Sprint reportedly preparing bid to purchase T-Mobile

By Bla1ze on 13 Dec 2013 04:56 pm EST

If you're a Sprint or T-Mobile customer there's an interesting new rumor coming from The Wall Street Journal today that might be of concern you. According to people familiar with the matter, Sprint is reportedly preparing a bid to purchase T-Mobile in the first half of 2014.

Sprint is studying regulatory concerns and could launch a bid in the first half of next year, the people said. A deal could be worth more than $20 billion, depending on the size of any stake in T-Mobile that Sprint tries to buy.

It’s noted that at this point, Sprint hasn't yet decided whether to move ahead with a bid but if they did, that would bring the third and fourth largest U.S. carriers together in an effort to take on the likes of AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Assuming a bid is placed, it's highly expected to face criticism from antitrust officials and the the Justice Department who only two years ago denied AT&T's offer of $39 billion offer to buy T-Mobile. 

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Sprint reportedly preparing bid to purchase T-Mobile


Now I'm just a little bit worried.

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umm…what?? let's mix apples and oranges technologies, shall we.

oh, btw, first…?

Oh come on. Lay off quick. He is a bit clueless. He still thinks altering his screen are with such things like a 3 as an E. Which is almost..nope. It is more annoying than Firsters.

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Oh, yeah, future of humanity, only God can fix that....

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I always enjoy a post where Quickie and Trance comment on!Makes it so interesting!

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Well you are right about the Apples and oranges at least. 2 different technologies. Hell let's bring iDEN back too while we are at it lol.

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Ya know, it didn't make any sense to me at 1st. Mostly due to the different technologies at play here. CDMA and GSM. But then I remembered that a lot of Sprint phones are indeed world phones. Like mine is. So if this happened from my perspective as a Sprint customer couldn't Sprint just push an update to all their world phones to allow Sprint to utilize T Mobile GSM HSPA+ towers as well as Sprint EV-DO?

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Yes! Their services is terribleeeee. And on top of that we don't want contracts!!!! That's y were on tmobile

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I would like to see that happen although I'm on Verizon but maybe that will help bring back unlimited data to all carriers somehow.

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Better than the original buyout deal with AT&T, but any time you reduce the number of competitors, it hurts the customer.

I doubt a problem would happen.. att and tmo didn't work because they both gsm.. if sprint bug tmo... that's like merging 2 different companies... gsm cdma

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No! I left sprint for Tmo! Everyone just needs to stop trying to buy them. We are all happier this way.

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You and me both. Sprint was horrible, got better and then got horrible again in the 10+ years I was with them. TMO, by comparison, has been excellent.

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I almost left Tmo for verizon today just for the Z30 but it cost to be the boss over there. No thanks. I've decided to stick with my Z10 and unlimited errrrthang for now....

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You can use the vzw z30 on Tmo.. that's what I'm doing. Just no lte

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I made a trip into a verizon store to see if they had a working floor model. They tried to get me to switch and it was so tempting but I also work for T-Mo. Not switching!

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How ironic! I left T-Mo for Sprint in August 2011 precisely to avoid the AT&T merger. I returned to T-Mo at the end of May of this year and have been very happy to be back. Much better network locally, better customer service, and big savings on the fam's phone/data service. I hope that's not impacted if this merger is allowed. Hopefully it'll meet the same fate as the last attempted merger.

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You are absolutely right. Many customers did leave T-Mo and have recently been coming back. No one likes contracts anymore and T-Mobile is coming out with more un-carrier stuff in the near future. Now we just need that 10.2 update and the Z30.

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Have you checked kogan.com ? Aussie. Bought my
Z10 there. Do stock Z30s, too, and ship to US. Just check model for carrier compatibility. I find it silly not to buy phones outright, contracts are so expensive, if you do the numbers.

Boost Mobile Australia (operated by Telstra) gives me UNLTD text, talk and 3GB data on 3G per month on a 30 day basis. Only $40

Optus offers "$2 a day" unlimited txt, talk and unlimited data on 3G OR up to 1GB per day on 4G!
That's $60 a month. And on the unlikely day you keep your phone switched off, you pay zero, zilch.

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I'm running leaked 10.2 and have been perfectly happy with it as I haven't needed the wifi calling that I had to sacrifice for the latest OS.

