Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan

Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan
By Simon Sage on 3 Apr 2014 04:30 pm EDT

Sprint is getting a little “uncarrier” themselves with a new promotion that offers to pay your early termination fees if you’re willing to switch to them. You can get up to $350 for every line terminated when making the switch; just snap a picture of your last bill, send it to Sprint, and they’ll send you a Visa card with the cash on it. There are a few terms and conditions here and there, but you can read all of that at Sprint’s site starting tomorrow. The promotion will run from April 4 until May 8.

In addition to that, Sprint today announced that customers will be able to sign up for the Framily Plans (friends and family... framily) at Best Buy in addition to directly from Sprint. The details of the Framily Plans haven't changed — your monthly cost per person goes down by $5 a head for each body added to your account, up to $30 off per line. At six lines on an account you could end up saving up to $180 a month. Those that want to sign up for a Framily Plan at Best Buy between April 4th and 13th will also be treated to a $100 Best Buy gift card.

Source: S4GRU, Sprint, Thanks to Robert for the tip!

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Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan


My "open letter" to John Leger on his latest comments on N4BB...

John Leger

Appreciated your letter, but am a bit confused about how your relationship with BlackBerry has eroded to the depths that it has. My TMobile store in Chicago, IL has many business owners that utilize and enjoy their BlackBerrys to conduct business in a secure and extremely productive way. I was going to bring my multiple BlackBerrys to said store this July.

You disregarded your BlackBerry patrons, last year, by not having them available in the stores…disrespectful, but fine - as long as, we can still get them. Then you opt to not get the Z30 – which by all accounts may be the “Best Rated/Most Highly Recommended” smartphone on the market now, according to, owner’s ratings at Verizon, Amazon, Rogers etc.

And now this?

I am going to upgrade, at least, a couple of my BlackBerrys to the new Q20 later in the year… Will you have those to offer to your “business clients”?

Not sure if I should come to TMobile…

Enjoyed the letter… this part seemed a bit incongruent with the reality on the ground.

“And, of course, that goes for the BlackBerry loyal, too. We hear you and stand with you. We always have and always will.”

You appear to have taken no responsibility, regarding, why your relationship with BlackBerry is where it is… and your “Myspace” crack was unfortunate.

Thanks for reading.

Please let me know if I am missing something.


Very well said. Share their response if there is one...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Though, Sprint should post on here about them hearing about the termination of the T-Mobile contract and offer a little extra to BB customers.

Sprint is arguably the worst carrier for BB10. They don't carry the Z10, they don't carry the Z30 (possibly reneged on it after agreeing to carry it,) and they haven't rolled out 10.2.

No worries. You know what's funny, coincidentally? Virgin Mobile USA is a subsidiary of Sprint.

Well...at least they're consistently awful! ;-)

Also, thanks for using "coincidentally" and not "ironically"...that word is used incorrectly WAY too often!

Ironically, T mobile was using the same tactic when Sprint customers were pulling they're hair out. I now dislike both companies. Smh.

PS. Sorry for the ironically. ;)


I, my wife and two of our children are with Virgin Canada and very happy with pricing (compared to our options) and service.

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And Virgin Canada is a subsidiary of Bell Canada and I'd choose any other carrier over Bell Canada.

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Second that! I'm seriously thinking about taking my five phone lines and jumping from Sprint.

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Did u see Raino's post; Sprint SUCKs when it comes to supporting BB; still no 10.2 update.

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Do not do it!! Remember that wise saying: "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is???" That saying applies to this company. No matter what offer hey give their service is sub par.

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They suck as far as BB10 support like raino said, but as far as plan service and performance they are competitive, and I never have dropped calls or texts. Mind to elaborate on your statement?

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It's a good thing for customers who wants to get a better phone, as long its not Blackberry. Sprint don't carry Z10, Z30. Only they have though is Q10 and only black one. And don't you there waiting for 10.2 bec. They will never release it. Goodluck. Thanks, but no thanks Sprint.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Framily plans....with up to 10 soup cans and 100 feet of string....gawly gee sign me up!

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I left Sprint to come to Verizon because of their lack of BlackBerry 10 products and care about BlackBerry customers. I tried since Sept when The Z30 was first unveiled to get Sprint to say they were carrying it. Anyone who was there or is there or read the news, would remember that Sprint passed on the Z10 in favor of something bigger & better. Probably the Z30. Well long story short after getting lied to by sprint reps saying it was coming out this week or that week, or just being ignored in general since I wanted a BlackBerry and not an iPhone which they kept trying to get me to buy. I finally in December said F-that noise (literally to their faces) walked out the door and went across the street to Verizon. Since I was long off contact it didn't matter . Verizon has better service (where I live), faster data, and no dropped calls. When I went into the Verizon store they actually treated me like a person and knew about BlackBerry products. Sprint is terrible and can suck it. They will never be a supporter of BlackBerry. When I asked if they had any BlackBerrys they didn't know if they "still sold them". That's says it all right there....

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Dude, most of these carriers and plans are garbage. Don't go tooting Verizon's horn. You got lucky finding a customer service 'associate', 'rep' that knew ANYTHING about Blackberry (especially other than 'oh, I wouldn't go with them..nobody buys those..they'll be out of business..buy this iPhone, Galaxy..etc)

Verizon and their rates are horrible.

Q10 on T-Mobile

Your crazy wouldn't want that carrier. Everyone I know with Sprint in the Tri State experience multiple dropped calls during each and every call they make or receive. Spotty service with the towers nearby. You can hardly call a sprint customer because it goes to voice almost always. You have to place x amount of calls just to get them. No LTE!!! Crazy wouldn't give it to a FRAMILY member for free. Still don't know how they #3.

