Sprint finally rolls out BlackBerry 10.2.1

Spring 10.2.1
By James Richardson on 7 Apr 2014 04:25 am EDT

It's fair to say that BlackBerry 10 users in the USA have been lagging behind on the OS 10.2.1 update front. Sprint customers have now got a nice moral boost as 10.2.1 is officially released according to our tipsters on Twitter.

While in many regions 10.2.1 has been around for some time now it's only very recently that the American carriers have introduced it - T-Mobile and Verizon hitting customers with it last month (March 2014).

If you're a Sprint customer go and check for an update if it's not pushed automatically to your device. And if there are any device restrictions please feel free to let us know in the comments.

What a nice start to the working week!

Everything you need to know about BlackBerry 10.2.1

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Sprint finally rolls out BlackBerry 10.2.1


They're OFF the clock for me. The wife and visited the Verizon store yesterday; we'll open accounts there Monday -- when she can get the new S5. I'll replace my Z10 WITH A Z30. There's no reason to stay with AT&T.

I do and it's nice to have the official build. After loading the latest version from Vodafone on my Sprint Q10 via Sachesi, it's good to see that all I have to do is perform a standard OTA update now. Nothing special required like rolling back to the official Sprint 10.1 version. Just updated, awesome!

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I feel bad for those still on the latest AT&T official release which is 10.1. No that's not a typo. 10.1!

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Yes that's me I have "the latest software" from AT&T. Z10STL100-3/

While the rest of the world has had it for ages, going on 4 months later still not a thing from AT&T. I'm still stuck on 10.1 while there's already talks of 10.3.

"Good to see AT&T really cares about customer service and that their high prices are warranted..."*

(*Previous statement is indeed sarcasm)

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Is it possible to trick things using a deactivated Canadian Bell or Rogers sim card, and download over wifi? If so, I would gladly send my old sim to someone. Maybe there could be new release clubs that get together to share one.

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First??Hahahahahaha?Now you see why we say those FIRST comments are idiotic?

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

Bud Abott didn't "lie" or "get burned"...he was telling the truth about "Who being on first"---you need to READ the posts BEFORE commenting on the posts.

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The 1st comment monitors are so tiresome...mrneo3277, I salute you on an EXCELLENT maneuver.

Reminds me of a 90s Peugeot ad..."Zag".

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Nah...this is THEE"In Your Face" moment that has to be championed.

The hijacking of any discussion by the "Firstie Police" and their multitude of comments is Sooo Muchhh more annoying than the singular---1 comment---of the Firstie.

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My comments were/are directed to the "Firstie Stasi".

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Good question...been wondering the same thing living here. My guess is it's not a situation where US dislikes Blackberry, we sure as heck LOVED it few years back, it's how we got introduced to the smartphone (I think) it occupied more than 50% of the US market. I think it's simply a question of what's in and the new trend and unfortunately speed. Patience is not an American virtue. Everything has to be FAST!!! No matter what the service or product is whether phones, cars, food...you name it... they want it now and RIGHT NOW! Even people of other cultures who has migrated here where patience and taking time was part of life, has become accustomed to the same lifestyle over time. It's just how it is here unfortunately. BlackBerry took their time to develop this new OS, so it could be done properly to the best of their ability and resources. And because of that, US lost interest and moved on to the next trendy and available product. I do hope that changes because BlackBerry is a great business and make great products. It has it's flaws, but then again nothing is ever perfect. Hopefully they'll learn from past mistakes and become a service that is appreciated from the US once again.

#poweredbyblackberry Z30

Taking ones sweet time and done properly aren't mutually inclusive.

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Patience is overrated. It's impatience that keeps a country above the others. Being patient is old grandma advice. Watch out when our impatient kids take over the world, they will go twice as fast as we did.


When the impatient kids take over the world, they will screw it up more quickly than we did.

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As I learn more about it, (correct me if I'm wrong), but the U.S. is one of the few countries in the world, Canada being the other I believe, where you buy your phone through your carrier. Other parts of the world buy their phones unlocked and then go to whatever mobile service they choose. They get the updates first because when BlackBerry releases it, it goes straight to their phone. Here in the U.S., the carriers take their sweet time to make sure that the update works properly on their precious system, therefore the delay. If any features are missing from the official BlackBerry release, you can blame your carrier for that because they decided it wouldn't work on their system. Remember the Nokia E71x? By the time AT&T was finished "testing and approving" it for their network, it lost the forward facing camera and a few other features. I'm pretty sure if you were using an unlocked BlackBerry 10 on a U.S. carrier, you would have received the update when it first came out.

It sure is more common in other countries to buy a phone outright.