Say, if you work for T-Mo would you happen to know which radio file is necessary for wifi calling on Q10 running (or know someone who does)?

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The crazy thing is that way before I got an update for wi fi calling..I was already able to do it on the Q10. Good question though. I'll find out.

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The leaked version works for you? I've tried and it seems fine at first but I'm missing some of the basic apps like Photos. Its nowhere on screen. I'll try your version.

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NOOOOOOOOOO. Please don't let them!!! Sprint is the worst carrier by far and the most expensive one.

Oh hell naw! I dumped Sprint after more than a decade to jump on the T-Mobile bandwagon. I'll visit local furniture stores and flip over large marble tables in revolt!!!!

I'm from Canada but I use a tmo sim when I travel to the US. They've been great whenever I have issues, very helpful and the pay as you go no contract option is sweet.

Hope Sprint doesn't mess with that!

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I left T-Mo for Sprint almost 3 years ago and haven't looked back. I've never had an issue with sprint (except for their phone selection) unlike with my last year with T-mo. I was with T-mo since they were Omnipoint here in NY. As far as pricing, I pay a little less and get better service with Sprint. It wouldn't surprise me if this goes through. Sprint was able to buy Nextel (two different techs) and worked its way into one company. The ATT/T-Mo deal got shot down because it woulve basically created a GSM monopoly. This deal wouldn't be an issue and would help both comapnies against ATT and Verizon. As far as customers choices of carriers, these are only the top 4 in the US. There's still other smaller companies to choose from (Cricket, Simple, etc). And BTW, Sprint DOES have no contract plans-Its called Boost Mobile.

Boost mobile is pre-paid service which takes away some of the perks that T-mobiles no contract plans offer... Very different animals! oh and T-Mobile also has a pre-paid sector which is exactly the same as Sprints Boost mobile sector.

Yep. If this goes thru let's face reality...75% or more of the Uncarrier Tmo stuff goes out the window not just because of Sprint's BS but because together combined they will have less of a need to be a "good guy" choice.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

We'll have to wait and see. None of us are in a position to "face reality" and predict with certainty what Sprint will do. Lets let the deal happen first, then we'll see what happens. lol, if it just so happens to be that they do acquire T-mo and stir the pot by switching up what T-Mobile customers are used to then they'll lose me and many others as customers. For now, I wont lose sleep over a rumor :)

We have a dreadful DUOPOLY of Telstra (Telecom Australia, the "national" carrier), and Optus, which is Singtel (Singapore). Vodafone is only a small player, with some of their own network and apparently hiring towers from others.

Then there is a multitude of VMNOs (Virtual Mobile Network Operators), which are basically just resellers of the two and a half physical networks. Boost, Dodo, Virgin, Lyca, amaysim,

Competition kind of suffers, and I guess it's a vast country with comparatively only a small population, which might only support two networks and some artificial VMNO competition.

But for the US? Ten times the population on a "slightly" larger area, more fertile land and a lot less uninhabitable desert?

Going from four to three main carriers? Bad, bad news on the pricing front, coverage on the merged one might be a different story.

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One way to get rid of a good competitor is to buy them out. I'm sure that's Sprint's motivation, to take out TMO.

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Nooo. tmobile has great service (at least in my area) and really cheap prices. They're doing great ever since they switched to no contract and monthly payments on phones all the other carriers have been forced to change their plans as well. We need more competition not companies merging.

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It should be the other way around. TMO should look at how to take over Sprint; leaving TMO in command.

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Hello sprint, remember Nextel? The two networks (Sprint & T-Mo) are different! Why bother, help me to understand this!

Spectrum is spectrum, and spectrum can be converted. Remember, T-Mobile's purchase of MetroPCS?

Plus with the entire industry largely moving towards LTE, the CDMA/GSM distinctions are going to become much less relevant.

Been with them for 13, well started with omnipoint before t-mobile bought them out...would hate to see sprint take over as u suspect they would make some drastic changes to the current plans, and not for the better.

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I left Sprint in June for T-Mobile just to get my Z10. Unless BlackBerry turns things around with US carrier support , I will be ending up with the carrier that offers the device that I choose! T-Mobile has been great so far and has a much faster network than Sprint in my area. Any carrier that abandons BlackBerry will lose my business.