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No idea what u talkin 'bout, me and my family never have any performance issues with them. But when it comes to BlackBerry they suck ass, and yeah their customer reps have no effin clue what they're talking about.

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Well I've updated My Sprint Q10 with the ones posted with no problems. Sprint wants all 3 LTE bands on phones coming to the network. Than again, there is no satisfying some people, because if Sprint brought in the single band 1900 MHz LTE model and than later on brought in the tri-band LTE models than people would be going crazy about that too. And yes I'm on Framily doing Easy-Pay which means I'm not locked into a contract and since I've selected Unlimited Data, I can swap out my phone in a year.

Interesting, I might have to get my parents in on this one.

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Maybe Sprint will reconsider to gobble up the BlackBerry users abandoned by T-Mobile. This could be a good opportunity if they wanted to make a shift - doubtful but it is there. They just need to add the devices back to their inventories.

Not sure where the TMo and Sprint merger sits though...

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Of course and all of them can "LOAD ON THE SIDE".
I went to a store to buy some shoes and their shoes were too large and the salesman suggested I wear "double" socks.

All US carriers suck at updating the BlackBerry. None are perfect. At least we have access to 10.2.1.

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Kinda hard not to when they only have two BlackBerry devices and don't stock them or promote them. You can order one and have it shipped, who the hell is going to do that this day and age. Then people wonder why BlackBerry can't sell devices.

The point it they aren't going to add any new BlackBerry devices to there device line-up. Besides look how many people jumped to T-Mobile from Sprint to get other BlackBerry devices. They sure the hell aren't going to bring the BlackBerry's to the Sprint network.

Yeah sadly that's likely the case if they did. I can see it now.

"Hey ya know what would be a great accessory to your BlackBerry, this iPhone "

They don't push BlackBerry at all. Although before my Sprint store closed down, they knew better than to jerk me around. I just go in with my "BlackBerry by Choice "shirt on!

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I posted the comment after you. Not worth it and they are the least compatible with new BlackBerry phones

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I don't get all the THIS carrier does not give OTA 'S :s.

Been a BlackBerry user for years now and have been side loading leaks and official builds for years now.
If your phone has the right bands, it will work on your carrier, same reason it still works when roaming abroad. Ever think of that?

If you want your carrier to update the firm ware keep complaining @ customer support by mail, twitter, phone and not in here. We get it now but we can't help you.

If you want the latest update now go into the forums and download a flavour or use sacheti.

If think it's a good deal and when you have done it, switch to the next carrier with a better deal who will buy off your contact, keep saving money!

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This may be a non-factor for most people, but Sprint has some pretty shady SIM locking scheme going on with their Q10s.

Raino, we had discussed this in the forums, and at that time I was still trying to figure it out. Meanwhile I know for a fact the Sprint branded Q10 CAN NOT be unlocked and that's probably what you're referring to here.

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With all due respect to Simon Sage for posting this article, I must comment that clearly Sprint has been the absolute least supportive of Blackberry of all the major carriers. Most of the reasons why have already been commented on already. I will add dropped calls and delayed promises of 4G. There is a reason they have great prices and promotions, their service stinks. Because my "family" of users is still with Sprint I have suffered through continuing to use them but not much longer thank goodness.

Sprint isn't going to publicly reach out to T-Mobile BlackBerry customers because that portion of the market is small and Sprint is trying to merge with T-Mobile.

I bet Sprint passed on the Z10 because they were promised the Z30 was in the horizon and after they saw how BB10 adoption was going, Sprint decided it wasn't worth their time. Kind of what T-Mobile decided.

Sad though. And I wish Sprint would come out say something about the Z30 instead of "watch our newsroom."

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Stay away, stay away from Sprint. What for, they don't carry Z10, Z30 and no updates and even some Sprint stores don't carry Q10. Hell No!!!!! Mr. Sprint stay away.

Telus did this years ago. I switched 6 people over. They payed for whatever they owed on their contract, and gave me a $300 credit on my bill.

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Sprint is just terrible. I left them due to chappy plans, always over charging, and even worse customer service .

I'm happy with Tmobile. Even if they don't have a contract with them or whatever. Oh well. Just buy from shop BlackBerry get the phone and use on Tmobile. I dont get why Americans are crying? The first company to push the update is the one to cancel the contract with BlackBerry?

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Sprint from what I have seen supported BlackBerry devices better than T-Mobile, and Verizon. I have went undercover to see what representatives in these carrier stores would say if I ask for a Blackberry, and they bad mouth them, and tried to talk me into another device. I then of course pulled out my Z10 and let them have it! Blackberry needs to create their own paygo services! I am sick of these carriers, I want to deal with BlackBerry only.

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I think every blackberry owner should go into these biased carrier stores, and educate them on why BlackBerry is better.

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I love embarrassing iPhone users with my Z10. Their only defense is Siri, and that is why I have SayIt...and I didn't have to buy the S series to get it. You couldn't brainwash me enough to pay $850 for a 64gb iPhone when I can upgrade a $299 Z10 to 80gb.

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Sprint is terrible. Worst service out of all the us carriers. I left them for Tmobile several months ago and have never been happier with service. The difference is like night and day.

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As others have said, Sprint hasn't exactly been supportive of BlackBerry 10, and they tend to not like it when customers want to bring along a non Sprint handset. Not the best choice for BlackBerry users.

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Blackberry should pull the plug with sprint too. Sprint doesnt give a rats ass about Blackberry. Seems all the carriers are shunning Blackberry to keep them out of the market in the US. Am looking at leaving Sprint soon so I can get the Z30. Still think Blackberry should buy T Mobile and make it a dedicated Blackberry service! Plus fire numnuts running it.