In some countries , even if received when signing a contract, the phone will be carrier-unlocked. The rationale behind it is, If you pay for it (through the contract fees or outright), you own it, it's yours, you're free to do with it whatever you want.

Here in Australia, you either sign a rather expensive contract + handset repayment fees, or buy the phone outright an go on a pay-as-you-go $40 unlimited plan, which is actually prepaid-style (no drama if you skip paying for a few days or a month, just no service then)

$630 for Q10 last July + $40 x 24 = $1590 + freedom, and no excess charges ever, LOW RISK, CAPPED

free phone + $60 x 24 plan + handset repayment fees (between $5 and $20) = same or more, regular compulsory payments, possible excess charges LOCK-IN, RISK OF EXTRA CHARGES

Not too hard to choose, especially if you can get a repayment plan (often interest free) without contract in various tech stores (Harvey Norman, etc.)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I couldn't have said it better myself. When I had my BlackBerry Curve I held on for 3 years to get the Z10. My friend's made gun of me for years. Then Z10 came out and I laughed in their faces. I'm not turning in my BlackBerry for some experimental phone that gets a new edition every 6 months. I rather stick to my BlackBerry that will last me forever.

Tools not toys!


@Ronzed amen, that is the sad but real truth. There may be a little more to it but we US Americans are very spoiled.

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@Ronzed is correct. (Most) Americans just like "shiny new things" and go for flashy over substance. The "SQUIRREL!" Syndrome is our national pastime. Alas, us "old school" folks are finding our choices become increasingly constricted.

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Simple answer. BlackBerry Storm. Verizon tasked BlackBerry with creating an iPhone killer....the Storm was their response and it failed miserably. That started the shift in consumer loyalty and carriers losing confidence.

Sure is tough to dig out of this hole, but they surely haven't tossed in the towel yet!

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There was already someone who posted First and wants close. This idiot was even further away from first. Words won't be able to describe how much of a loser moment in life it is.

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Actually, mrneo3277 posted the first comment & later followed up with, "oh ye, finally first". He was referring to his original post, which was first. Check it out.

Not sure why so many get so offended. I think it's funny.

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Not true. Then the people who really like to say first are not happy. In the end, maybe we can all just ignore things that bother us when they have no impact on our life.

"Live and let first... "

Hope it's a witty one at least.... if you do it, do it right. If you fail, admit it like a man and move on. And don't "fist" yourself.... ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

OVER two months after most of the rest of the world got it (January 28).

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Thank god for leaks and for other carriers pushing their officials quicker....

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It's version I already had via sachesi. It's about a 838 mb update for me. Updating it now. I'm hoping I get consistent 4g LTE coverage now. With whatever radio file I had thru Sachesi with the last update I downloaded, my 4g coverage was spotty

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Better late than never...at least any new BB10 adopters on the Sprint network will have a fully functional OS right out of the box (after update), and they will hopefully sing the praises of BB10 to all who will listen!

Sprint seems to be really big on the corporate side too, as I have had two employers over the last 10 years who both received corporate discounts with Sprint for the employees. Hopefully with the update, those corporate users will be more likely to use BB10 (Q10 is all Sprint currently offers). Perhaps this will open the door for future BB10 devices on the network, now that the OS is no longer half-baked.

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I got tired of waiting...my suspicious side believed Sprint wanted to add something or tweak something that I prolly don't want, so I used Sachesi just last week to upgrade on my own.

Does anyone know how I can be sure it doesn't ever use this OTA update?

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There is an option under the Software Update section to Allow Automatic Updates (or not) Click the gear symbol on the bottom to open the setting

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Yea yea whatever...when is 10.3 available now? yall need to stop lagging on BlackBerry just because it's not the top of the priority like iOS and android...

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Nice, next thing you know 10.3 is coming out everywhere but US. BlackBerry needs to update OTA to everyone.

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I don't have a working laptop so I couldn't install a leak but behold, the official comes out!!! Now I gotta find an open wifi spot since it won't let me install over cellular....

Post by 9of13's Q

I've been using 2102 since it leaked. Love it and no issues. Wondering if 2674 brings anything worth while? Also if OTA is non destructive? I have about a dozen APK apps that work perfectly, I rather not have to download all again. Let us know how it goes. And for all that waited, you're gonna love this OS!

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Nondestructive, but advised to backup your phone anyway (that's what you get to read before clicking the update button).

You can even backup using Link, and then keep the phone connected, and click "update" straight in Link, if it's available there

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Because of this nonsense with the US carriers BlackBerry updates I installed more than a month now of the autoloaders available at that time.

