Sprint releases official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

Sprint BlackBerry Tour 9630
By Bla1ze on 12 Nov 2010 02:45 am EST

BlackBerry Tour 9630 owners we've not forgotten about you, nor has Sprint. OS has gone official for your device and can now be downloaded direct from the Sprint BlackBerry download page or via OTA. We've known for a while now the update set to arrive. But no that it is here; you might as well grab the download and get updated.

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Sprint releases official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


An update for the 9630 Tour. Please let us know how this update works out and if you see any improvements. Thanks.

I wonder what the chances are of this being the last "official" update for the Tour -- Possibily even the last all together besides maybe a hybrid.

Killed this phone, mine is now a coaster for my Evo.

It was not until i switched over that I realized how important Wi-Fi was...like its a pretty needed feature.

To think VZW told me when I bought the Tour, they was phasing out all WIFI devices. They mentioned they want people to use the network.......I was appauled when the Bold came out.


Not sure why anyone would believe that wifi devices would be phased out of vzw choices. It would be like saying they are now going to phase out voice mail because they want people making more calls. Stupid.

So when I placed my order for the Tour over a yr ago, I specifically asked what devices had wifi, thats when she told me they was not going to sell anymore devices with wifi. As stupid as that sounds, who was I to argue. It meant to me that VZW wanted you to use their service. IMO I was like well that will tax the system even harder, why would you not want wifi on a device to take load off their system.

As for you comment, you kinda acting like I was lying about this.

I have no reason to lie. I so should record every conversation I have with companies.

FWIW I wont be switching from a BB anytime soon. Here is hoping for a new ground breaking device in the 1st quarter when I am do for my early upgrade.

I moved from the Storm 1 to the Tour shortly after it launched. The phone, was slow, unresponsive at times. The track back had issues, vibrate alert was week and call volume was bad. It was just a bad handset, VZW sent me four to them over 5 months before I said enough was enough. My battery life on my Droid was better than the Storm and Tour. I Moved the Droid and never regret getting out away from BB. The phone never needs rebooting and if it does it isn't 5-10 minutes.

I recently moved from VZW to T-Mo. My wife loves BB and I set up her 9700. I do agree WiFi is needed but having to use the BB Software again is just painful. I will say I am surprised at the response of the 9700 and the battery life compared to my Tour and Storm.


Thing is starting to crap out on me. C'mon Sprint, give me something torch-like or better so I'm not tempted to go Android...

The 9630 was my first Blackberry and made me a BB Believer. Best phone I've ever owned. Im sold on BB and wont own another phone beside a BB. Now I have the 9650 and son has the 9630. no issues on either. dont knock it,,,

I have had my tour for over a year and its been the greatest thing to me. No refurbished phones or nothing! I still have my original phone. I will stick here till Sprint comes out with something worth the upgrade.

Been having signal issues with my Tour. I hope this new software fixes that - rapid changes between 3 bars and no signal.

after the upgrade - looks like the browser click issue has been resolved. I'm still going to Android in the next few days since my Tour will never see 6.0 I may get a PlayBook, though...

after my "wipe" and then a fresh install of the latest release, seems i cannot open the contacts (to edit) when the contact has a email address attached to it. Anyone else having this issue?

I don't seem to have that problem. But then I didn't do a total wipe either. I just let the loader do the whole process.

One note, this is the first time I've done an OS load where it didn't seem to erase all my settings.

I'm on a Mac and was running an older version of OS 5.0. Desktop software will not recognize the available update. I tried doing OTA and the phone isnt recognizing the available update either. Anyone know how I can download this without having a PC?

i also have a mac but there was no way that i was able to put it on using my mac. i had to back up everything on my blackberry onto my mac then use a windows computer to upload the new software onto my BB Tour then restore it on my mac after the installation. hope this helps at all

There is a lag when accessing contacts.
Battery drain is almost unbearable.
Device reboots by itself.
Seems to be a memory leak because memory dwindles fast.
The signal strength fluctuates.

I will be moving back to the previous version :(

i have been having the same problems but im gona give it a chance for a day or two and see what it does. this maintenance update isnt doing what its supposed to be doing lol

Seems to be fine for me, browser is a little faster and OS seems smoother to me. Only thing is that I lost my "click" sound when moving my trackball. :(

I wiped my device with BBSAK before installing though, maybe others installed over a previous os, who knows?

Not a big difference to me, if you like an older OS better then you won't really miss anything here.

Good luck.

Although, like some of the previous comments, the OS does seem to run a bit smoother, there isn't really much of a difference.

As mentioned before, the browser click issue appears to be resolved, but I've occasionally experienced random reboots and memory leaks. As far as battery drain, I don't really know because my battery usually goes relatively fast anyway.

All in all, if you're comfortable with the previous 5.0 OS, I don't recommend upgrading until they figure out this rebooting issue. I'll probably leave this new OS on my phone though, at least through the weekend.

I haven't noticed the battery drain or reboots, but I have noticed that I can't get my phone to go into bedside mode while charging now. Other than that I really can't tell anythings different.

Any tips on getting my OTA to work? I have been dying for an OS update on my Tour FOREVER!! Hopefully this will fix my browser click issue too!!! :-S Anyway, I dont have access to a USB cable anymore (long story) so I reeaaallly need the OTA to work.. Any help??!?!

The update has been ok outside of the random rebooting. It would be nice to get a decent OS update since Tour users can't get the OS 6.

Since I've downloaded the update, I have noticed there are a few small changes. When the phone turns on or off it makes a bell like sound, which I don't recall from before. Also I've gotten a small calendar icon at the top of the home screen, alerting you that you have an appointment or date reminder. (don't recall that either) And FINALLY I don't have to click links numerous times while using the browser! Quicker? I suppose. The only pain is that since the download, my phone has rebooted by it's self twice in less then 24 hrs.(1st time was 10 minuets after the install was finished) But my phone has done that randomly as long as I've had the phone, just not as often. Over all, I can deal with this OS. I'm keeping it. :)

Anyone who does the update, what is the default font and font size? I liked the way it looked, but didn't remember what it was set to when I restored from my backup, it changed it back to what I had it set to before. It might be the same default that was in the original version, but I forget what that was. Thanks for the help.

Just thought I'd let everyone know theres some people who have been making os 6.0 hybrids for a while now. Just google "Blackberry 9630 tour 6.0 hybrids"

I get outstanding battery life. Almost 70 hours from a single charge, with heavy text useage. (100+ texts an hour. )

I take it you have an extended battery? I have done my fair share with hybrids, but it bricked my phone once and I am fine with official OS for now. But I think that I will have to call you out on that one bro.

Get a "Java.lang.NullPointerException" every time I start it, It keeps restarting, Battery life is HORRIBLE, BBM now isn't working, Prob the worst OS I've had on this tour. Just to name a few...... I wouldn't recommend it at all.