Sprint Roadmap Shows BlackBerry Niagara For Q3!

By Bla1ze on 17 Mar 2009 09:17 am EDT
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Ahh, these are the times that make bringing you all BlackBerry news and rumors so great! As you can all see from the picture above, we have a possible outlook on when and where we will see the BlackBerry Niagara (9630) appear. While this roadmap seems a little old at this point considering the Palm Pre is still listed under its "codename" of the P100, it has so far proven correct as Sprint launched the Palm Treo Pro just the other day. Can ya feel it all you CDMA folks? Soo close, yet so far away.

This roadmap also raises the question of when Verizon will see the Niagara turn up on their list of available devices, considering how much time and effort was put into advertising the Storm, do ya's think we'll see the same effort put forward for the Niagara at some point from Verizon or does Sprint have this one locked up due to the fact Verizon put all their eggs in the Storm basket? My gut says we'll see the Niagara eventually rollout to every carrier currently selling the 8830. Guess we'll just have to stick around and see what the outcome is. All I know for sure is RIM is gonna bankrupt me with all these sexy new devices, not to mention Rogers, Bell and Telus are gonna own my sorry butt for life!

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Sprint Roadmap Shows BlackBerry Niagara For Q3!


Personally, I'm hoping it's sooner than that, I'd really like to get a new BB this summer. I can't believe how long it's been between new BB's for Sprint (not counting the 8350i, which is really just a Curve with a different radio).


It better not hit Sprint before Verizon . . . I'm about to throw this Storm 9530 out the damn window. Hopefully we see some Verizon data drop soon! How accurate is this roadmap supposed to be? How come we haven't seen a Verizon roadmap drop yet? Thanks! Cheers!

Verizon has had a new BB much more recently than Sprint, I don't want to hear it. Verizon got the Storm, AT&T got the Bold, and T-Mobile got the Flip and the 8900 Curve. It's Sprint's turn for a new BB (though honestly, I bet Verizon will get the 9630 before Sprint). Mind, if Verizon didn't cripple their phones functionality, I'd might be using them...


Yeah, Verizon really deserves to get a new BlackBerry before Sprint...NOT.

Sorry you hate your Storm. Can't say I blame you, but get in line. Sprint is next

wow, a ton of info in that link. its nice to get a little glimpse into my carriers playbook. i feel like the patriots.

Sorry folks.. but since VZW is the largest RIM provider in the WORLD... YES the WORLD.. we will be getting a lot of exclusives. look for the 9630 in May/June on VZW

I'm curious as to who is actually getting the Niagra sooner. I don't care who deserves it more, I'd like some facts. Does the release of the Sprint Roadmap necessarily mean they will get it before Verizon? All I have read has said Verizon is getting it first. It's not contest, I think everyone would just like to know fact. If anyone has any facts they can share about which carrier is getting it sooner that would be greatly appreciated.


I was so hoping Verizon would be on the ball with the 9630, but this gives me less hope. I've been really happy with Verizon as a carrier, but so disappointed that the only step up from the 8830WE is the Storm while all these other juicy devices are rolling out. I played with a friend's Storm the other day and was not entirely wow'ed. Appealing, but not enough to make me run down to the store. Still, I hope that the 9630 comes out in time for my new every two.

no, there is a back-order on the curve for some sprint stores so to make things easier sprint took it off the website temp...

My Reliable Source told me that Your Reliable Source has Unreliable Information. The only Reliable Reliability is when it's in my hands.

Maybe true but Vzw will have it shortly and Sprint may not even be around that long if they continue to loose customers the way they are 2.5 million here 2.5 million there.