Sprint been one of the less BlackBerry loyals now make the update available and that only means that the only mayor US carrier dragging their asses is at&t which is no other than my fucking carrier!!

Thank God for autoloaders for CrackBerry forums for Devs willing to go the extra mile to lay out a helping hand and for BlackBerry making the Z30 available for us USA customers, because as come renewing my contract that will be my way to go, that way I'll receive the updates direct from BlackBerry!!

FU at&t... Rant [OFF]

I'm MongezaurioBerry

If you look at the so called infamous "NSA" surveillance... you'll see why American carriers are not pushing blackberry. They can't hack it's communication. So the federal government puts pressure on them not to sell or upgrade the product. Now you know, the rest of the story!

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Well, at this point I think I would have to agree. One can make arguments about market share and the power of Apple and Samsung but at the end of the day cell phone companies are service oriented entitled. And when you are in this sector of the market your goal is to provide the best user experience possible. So something else is clearly going on.

Look we have 3rd world nations up dating BB10 faster than all The US carriers. It's a bit of a comedic joke at this point. Even my die hard Apple friends have asked me what is going on with US carriers.

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Hate to be the guy in the tin foil hat, but I have to believe something like this is going on.

Something just doesn't add up, especially with the Did always approving for higher security.

And then you get the big US banks (who are obviously in bed with the government) making public statements about not staying with BlackBerry. For no reason, other than to smear.


Ironic name considering they are so LATE!

Bringing sexy back on my Q10SQN100-3/

What about at&t? This mother$#+/*-;))?s don't give a shit about blackberry!!


To answer to your question @ Joan Porsche is simple... standards.

It's not like BlackBerry have not been given chances. They have, it's just that they have ruined every break they have been given.

BlackBerry has allowed standards of service and quality of devices to drop.

1. The BlackBerry Storm 1&2

2. The worldwide outage. A lack of communication.

3. Extremely poor advertising . Time to outsource the marketing. Guerrilla warfare style.

4. Ignoring the advent of the touchscreen display.

5. Poor execution of devices. Average designs. Even HTC are designing better than BlackBerry.

6. A lack of a coordinated portfolio of devices including the PlayBook - why no PlayBook 10? Especially since the Foxconn deal. This is why Windows taking market share.

7. Ignoring Developers.

8. Negligence of Enterprise. This is your bread and butter of Earnings.

9. A vice like grip by Apple and Google over Carriers.

These are just some of the reasons (in no specific order ).

I hope this answers your question?

BlackBerry...Get it done.!!!

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To be honest I agree with you in most of your points. But these do not explain why USA carriers seem to hate BlackBerry.
Points listed by you were BlackBerry issues the user base in the whole world has suffered, not only USA.
So my question is still unanswered.

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Agree totally. BlackBerry has spent too much time and energy trying to work with the US carriers when clearly something bigger than BlackBerry shortcomings is at play. BlackBerry needs to focus elsewhere. There are plenty of customers elsewhere in the world who don't need the NSA in their day to day lives.

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BlackBerry can't survive without USA regulated markets and existing enterprise agreements.

Poetry in Motion

Happy for my US brethren on Sprint. Hey Sprint!! Don't be so late in future. AT&T, get your crap together!

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I'm on T-MOBILE & just used Sachesi for the 1st time on my Mac to get this os which is because I couldn't find a method for 2947 or 10.3 for my Q10 & see no changes compared to my official update for 2228 I got OTA a week & a few days ago

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Let me know what you guys think of this idea?

Should we tweet email call and bug the crop out of AT&T to release the update.

Should we show the power and unity of blackberry folks?

www.apktrain.com for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

I would try creating a new thread if you want people to jump on board. Show the email, and a sample tweet they could just copy and paste. Leave the phone number to, and anyone who is with AT&T should call because they keep logs of all the calls and what they pertain too.


I think they just miss worded the time frame for AT&T, Not Feb 10th.......April 10th :)......wishful thinking still?! Wow I hate AT&T's service to their blackberry customers.

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No word and none expected anytime soon from AT&T. BB's Chen should be taking a hard look at eliminating carrier dependence for update distribution - BlackBerry should release direct to consumers.

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Wow. How's that for all those trolls hating on Sprint? Out before AT&T. As nice as it is, still took too damn long. Lol

I'm running a sideloaded 10.2.1 and mine from Sprint (.2674) is still 836 MB. Good grief.

emPowered by 

For once Sprint wasn't last! Just finally got a wifi signal to install it while at work. Heading home to pimp my 'Berry!!!

Post by 9of13's Q

Wow I had the leak loaded and come to find out i got the update from sprint.

