opinion, slapping a 99 cent price tag was much more easier for him than implementing in-app purchases.

Here's a for users suggestion: try the android version, if you like it and want to support the developer, go ahead and purchase it on BlackBerry World.

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Get out of here using logic and stuff.. Sheesh! Personally, I rather developers charge for their apps than use in-app purchase anyway. You have a product, I have money. Sell me the full package at a set price. Don't nickel and dime me with some stupid upgrade packages.

Yea exactly. I like to judge it right off the bat instead of going into it all apprehensive, wondering if I'm gonna be to fork out $20 on smurfberries to finish it. Makes me feel like I'm following a trail of cheese.

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Totally right on that one, Bla1ze.

I absolutely dislike in-app purchases. In the end you're paying more, or can't restore your purchase if you reload your phone OS.

Angry Birds Go! and Oregon Trail: American Settler, these are the ones that take the crown of ridiculously priced in-app purchases among the games I have played.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

My sentiments as well. I don't want ads; I don't want in-app purchases; I love a simple one-time monetary exchange.

It might be cheap for you but it isn't for others. This game costs 7.99 EGP where I live. And it's a lot for an 8bit game.

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Seems native to me. Doesn't have option to bring up or hide the android back bar when swiping downward from the top.

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Yeah agree it does seem like it's Native game, the "back" Android gesture doesn't work in this BlackBerry 10 version.

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Thanks everyone for your support! And thanks Bla1ze, you're correct, I did this in Adobe AIR with https://developer.blackberry.com/air/ tools. If people enjoy it, I'm definitely planning on keeping it up to date with other platforms. You all know the BB platform best, so please let me know what the top feature requests are. You can find my contact information at http://www.squiggleracer.com/contact/

I saw a request for keyboard keys for turning, I'll definitely try and add that in a new release.

- Charlie

Waste of time! Download 2048, it was just released today as well, it's much more stimulating and best of all NATIVE!

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Oh thank you for this! This game is perfect now.

I tried the android version and like it a lot but had some problems with it. Lap counter wasn't working properly and the screen would bug out from time to time.

Anyways, love the game and so glad the dev brought it to bbw. Hope they do more.

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First post complaining about the price of 99 cents. THAT is exactly the reason why you won't see many devs bringing their games to BBW, because you can't spend a damn buck on a fun game! Everything has to be free! As if developing games was not taking any time and the dev didn't put a lot of effort in it!

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Let them know, Berry users are not penny pinchers and rather pay with their dollar than with their data.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

bought it, very difficult game. Would like to see the developer use the HDMI out so i can play on my hotel televison.

Lol! Was able to buy a BB10 phone complaining about. 99 price tag.
Go get a starttac phone no need to worry about buying an app.

Nice to see our platform supported ;-) I'm really hoping they will keep bringing their future games/apps onto BBWorld for both Q and Z devices!

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The android version is free but I found it unplayable / annoying due to the constant adverts. Happy to pay £0.75 to be advert free.

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