Sprint Releases 4.5 For 8130 and 8330 Devices!

By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2009 08:40 am EST
Sprint Releases 4.5 For 8130 and 8330 Devices!

While many Sprint users out there are probably saying "Finally!" as it has definitely been a long time coming, but that day is here for all those that have held out for official Sprint releases. That's right, in case some of you were still unaware of the release, Sprint has posted the official version of 4.5 OS for the 8130 and 8330 devices available for download. Sadly, and it seems like this always is the case, the 8830 was left out of this upgrade bonanza (more reason to upgrade to the 9030 when it hits!). Another bonus to come with the upgrade aside from all the normal 4.5 updates is the inclusion of MMS which Sprint seems to have finally enabled, although some users are still reporting getting red x's when sending (indicating a sending failure) so be sure to push your service books after the update.

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Sprint Releases 4.5 For 8130 and 8330 Devices!


At last Sprint supports us Crackberry Heads...Now if only we can get our cdma 9030....I will be in Sprint heaven.....

I finished installing it on my Sprint 8130 at 5pm Wed. California time and it works great.
It backed everything up first and installed everything except my “Address book” and ” Calendar”, and “Tasks”. When I open the Desktop Manager with the device pluged in, I get a message “Failed to conect to device. Please make sure that the device is properly connected and try again”.
The Desktop Manager shows my “pin number”, but when I open “backup” an ERROR: There was a communication error between the device and the Desktop Manager”. (4.7)
Any help would be appreciated; I have about 300 contacts that need to be installed in the device.
I even ununstaleed DM 4.7 and installed DM 4.6 and get the same messages.
Any ideas?

I just updated today and was SO nervious. I am a trader from Palm and now addicted to BB since May 2008. I as well was not able to get my contacts, calender, tasks, notes, etc restored. Everything else went beautifully though! I am running 4.3 Desktop Manager and did sucessfully get 4.5 OS on the berry. Can someone please help us or point us to a link that can give us the answer. I have read up and down forums and seriously cannot find the anwser. Sorry for the annoyance. Thanks much for anyone who can assist us...

I installed 4.5 last night and it seems to be working fine. My mail hasn't changed at all. I thought the 4.5 allowed HTML mail. Is that not the case. Could someone let me know? Could someone please tell me what MMS is?

I updated yesterday, resent my service books, and everything works great. No problems at all, MMS worked fine for me, i tested it 10 times with no problems. Also, no problems connecting my phone to my computer and using desktop manager either, and HTML is enabled on my email, check your settings if your having issues. No complaints here.

There appears to be a bit of a lag time when sending MMS, however the upgrade freed up a bunch of memory and the phone is lightening fast.

How is everyone doing the upgrade? I have DM 4.7 and click and click on the upgrade, it goes out checks and comes back and says I have the latest at 4.3

just to be sure. did you go to sprint's website or the link this blog and download 4.5 AND install it on ya PC? you must double click on it after you download it and install it.

Has anybody else noticed that their BB has a much longer delay before coming on after pressing a key when it is inactive after this update? Not too big a deal, but very noticeable, and a little annoying.

What about HTML email? My emails appear the same as with 4.3 and I have upgraded to 4.5. DO I have to change settings on my phone?

I have high hopes. I updated to the earlier version of 4.5 but no MMS pics msgs. This makes me happy. lol. Will check back in about half hour. i'm well into my upgrade now.

I found this info on Sprints download webpage.
Have a look see.

Software Feature Enhancement with 4.5:

* Send Multi-Media Messages (MMS) which enables sending of text messages with picture and other file attachment.
* View emails in HTML email format. Users can easily change their email format setting to HTML for emails to appear just like they do on your PC. Will work automatically for BlackBerry Internet Service customers. Requires BES 4.1, Service Pack 6 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers (verify with your company's IT department).
* Free/Busy Calendar Lookup for BlackBerry Enterprise Service customers immediately lets you know all attendee's availability. Not available to BlackBerry Internet Service customers. Requires BES 4.1, Service Pack 5 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers (verify with your company's IT department).
* Remote search for email for BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers creates more access to emails that are not stored on your device but remain stored remotely on your email server. Not available to BlackBerry Internet Service customers. Requires BES 4.1, Service Pack 5 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers (verify with your company's IT department).
* Word completion for SureType keyboards allows for faster typing on BlackBerry Pearl 8130.
* Automatically generate a music playlist with specific criteria based on artist, albums or genre.
* Video recording attachment view supported.
* Create a Voice Note and attach to an email or Multimedia Message(MMS). Or record a voice note and save for playback when needed.
* Dataviz Documents To Go Application gives you the ability to download and save a file to your BlackBerry to view or edit later. Requires Visit the DataViz® website to register with DataViz and download an update for Documents To Go that includes Sheet To Go.

