Sprint rumored to offer an all-touch BlackBerry 10 device this year, but not the Z10

The first all-touch BlackBerry 10 device will be landing on Sprint in the second half of this year, according to an anonymous source. 

BlackBerry 10 on Sprint
By Simon Sage on 11 Mar 2013 05:44 pm EDT

Folks have been making a lot of noise about Sprint getting the BlackBerry Q10, but not the Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 still isn't headed to Sprint, but some other mysterious all-touch BlackBerry will be coming their way in the second half of the year according to an anonymous source. 

There aren't any device details beyond that, unfortunately. The only real possibility that we've heard of so far is the Aristo, but it was looking like that was going to be for GSM carriers, not CDMA. Besides, it's still a long ways out before any of this talk materializes into anything substantial - who knows how many other BlackBerry devices we may catch glimpses of before next Christmas.  

Sprint customers, what would you like to see from their first all-touch BlackBerry 10 device? Anyone taking bets that it's the Aristo, or will we see something else altogether? 

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Sprint rumored to offer an all-touch BlackBerry 10 device this year, but not the Z10


if Sprint has a backdoor deal for an exclusive Aristo, i'm jumpin' on it!!! that's what i've been holding out for,,, they've been saying "Z" may-june,,, maybe they mean "A",,, now this could be classified as a "big announcement",,,2nd...

OMG!.. Let Aristo rumors begin :) Can't wait to experience BB10 on a larger screen and faster processor with a huge battery..

I doubt it will be Aristo. If anything, I will be a lower end model because Sprint doesn't want to cannibalize iPhone sales.

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No, Heins said no low end model this year. The Z10 which is now their high end phone will be superceded later this year by a higher end phone (Aristo?) that Heins said is already in the (BlackBerry) hardware development labs. So it us well underway. That will push Z10 down to mid tier, so by the end of this year they should have high and mid range phones selling in market. I believe low end next year will be Z10 as the next high end phone supercedes the Aristo. Speculation of course. That way BB7 phones and the stream of fees they bring in will fade slowly over the time frame required for all that to happen rather than being replaced by a designed low end phone.
From my lovely quick powerful fun Z10

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I hate to say it ... but too late for me. I already jumped ship and got an LG Optimus G. I just couldn't hold on to my 8530 any longer. As soon as the "no Z10" news hit, I had to switch. :(

The Optimus G is a great performing device with a full ecosystem, amazing hardware, and better than Z10 battery life. I can't think of any reason why you would be sorry for making the switch.

In my opinion, you can't get much better than the Optimus G if you're a sprint customer. I do like my Nexus 4 a bit more than my Optimus G, but that's not a option for sprint.

Damn... I can't be upgrading devices every 6 months... I will feel horrible if they release the Aristo.

Thats more likely than most of the nonsense i'm reading here. It would make sense for BlackBerry to launch an entry level BB10. On that can be set around 99.99-149.99

Im pretty sure BBRY already stated that it would be middle tier devices to come out later this year. Z10/Q10 are the top tiers. They wont be developing any lower tiers yet as the legacy OS phones still sell very well. Here in the UK they had an amazing sell out during xmas time. Both for personal and business users.

At least we know it will have standard HD screen resolution.
"(...) which is slightly different than the resolution that future full-touch devices will use (720 x 1280)."
- BlackBerry Cascades documentation

Exactly! Screw sprint! They're just trying to appease their angry BB customers with a rumor. Dont but their crap, make sprint pay for "knowing what their customers want" and only offering you the Q10 by switching to another carrier.

I didn't even think about that at all... But it makes sense that they'd leak such a rumor considering the backlash they're gonna get or have been getting from BB fans

Was it Sprint that leaked it? I doubt they're overly concerned with backlash. They didn't carry the iPhone for years and managed to stay in business. Especially if they're getting BB10 2.0 for themselves.

Okay, am I the only one that's thinking maybe it's the 1st bb10 second generation playbook that they might be getting and not a handset? They did make sure to say more bb10 DEVICES not handsets were in the pipeline for this year. That's what I'm putting my money on. They were supposed to get the 1st playbook with wimax anyway so it makes the most sense to me.

I doubt it... BB10 hasnt even made it to the PlayBook yet. If you factor that in and the fact that they need a solid app store before the launch another tablet, this becomes highly unlikely. They rushed the PlayBook to stores and it wasnt received well because of it. I have a PlayBook and I love it! But I dont think we'll see a Tablet from BlackBerry anytime soon. At BEST it'll be a Christmas release date

I don't know about this....I mean I was all prepared to jump ship from Sprint and now some mythical phone falls from the sky and is going to land at Sprint. I don't want some mid-tier or lower-tier BB device. I want top of the line. I guess I will give Sprint a little more time, but they better come through big time!!!!

I hope this will be a lower tier device. I bought the Z10 for a reason, not for it to be obsolete by the end of the year...

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No way will it be a new flagship device. My guess would be an entry or mid level all-touch device. BBRY is missing those right now and it's a market segment that needs to be addressed.