Wow amazing so now what

How does it differ from 1935 leak I think was what I had before loaded in January

This is why I left Sprint last year. They suck donkey balls! They do what they want when they want

Posted with none other than the Zed 10

As opposed to all other carriers?

The point here should be, like others already said at least Sprint isn't last! Since last night they certainly earned some of my respect back. Update got pushed to me, all I had to do this morning was to restart. So far all goes smooth. Was on a leak before.

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Still on 10.1 at at&t. So awesome as they do anything they can to destroy blackberry. I remember with the 9900 release at&t blocked nfc capability.

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Wow what a pathetic and unnecessary delay. Hope they get their priorities in order. Don't want to be the next tmo...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

If I was a conspiracy theorist I might be thinking apple and Samsung are paying carriers to hold out on delivering these great updates as long as possible so American blackberry users will frustrated enough to make the switch.....
If you can buy a politician and judge down there, why not a cell phone carrier?

Happy to be a Canadian z10 owner.

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Nahhh. You can't buy a politician down here. Quid pro quo corruption, which appears to now be the ONLY form of recognized corruption, is illegal. But the ingratiation and access that monetary donations engender are, according to 5 of 9 Supreme Court justices, NOT corruption.

Boy, if I was holding out for AT&T, I might have stopped using my phone.

Thanks to the almighty leak gawds who keep me from jumping ship.

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Although nice to see for the BlackBerry Faithful in the US, it really highlights the US carriers on going commitment to the demise of BlackBerry. The rest if the world has had 10.2.1 for a long time now. The damage to BlackBerry in the US is complete. BlackBerry needs to focus on the rest of the world and find its niche. It's too bad, because the z30 on 10.2.1 is a very nice experience.

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It's not that US carriers hates BlackBerry. It's a matter of marketing strategy and planned obsolescence.

By releasing the update, they are giving new life to an old phone. One or two years more.
This is not a good thing for US carriers. They rely on new phones to get profit from new contracts and renewals.

Ever wonder why at&t hold the iPhone exclusivity for so many years? How many millions (or billions) they get from it?

An updated phone means no new contract, no renewal, no new customer, no new money.
That's it!

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Unfortunate that such good products with such power and so much potential don't get more recognition. It's like a trend nowadays where people love to tear each other down instead of uplifting each other, I guess it makes them feel better about themselves.

I just can't understand why having more choices is such a bad thing. Carriers are manipulators for not encouraging more options to better serve their customers. I just don't get it, shame on them.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Convenient how this comes shortly after blackberry kicked t-mobile to the curb. Maybe sprint wants to try and create a more favorable able environment for BlackBerry customers. Who knows... either way, I'm happy they finally got 10.2. I already switched my wife from t-mobile to sprint, and I have a q10 on the way so I can switch as soon as it gets here.

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I don't want to sound like an idiot but I just downloaded .2947 on my Q10 less than 5 days ago. Is it worth it to wipe my device, start over from scratch just to get the "Offical"? Anyone who's coming from a Leak to this version please advise.... oh yeah I had .19xx running on my last Q10 but suddenly I couldn't connect to my laptop. After 1 month of I trying I took it back and got a refurbished one. Now my signal crappy, even after the update. I need a better radio I guess.

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You don't have to wipe your device. I sideloaded 10.2.1 on my Sprint Q10 and had the notification of an OS update waiting for me when I woke up this morning. You shouldn't have to wipe your device as it should just overwrite the system files. Backup as always - this should be done regardless of updates. So yes, it is worth it. Having an official release from your carrier - though for the most part probably doesn't matter - helps ensure your device is working with the network as best it can. For me, my update was over 800 mb plus an additional 6 mb for applications after reboot. I don't see any Sprint branded apps after the update.

Doesn't matter. I went into a Sprint store and the sales guy didn't even know how to use the only BlackBerry model they had there - the Q10. Said he hasn't even sold one. I actually had to show the guy how to use it. He was impressed with all the features, but BlackBerry has to do something about educating the sales force that actually sale their products. I just happened to know what I want it, but if I would have let the sales staff influence my decision, I would have bought whatever is the heaviest advertised. Like the Galaxy S4 or some type of an iPhone. I love the Q10 and the BlackBerry OS10, but few will ever know how good it is, if they don't have somebody showing them how it works.

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"some type of an iPhone" lol

You're right, John Chen has a lot to do. Those people like us knowing what they want are not gonna save BlackBerry.

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I used to think Americans always get the best. That's been proven a myth. Asians are ahead of the curve and most of us don't even know it.

I'm on AT&T here in USA and still no update. I've tweeted to their customer service, but only got aggressive response to check some vague Web page for updates.

I'm disappointed in AT&T.