This merger would be bad for consumers!


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This would be an interesting merger if true. If Voice over LTE comes sooner rather than later this could actually work, because then they wouldn't need to merge CDMA and GSM. The part that I don't like is that I think Sprint would end up undoing most of the good stuff T-Mobile has done with plans. But, who knows, maybe if they bought them Sprint would adopt the new plan structure?

I almost left Sprint for T-Mobile earlier this year but it was too expensive with 2 phones currently under contract. If Sprint adopted T-Mobiles policy of less expensive plans if you're outside of contract then I would be a happy camper with Sprint.

That is bad news. We have been satisfied with Tmo and their pricing for 10 years.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

T-Mobile would be crazy to sell out to Sprint if they could. T-Mo will be the #1 carrier in the U.S. in a few short years if they keep on doing what they're doing. They keep building their networks, they have eliminated contracts, improved their phone selection, offered up BYOD, lowered their prices, improved international rates & still have the best customer service of all the competitors. I've been with them since 2001 when it was VoiceStream (which was great too). My only complaint has been lack of phone selection in the past (except for now since they haven't given me my 10.2 update yet).

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Sprint is a joke...led by the worst CEO in history Dan Hesse. Hopefully AT&T throws a huge chunk of money at getting this merger blocked... will serve the whiney beyyacth Hesse right for crying when AT&T tried merging with Tmob.

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I must say, although I am a Canadian customer who uses Roam Mobility primarily when I am in the US, I have the odd time used TMO's prepaid plans and have been very satisfied with them.

While the word choice isn't exactly synonymous with the US wireless market, I can say that elimination of any competition of your big 4 is not a good idea. Take it from me and our situation up here with the Big 3 (Rogers, Bell, Telus), the fewer companies competing, the more convoluted and conniving the wireless scene becomes.

I look at TMO as a trailblazer of sorts with all of the latest moves they have made of late and how it is (at least appearing to be) benefiting the customer. With Sprint buying out this company, I can see all of these user friendly policies going out the door in the name of profits.

I really doubt this merger would benefit the customers in any way. All I can see this doing is creating more complacency in the US wireless market. Just remember where that $20 Billion will inevitably come from and what it will figuratively cost.

I'm not as confident this time around as I was when AT&T tried to buy TMO. This is #4 and #3 we're talking about now, which could be viewed more favorably than #1 and #4 merging.

Not gonna happen and Incidently aren't they obligated to apple for several billion for their ability to carry iphone???

Again not going to happen
Especially with the growth tmobile has experienced.

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I don't think they have the oppressive Apple contract that's shackled Verizon et al. They don't subsidize either.

Wait, so T-Mobile buys MetroPCS, and now someone will buy T-Mobile?? This is like those cartoon gags where a shark eats a fish and then a bigger shark eats that shark...

This is like the Lewis Black joke about Democrats and Republicans,
"The only thing dumber than a Democrat or a Republican is when those pricks work together. You see, in our two-party system, the Democrats are the party of no ideas and the Republicans are the party of bad ideas. It usually goes something like this. A Republican will stand up in Congress and say, 'I've got a really bad idea.' And a Democrat will immediately jump to his feet and declare, 'And I can make it sh*ttier.'"

Sprint was bought out by SoftBank and just before the acquisition, Sprint bought out Clearwire, which SoftBank wasn't too thrilled about. Along with the obligation to buy $15 billion worth of iProducts, where are they going to come up with the money?

Sounds like the AT&T merger, one time again.
The Feds are not going to go easy on this one too.

Still, if the merger/or whatever does not go forward, TM is starting to regain market share.
They are becoming a stronger competitor against ATT, VZ and Sprint.

This will never happen, The Justice Department will forever block this kinda Takeover. Telecommunications needs competition.

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Sprint sucks. Leave Tmobile alone. They are making great strides. I'm loving the plans on TMO.

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If it goes thru I may have to activate my sat phone

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I wonder how two carriers, based on different cellular technology (CDMA/GSM) will be able to combine networks. LTE should work, but what about areas without LTE?

Sprint suuuuuuuucks, I'm in Seattle and went with Sprint because they had the 9930 @ a price that I thought was good(back then), I got home and realized that I could even surf the Web while on a call. This worked for years on my 9700 on tmo, cxld immediately

Vienna's original BlackBerry Abuser.