No you don't... And if you did they wouldn't tell you anything. Companies have gag orders for their employees. I doubt you're worth millions in lawsuits simply to appease your curiosity

They do have gag orders. But they have many test phones developers who are to keep the phone a secret but they are carrying it around. It rings they pull it out and in attempting to hide what it is they draw your attention to it

Yeah it will be a lower end model as blackberry already is in talks for carriers or certain carriers to carry low entry level devices in some countries and even Canada and USA just like they had with curve and so forth.

Maybe it's an update torch or bold 9900?

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I'm hoping blackberry, and apple for that matter don't jump on the bigger is better bandwagon. Or at least still consider there smaller devices as flagship. I don't want a phablet in order to get top specs. Z10 is as big as they should ever get, basically the size of GS3. Galaxy s4 is now basically phablet size too. I think the trend will die down and people will realize they want something practical. Which will be Blackberry and apple, with no alternative in android left.

I compleeetely agree! Is there anything more ridiculous than pulling some phablet out of a cargo pocket and slapping it on the side of your face to take a call. I don't see why people buy these things.

Sorry, I'm not buying any of this stuff. Oh, I think they (Sprint) need to do something but I'm not up for anonymous sources today.

The day announces availability of the Z10 and the day before it becomes available for pre-order, Sprint drops a bombshell like this!

I'd never switch from T-Mobile to Sprint, but this is interesting to say the least.

People need to understand on thing. If the Z10/Q10 isn't a hit, there's little to no chance of this phone making it to the market. I would be excited to see a BIG (power not size) BlackBerry 10 product make it to the market. BlackBerry also need to focus solidly on apps and developers. If that not tackled down before this phone comes out, you're going to see the same issues Windows is having currently. I'm more inclined to side with most of you who believe these are low end products. Makes at more sense for BlackBerry to offer lower end models, like the Curve, to build up the user base of BlackBerry. THEN they can launch a SUPER flagship. Its what Samsung did with its Androids and its what will ultimately work for BlackBerry.

You need to introduce your flagship phone 1st because this is what reviewers and consumers will judge you on. Then only then you can release low end versions. Anyhow, just look at how well the Z10 has been selling globally.

Could be the rumoured larger all touch screen to compete directly with the galaxy note. Blackberry is rumoured to be working on that device for around a september release

Interesting. There was talk of a lower priced flat screen coming out later this year. Either way Sprint will lose a lot of customers once the Z10 launches in the USA.

Well now...Sprint may not let me down after all. Although I want a Q10, my better half currently desires an all touch screen phone. So if they offer something on par with the Z10, I would call that a Win.

Some kind of coincidence. AT&T announced their presale starting tomorrow and out of the blue some mysterious all touch BlackBerry is coming to Sprint later according to an anonymous source. Sprint, get the hell outta here with that crap. Here is a fact: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are all prepping their launch of the Z10. Sprint is not. Why couldn't this have been stated before? Where the hell is that Sprint spokesperson Mark Elliot?

Finally we can move on from the Z10. I mean no disrespect to the Z10, but as most of us knew, it was meant to be an appetizer. We need to start getting ready for the Aristo because it WILL BE THE ULTIMATE BB10 MACHINE.

If it's something better than the Z10 or the Q10, I'm in...otherwise I will get the Q10 and staying with Sprint. Their prices are hard to beat. My 9650 is still working fine, a little slow but the Calendar and Phone which are most important for me, work great.

Sprint's unlimited plan is very hard to beat. I've got two line and my bills hasn't been more that $155 in two years. I stream NF, txt more that talk on the phone and the every time I shop around at VZ, ATT and TMO the current prices keep me at Sprint.

to bad i am not waiting for this "mythical" phone to show up. a rumor from Sprint means nothing when the other big 3 are dropping the Z10 in less than 3 weeks.

This "rumor" is designed for one purpose....to keep a mass exodus of crackberry addicts from Sprint to other carriers who are releasing the Z10. I think it will have little impact on those who really want the Z10...they are leaving Sprint no matter what. I think it will be harder for the hardcore BB fans once the actual phone is released...they will be too enticed too leave.

I had the same suspicion. I already resolved it in my head that I am leaving Sprint and now, oh my, a new mythical phone is going to magically appear on Sprint at the end of the year that is going to be BETTER than the Z10. Is it going to ride in on a unicorn over a rainbow bridge too?!?!

Been with Sprint for years and would really like a Q10, but the temptation to have a Z10 is making my heart beat and credit card twitch. I'll be heading down to ATT just to "see", but as was mentioned in another post, Sprint's unlimited data (and 4g LTE just now cranking up in my area!) is hard to beat. I pay $290 for 5 phones all with insurance and that's awesome.

Used a Optimus G for a month before getting the Z10. Sorry it's not even close the Z10 is twice the phone with half the specs. And you must not have lte where your from. Optimus G on lte battery would die in 6 hours. Not even being used. My Z10 lasts a minimum of 10

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