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Sprint rolling out OS OTA's for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G

By Bla1ze on 22 Dec 2010 10:55 pm EST
Sprint rolling out OS OTA's for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G

Earlier today there was some information floating around about the expected release of BlackBerry 6 on Sprint for those of you making use of a BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Curve 3G devices. The information noted that starting December 22 users would be able to download BlackBerry 6 via OTA and then via desktop on December 29. Well, it appears that rollout has begun as we've had a few folks send us tips about the rollout. As you can see in the above image, the OS being delivered is so, be sure to check for updates folks if you have a Bold 9650 or Curve 3G and let us know in the comments if you're seeing it. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



I'm still waiting for my device to "link the Java files" but hey, Christmas came early for us Sprint Bold 9650 users!


Christmas Indeed and I'm so Proud of Sprint for giving this gift to 9650 users and even 9330 users who haven't waited as long. Congrats to both groups of users! You have a BlackBerry 6 official! I'm going to get this on my Bold tomorrow and see how it is. Been running the Style with .407 the last week or so and I've really been enjoying this particular build on the Style. Didn't think I'd ever get used to the keyboard on the Style now as I type this out on my Bold the keys are feeling so much smaller I am typing at a pretty decent clip though. I will have to try this out on the Bold then back to the decision of which BlackBerry to keep. Had a Tour for a year so this form factor feels like home. But idk I also feel tired of looking at the same phone. This Tour 2. Anyway let's hear some reports on this OS. Make sure yall go back in and delete the old OS if you update ota!


This is great news. Perhaps Verizon isn't too far behind.


This is def great news. Would be better if there was a Official Download link so other 9650 users can update there phones as well.


UGH, I'm using the leak on the 9650 and its saying my stuff is up to date when I look for an update. Is there a way around this?


In google search Sprint Blackberry Downloads.


I think you have to downgrade to an official OS and then upgrade from there. Wow, that's gonna suck. IOWs I don't think you can upgrade OTA from a leaked OS


You're gonna have to downgrade to the latest official Sprint 5.0 Build 1013 or something, and then do the OTA update from there.


well that sucks major balls!!! And that google search turned up a whole lot of nothing


Why don't you download to a pc and then install with bbsak? Shouldn't have to downgrade then.


How do I get a leaked OS? I'm new to blackberry and I'm learning everything from all the forum posts.


The best christmas gift from Sprint!!! Going home to update my phone!


DAMN.....! Way to go SPRINT! FIRST with 4G, & now FIRST WITH THE 6.0 UPGRADE. you are really making me a very proud customer SPRINT! :) keep up the good work.


Sprint doesn't actually have 4G.


yes it does actually, in test cities...mostly out west


Sprint and At&t have 4G in my lil podunk town called Jacksonville, Fl.


I'm pretty sure you're confused about something. At any rate it is true that 4g doesn't truly exist just yet. It is defined as 1 gb/s. Seeing as though my macbook can't come anywhere near that figure a sprint phone sure can't either.

This discussion gets tricky because of those rules the FCC just approved allowing the upper and lower class internet speeds. Money will soon make a much bigger difference in your browsing experience than it ever has before.


Upgraded my BB tonite. Still trying to figure the differnces


All we need now is theme builder to come out of beta


UMMMM yes they do. check it out .


Quick question - I went to update and it gave me a newer version of OS 5. Any idea if I have to upgrade to that OS and then check for another update to get to 6? Would it not just jump to the most recent OS?


You may need to just try again tomorrow. They may be rolling it out in waves, rather than to everyone all at once to avoid overloading the servers. That's just a guess of course.

TA Dave

I got the same message. Guess I'll try again in the AM.