It should be the other way around. T-Mobile, with all the new changes its done lately to shake up with wireless carrier industry, should be trying to acquire Sprint!!!

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T-Mobile's LTE and 3g coverage stinks in anything but a densely populated area. AT&T has so many dropped calls and they don't care.

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You guys really need to head over to the comments section for this article on androidcentral.com and educate yourselves

Where I live and two hours south where my family lives, Sprint is awesome. I love their service and have zero negative I can say about them, so anything that increases their bandwith gets my two thumbs up though I never cared for T-Mobile myself.

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Hell no! If I roam with them when I happen to travel to the united states at all, then it will be ruined! The same is the big three in canada are constantly trolling windmobile subscribers on their facebook pages, Telus hostile took over public mobile (CDMA like sprint, verizon) or 'reading between the lines' face losses of customers with a propaganda/slander campaign. Wind is facing the same shit because they declined the big three's offer right now and I keep reporting the trolls daily to the mods.

Mobilicity is facing the same fate. Big bullies buy the good competition out to hinder it. They also create smaller "squatter" brands for a pathetic excuse for competition, such as what rogers, Telus and bell did. (chat-R'ogers', Koodo is telus, virgin is bell). This Sucks both in canada AND the united states. :(

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First off T-mobile is in no position to buy Sprint and given what Softbank paid to get 80% of Sprint I can not see them selling to anyone. From my understanding T-Mobile did not buy MetroPCS, it was more of merger. Sprint should stay away from T-Mobile and let T-Mobile continue to convert MetroPCS towers over and if they really want T-Mobile go after them once the conversion is complete.

If Sprint is looking to spend some money in the short turn, then the best option out there is good old US Cellular and any other 2nd tier regional players they can find that will add to their coverage area. Sprint has purchase markets from US Cellular before and rumour has it that US Cellular new billing system is compatible with Sprint's system.

Sprint barely has money to finish their network and they want to buy T-mob? No way. I hope At&T throws serious opposition to this deal just like sprint opposed their merger with T-mobile.

i just dunno about these "i'm outta here", knee-jerk reactions,,, i've never understood that, whether it be over a phone , merger, etc.,,, see what happens, let it pan out,,, it could be a good thing,,, i haven't seen a crystal ball that works yet...

No thanks. Left Sprint for T-Mobile over 2 years ago and don't want back into that bone head operation. They spent years trying to roll out 4g and are only now doing it. I've been using hSPA+ which destroys sprint CDMA network and LTE since I got my Z10. Phone selection for International use is awesome to since T-Mobile is a GSM based carrier. Only way I would support this is if they ditched the Sprint network totally, and invested on spreading the T-Mobile network further. But I look at the Nextel fiasco (I was with Sprint for 10 years) and I know that company is a clown show and will just botch everything.

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As long as we truly get more bars everywhere then I'm all for it.

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Sprint has never allowed phones they don't officially sell on their network. Even way back when before digital came along. I've never understood this policy.

I remember that I tried in vain to use cdma dual band moto startac with sprint and they would not activate it even when it was fully compatible with their network.

I like Tmobile because they are by and large compatible with most phones. Just pop in a sim card and you are good to go.

I am currently using a Z30 STA-1005 from Canada and it is getting 4G LTE. Working rather happy on T-Mobile. If the deal goes thru, sprint will kill T-Mobile just like they killed Nextel.

Sprint wants to buy t-mobile so they can kill it.

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I'm TMO and love it. I hate Sprint, there service and contracts are horrible. Definitely not good news for me.

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Wow a new though just came to mind, if this happens sprint could have a superior network because it will be able to support cdma and gsm correct me if I'm wrong but there is no other providers that can do this
For all those who live outside the states one of the better known cdma is verzion which speeds need improvement in most areas but coverage is vast. Better know gsm is att whose speed is the best but lacks better coverage area. So in contrast as much as I would not like this being a t-mobile customer which is a contradiction because it will improve my service, sprint has shown no love for BlackBerry at all don't get me wrong they offer the q10 but sprint has a tendency to drag there feet for BlackBerry devices which I will never condone so cheers to the fcc tanking this purchase lol

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