Sprint Total Equipment Protection app now available

By Kerri Neill on 1 Mar 2011 09:11 am EST

Sprint TEP BlackBerrySprint TEP BlackBerry

Ever set your phone down in your house somewhere only to find that someone (of course it wasn't you) misplaced it? Or left it in that rest stop along the highway? For those of us on Sprint whom are currently enrolled in the Total Equipment Protection plan, you may want to hop on over to sprint.com/protection and check out the new free app they announced on Monday.

This app allows the user to track a misplaced phone with directions on how to get to its' location as well as sound an alarm to locate your device when it's been lost in the sofa cushion (even when the device is on vibrate or silent). You can even remotely lock your device or erase all your contacts (your info is synced wirelessly & can be restored later or transferred to a new device) all from your computer. For more information and download head to the link below.

More information/download of Sprint TEP app for BlackBerry

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Sprint Total Equipment Protection app now available


This is a really great app...and it's absolutely FREE! The interface is super, and you don't have to be a wiz kid to set up and use it. Kudos to Sprint and Asurian. So, if you have a Sprint smartphone, don't pay for a security app. GET THIS!

I call shenanigans on this app! This SOUNDS like a good idea at first, but with all of the negative changes Sprint has made lately, I wouldn't be surprised if this app was really just a cover for them to be able to deny insurance claims! Imagine the look on the customers face when they call Sprint to make an insurance claim for a lost or stolen phone, then Sprint says "according to the GPS the phone is in your house, go find it!!" Haha

unless your "house" just happens to be an apartment and the whole complex shares the same address and one of your 3000 neighbors stole it or you dropped the phone and lost it... the GPS would still show your address. A lost phone, even if its lost on your property, is still lost (dog grabbed it and buried it with his bone?) All I'm saying is imagine if you dropped the phone in your apartments parking lot, someone grabbed it, you make an insurance claim and it gets denied because they show the GPS location as your address and accuse you of lying and trying to swindle a new phone. I'd be pissed!

Hmph...no thanks to the people who sent this in? I couldn't have been the only person that tweeted this good news to @crackberry yesterday...

I'm a Sprint user and actually received the info Monday morning via a text message prior to it hitting the Twitter world. Some have even reported the app being available in App World a week or so ago. If you sent in an email or tweet, thanks for looking out!

Have TEP to activate the app.I have had the app for over 2 weeks and cb found out about it on monday?it was in bb app world.

BB 8530 (o/s Win7 SP1: Carrier: Sprint
After 4 calls and 2 disconnects, finally talked to a BB tech. App loaded fine on the BB, but I got an error msg on the 'location check' (gps) tab on computer (www.sprint.com/protection) where your device is supposed to be located on a map: "Sorry, Bing map currently unavailable. Reason: VEMap is undefined" Tech said it displayed ok on her screen. Tech didn't know what the issue was and I don't have MS Bing as the default searach engine (google). I don't know if that was it or not, but finally just deleted the app from my phone. Sounds like everyone else is ok :-((