SquareTrade drop tests the BlackBerry Playbook

By Bla1ze on 22 Apr 2011 03:54 pm EDT

Dropping your brand new BlackBerry PlayBook to test its durability isn't really suggested. But luckily for us, there are people out there interested in these sorts of things and as such, they've done the dropping for everyone. SquareTrade, which offers extended warranties for your BlackBerry PlayBook has done a drop test video for us all. Sit back, press play and check out the destruction. Also, if you head on over to the YouTube page and leave a comment about what you want the to drop next -- you'll be entered to win some warranty coverage. This is of course, their contest -- not ours. So please, don't leave any comments below expecting to win; you'll need to hit YouTube to enter.

If you're worried about dropping your PlayBook when you're out in the elements, you can always plan ahead and "drop" it in a BlackBerry PlayBook case ahead of time. OtterBox is the ideal choice, but if you are a bit more careful you can get away with something like a zip sleeve as well.

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SquareTrade drop tests the BlackBerry Playbook


not at all impressed, $500 down the drain, does not make any sense. next time before performing this kind of stupid act, just think of the children in Africa, who die of hunger.

And before you think of doing anything that is not a basic necessity, like owning or having access to a device with internet access, think of the children in Africa who die of hunger. /s

Oh dear. This is what happens when 14 year-old emo girls try extra hard to be a bit new age and oh-so-fashionably outraged about some cause or other. They end up typing utter nonsense that makes them appear silly. Just as me leaving a couple of spoonfuls of food on my plate earlier isn't wilfully cocking a snook at starving children in Africa, neither is destructive testing a tablet computer. Get a grip.

just went out to bestbuy.ca and got a case 20% of fbefore i watched this... playbook must now stay in neoprene case

bored kids with money to burn. what did they think would happen. people who have these things knows one thing if nothing else, don't drop them. lol!!!!

so how does everyone like their Playbook thus far? i am loving mine, and my friends with ipads are jealous saying it can't do this or that but when i show them their eyes light up and jaws drop.

Ouch! That is rough...but DX has the OEM screens/digitaziers for $53.00 if you to happen to drop yours...hope I never drop mine...

LOL - that was great! Absolutely, GREAT! "Glass could cut your finger..." Let's all touch the glass and see? Well done. I'd like to see you do the same with a 9800 side by side.

Hey .... I just tried that with my LCD TV .... and guess what happened? Do they have a case for my TV.

Let's hope that this guy does not hold onto any ones baby from waist length!

What a NUT.

If your going to do a stupid test like that, use all available "TABLETS" that are on the market. Anyone walking around without protection............needs protection for their head, why don't you drop an EGG and see how that fairs. You should have drop that $600 iphone in your hand .....NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUNNY

If we crash cars for safety and durability tests (which cost a heck of a lot more than a Playbook) why would we get upset with a $500 item. I like knowing what my investments can withstand :-) although I do agree it is painful to watch

WOW Thats called being super IDIOT!!!
Of course everyone know how to hold smart devices. A dumb dont need to drop to show it.
Silly stupid jerk

I would LOVE a free warranty for my PlayBook....as for what to drop test next, how about a Xoom and iPad2 side by side. Then compare that to the PB drop test.

Oh man...I better put a case on mine but won't mind the free warranty.
I think you should try to drop the 3DS because I'm thinking of getting my butterfingers son one but he always drop things.....

See if they make Nerf Armor for 3DS. My son would have killed his DSI several time over without it. Best 20 I ever spent.

Would like to have seen it fall and hit a corner. Don't know anyone that has dropped their berry perfectly flat like that. That said, it reminds me of scared straight. That was cheap but effective advertising.

Heart stopping video.

People, relax with all the nasty comments about these guys dropping a new Playbook. It's their business if they want to blow money that way. DROP AND iPAD2 NEXT, PLEASE! =0)

Have you tried dropping the Samsung Galaxy Tab?? It has a gorilla touch screen (they say it doesn't break)!!! Let's see...

For me this test is not all that great... Seriously. Who drops it waist high face down like that. I wanna see a real test. Drop it slightly forward while looking at it or on a corner or something like that. Who the eff drops it glass down. I know I don't use my device face down...... My buddy had an Iphone 4 and he dropped it from 3 feet on the corner and it spidered the entire screen like that... This test was completely pointless and lame.

I know when I carry my mobile devices, I always hold them at the waist with the screen facing the hard, textured road.

I have dropped my Torch like 4-5 times now, and the only damage i can report is that some of of the plastic bezel chipped off.

I had an ol' curve (back when they still had track balls) and I literally did everything to that that would ruin a phone (dropped in a lake, had it fling out of a pocket as I was sprinting, etc.), and it still worked as good as new.

I have a very good impression of blackberry and the strength of their devices, and I'm sure in real life situations the playbook shows the same vigor.

how about an ipad....My wife dropped her iPhone with a case on it and no damage at all. My son on the other hand hit his ipad the first day he got it with the seatbelt and cracked the screen. Fortunately Apple being the great company that they are,replaced the ipad at no charge.

so . . . . what is the big deal, anyone remember the first ipad drop test, 3 feet on to carpet, and it screen broke. so your surprised a glass screen broke after being dropped on asphalt. drop just a piece of glass that height and see what happens. oh wait, bet i can tell you.

Send me the broken playback (ill take it), waste of money,but i did like the way they recorded with the playbook came on a couple of the drops for a more dramatic effect

I'm shocked how people do not understand that these guys sell warranties and are showing you how easy stuff can get broken. Some of these comments are totally out there! Also, I'd love a free warranty. Everyone raves about SquareTrade.

How comes all everyone ever thinks about anymore is the outrageous line of apple products? out of sight out of mind. I dont care if the ipad or the iphone shatters or doesnt shatter when you drop one, when I buy a device I buy for the design and the OS. Gravity sure does take its toll on all electronics these days. Then again companies make money from this natural disaster.

Break that iPad 2 a few times....at least the Playbook lasted a good 5 drops before the screen gave in

break the strange hold that Steve Jobs seems to have on some people. Oh yea, and I'd love a warranty for my playbook

after watching this, i might end up cracking the screen by giving it the death grip trying to not drop it lulz

Ouch!! LOL I would love to win a warranty but most things I'd live to see broken probably already have but a side by side comparison of an iPad 2 and Playbook would be cool.

Was it a 16GB, 32GB or a 64? The 32GB holds up much better !

Now have him drop this one. If he continues dropping PlayBooks, RIM will sell millions of these things.

ATTENTION ALL MOMS : Don't let this guy hold onto your baby ! He might drop it face first !

OUCH !!!! now that hurts ... anyone spending more that 550$ would obviously know how to handle such products and use protection on it ... still havn't got my Playbook but when i do m surely gonna get a case with it jus hope that case is loyal to my Playbook lol .. Dont waste money rather donate it :)