Sprint set to launch One Up early upgrade program

By Adam Zeis on 16 Sep 2013 10:55 am EDT

Weeks after T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T fired up their early upgrade programs for smartphones it looks like Sprint is getting into the game as well, however late they may be. According to CNET Sprint is gearing up to launch "Sprint One Up" on September 20th, an early-upgrade program that will allow users to pay for devices in monthly installments with trade-in upgrades coming after one year.

The plan works much the same way as Jump, NEXT and Edge from the other three major carriers in that you can buy a new device on an installment plan and then, if you choose, trade in the device after one year for a new device. One Up will be available with the Unlimited, My Way or All-In plans on Sprint and offers a $15 discount on plans. 

The offer is available to new customers as well as current, though current users will have to trade in their working devices unless they are already eligible for an upgrade. The offer won't apply to Sprint prepaid users.

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Sprint set to launch One Up early upgrade program


I'm not a fan of upgrade programs myself. Customers always seem to get the short end of the stick.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

I'm reserving my judgment until the actual announcement. Edge and NEXT both have been proven by multiple source to be a terrible deal for consumers. Jump's numbers do look better and is so far, in my opinion, the only program worth investing in if you're interested in these early upgrade programs.

If it pans out where you are part of the program, can bring your own phone, and still get the discount; or you're part of the program, keep your phone after 24 months, and still get the discount then I'm intrigued and will more than likely join it. If the discount is only when financing phones then it's the same as NEXT and Edge.

I agree...I'll wait and dissect this when I get to read all the rules and conditions...if it pans out then this could be good. Discounts are nice but at what cost in the long run?

Don't bother just buy the phone normally and upgrade when you want paying cash. Sell your old one or keep it. Screw the upgrade program.


My problem with that is paying the contract price with a subsidy without getting the subsidy...why let them rip you off twice?

Once again Sprint is late to the table. Well, at least they got there.

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The ONLY plus I see to this is that Sprint will now be selling a lot of refurbished phones on their website that will still be pretty new (only a year old) and (usually) a lot cheaper...if you are looking for a deal and ok with last years model then this could work out for you in a totally different way than they may have expected...this seems good for a lot of android people since they update phones every other week and the specs and the ability to update to the latest OS should still be pretty much on par with what is/could be out there.

Sprint already did this years ago, but it was more of a loyalty thing then a perk. I had it for awhile until the did away with it... miss my yearly upgrades but also not willing to pay more $/mo just so I can upgrade.. had my account for a little over 10 years.. should just get better deals because I've been with them so long hahahah

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YUP!! I was a Sprint "Premier" member myself for the many years I have given them my money...so this is very similar to that in some ways.

Luckily, I am Canadian. That means I get my choice of three, count 'em, THREE carriers. All of whom give me the most expensive choice of plans available. None of them have these trade in features. Lucky for me because I like paying this much for older stuff. Thanks for the stinky deal TELUS, and for your crappy app that doesn't even work properly. Also your customer support is terrible, but that's OK because I would rather spend my day talking to a machine and waiting in line. Customer service? Trade in programs? Who needs em!

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I'd do it for a Q or the Z30 if the conditions were right. Tired of this Android phone. Too slow, I need flow. Sounds like a good marketing point. Might have to change my signature in the forums to that.

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