Yes I had to udpate to the newer OS 5 then I was able to get OS 6. OS 6 for BB bold 9650 F'in rocks :)


I used to have a bold with verizon, I switched to sprint and I'm so glad I did this. Verizon blows like a bulemic after thanksgiving dinner. :)


I have 333. Also, never backed up os5 before installing 6 because I got a replacement phone Is there a way to get back to 5 so I can update and run the official 6?


you can downgrade through desktop manager and then you can upgrade to os6. i just finished doing that i had not kept an os5 on my computer either and desktop manager helped


Thank u!!! I'm trying that now..


I wonder if this version is as buggy as the leaked .418 for the 9700.


Now it's time the Torch got some love again... I mean, we're still in the early .3xx's... :)


anyone know if theres a way to port it to a 9630?


:( I still have my tour, hate the style, not sure if i wanna upgrade to the 9650 either. guess will have to wait... or switch service.


Downloading it now. I've never done an OS upgrade via OTA. Always done it via AppLoader or Desktop Manager. Hopefully it goes smoothly and doesn't take 3 hours. :-)


I just recently upgraded from a curve 8530 to a bold 9650 through Verizon and I'm irritated that Verizon hasn't released OS 6 yet. I am happy for you Sprint customers but I'm hoping that I can somehow access this desktop download next week. I talked to a Verizon employee whose only knowledge of OS 6 coming out officially for Verizon is Q1 2011, which can be as late as March... I feel that Verizon wants to get shafted when it comes to blackberry's, even the exclusive storm gets the short end of the stick when it comes to everything.




so glad i upgraded to the 9650 from the 8530. best decision ive ever made!


just restoring the phone as i type this. cant wait to see if this is a quality os build.


Yes Sir please let as know how it easy even if just a quick first impression then report back later as well this will be greatly appreciated.


Good news for you Sprint customers. I wonder if this will be able to be implemented into the 9700? I am tired of the buggy leaks as of late. Just downgraded to get a better version of UMA. They were terrible in the .418 and .380 leaks. Have fun and hope it is less buggy. Sometimes it is either or...even with officials. Good luck!


If you're getting tired of buggy leaks then why don't you roll back to OS5? I mean seriously? Is it that hard to do? Official or leak will always have bugs no matter what.. Just deal with it.


Another long time Sprint happy customer: Downloading right now!!!
Thank you Sprint.


Awesome. (Although this should have been rolled out 4 months ago)...


Very long download! Waiting already 45 minutes in these download.... at least I made the backup in my PC


Finally! Now I know what I'm doing this weekend besides Christmas.


Funny, I was tired of 6.0 laggyness ..

6.0.280 hybrid was the best , cuz .333 sucked major but NLG v2.2 fixed the memleak but it was getting slow after a few days with no reports and 270mb free mem weird right.

So I went to official thru my iMac at work and its so fast on 5.0 that I said forget about 6.0 till it becomes official and look at it now :)

330mb free with no shrinking either so I click the wireless update and shows up .415
im debating though .. I'm not really impressed with 6.0 on my 9650


Its worth a try on the Style is the best OS I've ever seen on a BlackBerry. I haven't come across a single bug. You can always downgrade might as well try it out can't hurt you.


Just finished my OTA upgrade, and I'm liking what I see so far. Took about 2 1/2 hours start to finish, and everything went smoothly. I've played with the Sprint Style a bit and am some what familiar with OS6, and this looks and feels just like it should. First thing I noticed is that all the apps I had installed before were still there after the update. Also some of the preinstalled apps like Pandora and Sprint TV, the icons were not correct. One thing I really like is being able to have the choice of how many rows of apps you can have on the main screen. There is only one theme delivered with the update, all the others I had were deep sixed. All my contacts and messenger settings were retained. All settings were retained, like ringtones, fonts, etc. All emails were still there. It seems snappier when switching between screens. So far I'm liking it.


And the new YouTube app is incredible, much better than any other phone I've seen.


mine just finished. took me the same amount of time. so far so good, but haven't tested everything.


Just dwnlded to my vzw storm wait I didn't...crap!


Does it have visual voice mail?


