Sprint rolling out BIS 4.1 tomorrow?

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2011 04:29 pm EDT
Sprint BIS 4.1

We've spoke about BIS 4.1 coming to North America soon and the latest Sprint PlayBook gives us a good indication as to when. Unless plans have changed, it appears as though Sprint customers (and maybe other carriers) will be enabling BIS 4.1 tomorrow at some point. Most likely in the wee hours of the morning to limit the impact on services.  That's about it for now -- we'll just have to wait and see if they roll it out or if it's been put off for another date, which does sometimes happen.

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Sprint rolling out BIS 4.1 tomorrow?


Woot Woot. I was starting to doubt Sprint, but it seems they didn't forget about us BlackBerry users after all!

Sprint has always seemed to support Blackberry well, and I am glad to see it continue. I know that the other carriers in North America will roll it out, but hey way to go Sprint.

I am on ATT network. I have not been receiving email messages this morning. I've sent service books... They come through fine. But still no emails coming through. I'm starting to think it could be possibly related to this update?! I don't know. Anyone else?

I'm getting the same error message too and these are lil sentence or two text only emails like from ESPN news alerts which is what I have to resort to cause Sprint is making the sender pay for text messages earlier this year.

T-Mobile USA here: I'm also getting "message truncated due to size" on all of the emails I'm receiving, no matter how small.

2011-OCT-08, Carrier=Verizon, phone=9850

Turned on mobile this morning and found that e-mails sent to/from my 9850 via BIS for either/both Hotmail and MSN all show same error message "Message truncated due to size". Further, see same issue with another POP3 account (unrelated webmail service set up through major domain provider).

File Size:

Problem is NOT a file size issue - many of these e-mails are simple text files and even the largest messages (full html with attachments) are well under all BIS limits. Also, I have directly viewed all e-mails and confirmed file sizes directly at the respective web-mail applications without issue. Further, I have sent small test messages to/from phone and still recieve same error message.

Seem to recall other RIM users on other carriers having this sort of issue over last month, first time I've seen this on my Verizon 9850.

A) Not seeing this problem with BES account - it is functioning normally.
B) After checking all of my BIS linked e-mail accounts, interested to discover that only ONE seems to be functioning OK and it is the carrier e-mail, i.e., VZW bb e-mail "...vzw.blackberry.net". < Interesting, eh? >

Would like to see if anyone else obtains same result (i.e., no error message) when using your carrier issued xxx.blackberry.net e-mail address.

RIM 9850 (current)
Recent primary RIM devices: RIM 9550, 9530, 8830.

"Back in the day"...Motorola Star Tac

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I'm on Rogers, and definitely an issue with this BIS update! All emails I receive today, even a one-word email I sent to myself, show "Message truncated due to size"

I am on verizon and just deleted my aol and earthlink emails account and restarted blackberry. Than i send service books and setup emails again. As soon as I finished I received emails from september 14 on aol and earthlink. Not sure if BIS was update or not because can't check BIS version and can't check how big emails can receive because don't have access to computer now to send big file.

Anyone know when BIS 4.1 will come to Southeast Asia? I'm in Indonesia but I've received nothing as of yet. Also, is there any way to check the BIS version on 9800?

yes it should, asia pacific is the first region to have the BIS 4.1 implemented since 2 weeks ago, and you dont need to worry bout that, it's there for you.

Canadians & Americans, are you guys still experiencing problems with your BIS emails so far?

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally have been waiting seems dam silly that we didnt get it sooner even though we border the might rim nation. ( Canada not included )