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I've finished my update and discovered an odd problem. The CrackBerry site crashes my browser every time. I tried a handful of other sites and it works fine. I can use CB10 but still, weird.

Sorry about the typo. My hands were wet with tears.

The update is10.2.1.2674 and is 619 MB.

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This update is Awesome! I'm very happy that the Sprint customers can finally enjoy 10.2.1, People just don't know how much they're missing out on seeing the growth of the New BlackBerry 10 Operating System! It has truly been an amazing undertaking for myself, I can't wait to see future enhancements of this Operating System! Yeah BlackBerry! let's continue to show the world who started the Smartphone era!

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Annnnnd still nothing for AT&T. I don't know what I would have done without Sachesi! This kind of lag shows the scale of the problem when you give carriers the right to push out the updates.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Finally Sprint gives the update...BUT STILL NO VISUAL VOICE MAIL!!!!...can anyone shed light on this!?

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(Now) Waiting for AT&T to "officially" release BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 ---
(20 years later) Still waiting

Posted via CB10

These threads are funny people arguing about who is first. Do we get an award for being first to post? Maybe, they should give awards for who post last that way thread will never end lol!

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So that leaves AT&T coming in last place for giving their customers the update. That figures, as I always get in the slow checkout line in the stores too. :(

Bravo Sprint. You really suck. Glad I left you for VZW. Your employees weren't even sure that you still sold BlackBerrys. That's basically just spitting in our eye.

Posted via CB10

Yeah not sure if you're so glad, why all the butthurt? You sound like you mad since you left'em and now they have the update and you wish you hadn't left lol

Posted via CB10

It's about time! I have downloaded it successfully! After that 16 updates appearing in BlackBerry App World followed right after. Have a few things, I'm having issues with.

Ms. Lady P

James, where are the moderators? There's no need and no place for the type of language that has been posted at and near top of the comments (i.e., comment #1 and subcomment #6).

Finally!! I have been waiting forever.. my verizon work Q10 got it before my personal sprint Q10. Was depressing to have all the cool stuff on my work phone...

Posted via CB10

Anyone who DL the leak version from Sachesi The new released by Sprint is just as the same. But if you guys still want to update you may do so. No harm done. But darn, Sprint. FINALLY!!! Better late than never, however waiting for that long was UNACCEPTABLE.!

btw, if you have Snap App, for Candy Crush, Farm Hero and Clash of Clans fans. This game will STILL not work. FYI.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

I just downloaded and have issues with the hub. I will restart it now to verify if th problem is resolved.

God Bless You!

Come on AT&T slaves....just download the latest stable leak....I'm also on AT&T and have been rockin' the leak. It's software version No problems with both my Z10's. You don't have to wait. I was scared to do it for the longest time but then being pissed off took over....and I never looked back. So much info and how to's on these forums so there is no excuse. It's really easy and peeps here will always help and guide you if needed....just friggin' do it and be happy. Forums here take care of you, not the crappy AT&T customer service we are strapped with. Just do it.

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I think I may have bricked my z30. Was running 2102, tried to update to 2160 with sanchesi. As it was loading onto my phone I would check occasionally and the phone would tell what percentage was complete. After about 20-30 minutes I checked the phone and the percentage window was gone so I thought the download was complete. Checked my os in settings and it still showed the old os. So I tried restarting the phone. Its been 40 minutes and I still have nothing but the led light. I am still plugged in with usb to computer. I am afraid to do anything. PLEASE HELP. FYI, I couldn't figure out how to start a thread so this was the best I could do. noob.

Great update!

It's funny. All my friends make fun of me for having a blackberry. Then I show them the operating system and they're amazed. I recently tried to use my old iPhone running ios7 and it just feels like a mess. It's hard on the eyes, you can't search for anything and it's just plain slow. Never going back.

When I first installed this update, the extended search didn't include the google browser search which I love. However it suddenly reappeared - so anyone who's missing it, just wait a minute and it'll come back

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Still these are reasons why I couldn't stay with Sprint, all they do is rip You off

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

They STILL have the "Visual Voicemail" disabled! It does not appear in the Phone Settings menu. According to the BlackBerry reps I've talked to it seems that Sprint disabled this feature. And it seriously ticks me off. I used it all the time on my old Curve/Bold and suddenly disabling it for the BB10 is just dumb. (and no... I'm NOT talking about voice to text or voicemail transcriptions. I know you can pay extra for that... "Visual Voicemail" is different it used to be a free feature with the BBs and now there is no way to get the feature with the Q10 on Sprint... why?)

Posted via CB10

Congratulations! I know all the Sprinters are tired of sprinting for an update. Lol

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