Uh...sorry. This was just posted in the thread which originally announced the OTA upgrade. Apparently, then, the OS is available on



I'm so jealous I cant even describe. WHEN WILL VERIZON DO THIS??!?


Just woke up and saw this wealth of information. Outstanding Sprint ,way to go.its truly a great time of year where miracles happen. Thanks Sprint for the Christmas present os6.0.0.415 -Derrick


This is a great Christmas present. Does anyone know if there are backup files I can remove? I went from about 280mb available to 160mb... Not sure if the OS is taking all that or if there are some backup files from doing OTA update that I could remove... Thanks!


Updated my sprint 9650....took less than an hour start to finish! Have been playing with it for a couple hours now, seems like a really stable build so far...better than .280 imo, and much much better and faster that .333


Can one of you guys please post a link that ISN'T truncated - both of these URL's that have been posted go nowhere... :(


This one should take you directly to the BlackBerry site's download page for Sprint. Just select your device, and you'll see OS6 waiting it all its glory. :)


Yep, got the whole installer coming down now just fine!


its available now at blackberrys sprints download page


Downloaded and is now updating my 9650 on Verizon.


Thanx Sprint I'll Be Waiting ....


I have Sprint Downloaded update from above url. Blackberry Desktop software updated to latest version. After unpacking the new update, desktop manager detected the update without problem. Currently installing update straight from Will let you know how it goes!


All went well and very smooth. I have 244.4mg data free after the update. Had to reset once after the initial completion of the update to get my email accounts back, other than that, no problems.

Happy so far! Thanks sprint!


Thanks again Sprint for the Christmas present. No wonder only certain phones was able to recieve the update of os it uses ALOT of phone memory. Is there anyone that lost album covers in there media files on there memory card during this update (I reinserted after the upgrade) . Still.... GOOD job SPRINT DERRICK


I hope 9300 Curve 3G owners will get some love soon :)


The update is for Curve and Bold users from what I am reading. If you go to the Blackberry Software site it shows OS6 as an option for downloading on the Curve 9300 series...


I only see 9330 Curve


Ha Ha....look at the clock


I found this last night and did the update! Merry Christmas from Sprint!


So I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade to 415 from 333 without d/manager and doing everthing from my phone??


Getting the new OS 6 for Bold 9650...VERY COOL

Waking up to a pic of your phone on the crackberry frontpage... PRICELESS



So im bout to go to sleep last nite and i see that there is an os6 upgrade for my newly acquired 3G 9330, YES!!! Needless to say i wasnt hitn the sack before i rock it. so here is wat i have seen thus far; bout 2 1/2 hrs frm start to finish. all apps stayd and most of my settings. (btw this was OTA). everything seems much snappier and of course the visuals r just STUNNING! At early glance seems as tho there is better reception where previously i had worse. browser also loads a bit quicker and now can truly be a viable option where as before the native was worthless. i cannot accurately asses battery life being that i haven't yet completed a full day but it looks promising . all my apps seem to wrk properly. One gripe , although i fixed it, was a issue with the clickable clock/manage connections button on the main screen. if i scrolled down too quickly i lost my cursor and had to go back and reclick for it to return. but this was fixed after i did two battery pulls. All in all OS6 ROOOOOOOOOOOCKS! hope this was useful for sum1. REJOICE CRACKBERRY NATION!




my 3G curve has it but i had it before the update so myb it stayed.


I downloaded the new 6.0 and installed it using my desktop software. It's like my BlackBerry underwent a transformation and is a whole new universe! VERY impressed, and I like the direction that Blackberry is headed in!!!


How bout a rollout for 8530 curve. I wanna see what all the fuss is about! I did get to upgrade to OS5.0.0.1030 don't know what the upgrade did but oh well. Maybe I just need a new phone.


I'm still getn the occasional freeze in the manage connections button on the home screen. Anyone else havn probs with that on 9330?