Sprint takes device security to a whole new level with latest comprehensive package

By Derek Kessler on 19 May 2014 10:18 am EDT

Sprint has a new protection plan for both your phone and the data on it. Dubbed "Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus", the plan costs $13-a-month-per-device and adds data security, automatic media backups, and personalized tech support on top of the existing damage, loss, and theft insurance that is part of the standard $11-a-month Total Equipment Protection package.

The Sprint Protect app is part of the TEP Plus add-on, and it's powered by long-time device insurer Asurion. Here's a list of what's included with the app, though it's worth noting that not all features will be available on all platforms, depending on the capabilities and permissions of the operating system.

  • Automatically back up and secure data
  • Identify threats with built-in antivirus and privacy protection
  • Access monitoring and optimization tools to maximize battery life and improve a phone's overall performance (Android only)
  • Remotely find a phone from the secure web portal using GPS or lock and erase personal information from a missing phone (lock is Android only)
  • Provide one-click direct access to a tech expert for premium support to address any smartphone issue

That's all in addition to the next-day loss, theft, damage, and malfunction replacement offered by the standard TEP plan.

It's worth noting that many manufacturers cover a lot of those bases, particularly with services like Find my iPhone, Android Device Manager, BlackBerry Protect, and Windows Phone's "find my phone" feature. And virus protection, while something that makes the news all too often, is hardly a concern for the overwhelmingly vast majority of smartphone users.

But, if that sort of thing appeals to your needs and desires for deeper and more comprehensive protection on all levels, Sprint now offers it. Is anybody interested in this sort of everything-on-your-phone-and-the-phone-itself protection from your carrier?

Source: Sprint

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Sprint takes device security to a whole new level with latest comprehensive package


Just reminds me of how BlackBerry has neutered what was once a great functional app in BlackBerry Protect. Now on BB10, it's just not even close to what it is on BBOS.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Yes. Unfortunately with the new company focus, it may be a while till we see resources redirected to help develop BlackBerry Protect.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I should think it's the exact opposite. Business needs their phones/data protected which BlackBerry excels at.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLEFIED! ™


As mentioned in many forums sprint doesn't properly unlock the BlackBerry Q10 for international use, EVEN though they claim it does!!

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Now of it included ultra high speed encrypted data transfer to and from the Web browser they could win me back but till then I'll stick with T-Mobile they at least sold me the Z 10 unfortunately a vast majority of their towers are slow in the rural areas. Hopefully that will change by the end of the year as they promised.

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Are these apps available for the Q10?

Posted by twiddling my thumbs on the mighty Qued! - Channel C003DAB77

Sprint's TEP app is Android based. Don't know why this is being reported on CrackBerry anyway.

CB, I see what you did there in the 4 paragraph when listing phone protecting apps... BlackBerry came 3rd in your list...

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I have a case for my phone, keep it close, and generally manage to avoid damage. If you break it, lose it etc., suck it up.

Backup and encryption of data, I can do myself. BB Protect does the rest.

If you add up the cost over the duration of the plan, you are close to being able to buy another one (at the reduced price when the phone is already no more the latest one after a while).

Any input?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I would never pay money for it. I don't like the idea of all my data being saved on some could that I don't know who has access to. People pay more when they don't much about tech. I have insurance on my device for free on my credit card and I back up my device myself. Not only that blackberry protect is free.

Posted via Q10 a device that doesn't bleed personal information