I still cant send MMS i keep getting the red X can anyone help me? also what do i have to do to view my HTML emails?

Still can't do any of these can someone please help me out? I upgraded mine and my wifes phone and both have the same issues

I downloaded the software early this morn...mms didn't work. Went to the sprint store today and was told that "because of the sheer volume of people downloading this software it may take 48-72 hours for the MMS to start working". She re-downloaded the 4.5 and told me to try it out Sunday, and if i was still experiencing problems to call a blackberry support # that she gave me. So we'll see. Maybe that's everyone else's problem as well.
I have, however, been able to view any youtube video!! lol.
Not sure what other advantages this new software brings but hopefull i'll see in time...

Updated last night, no issues. Phone seem quicker to respond, more free memory and MMS is working great. Overall very happy with the update.

Now if they would only release the sprint version of the Bold or 8900 I'll be all set.

Thanks for the heads up on the OS update...

The MMS is a bit slower than I would prefer, but at least we have it so I am excited. Secondly, I am not sure if there is a setting that I have to change for the HTML email, but it appears to be the same as the old OS at the moment.

ALL and all I am really pleased with this update. I guess better late than never...

Downloaded the sofware 2/5 and installed, MMS not working, called sprint 2/6, first person I talked to said MMS didnt exist, thanked her kindly for being retarded, hungup called back with the page in front of me touting that Sprint now supports MMS. Advised the tech that they now support MMS, he looked into it there was a network issue, for me it cleared by this morning 2/7 around 1am. those of you still getting Red Xes (not sent) be patient, keep trying, and of course read the other posts and send the books from the website as advised before.
YAY Sprint
Btw not sure if Jesus has anything to do with with this as per previous posts... but sure lets thank him all the same

I had a few problems getting 4.5 to work on my 8330 but its all good now. I talked to a Sprint Tech guy and thankfully he spoke English and I could understand him! (I think Sprint really is trying) This was my first time updating the OS on my Curve. I tried using Download Manager 4.5 since I figured that was the OS I wanted....didn't work, kept getting a fatal error after it looked like it was working. I downloaded the OS from the link on Crackberry, direct from RIM. Just to be safe I got 4.5 from Sprints website and I took the advice from the Sprint Tech and I downloaded 4.3 Download Manager from Sprint as well and sure enough the upgrade went flawlessly! I didn't have to do anything fancy, MMS just works. I was able to save all of my 3rd party apps w/out doing anything other than pressing backup during the install process. The only pain was that each 3rd party app was running as if for the first time after the upgrade. I didn't lose any contacts or texts or anything like that. The only difference Ive noticed other than MMS now an option is they thankfully put forward and back buttons in the media player! Thank you! I have not noticed any other differences. I still dont have HTML in Gmail (my only email) it still looks that same as before. I haven't found an option to enable it. One word of advice, DO NOT try the OS upgrade using Windows 7 beta! mine got stuck on the ram image part for about 20 mins, then I noticed others had the same problem. I thought for sure I nuked my berry but it was fine :) Windows XP did the trick. Hope this helps!

***update*** So MMS works, it shows the picture in the text message when I send it just like any "normal" phone does, but what is this crap about me STILL having the see inbound MMS as "you have new picture mail", then having 3 or 4 more commands in addition to waiting for the web browser to open! This is not real MMS! Come on Sprint, time to fix this sad joke.

I have seen conflicting info on the vendor.xml file. Many suggest deleting the file, however if I am a Sprint customer should I leave it and allow it to install?

Secondly will I need the BES admin to send me new service books and follow Enterprise activation like i did when i registered it on the network the first time?

Thanks in advance

posted by: tae 254 in the forums

"resend your service books by loging into your BIS site. BlackBerry Internet Service And press service books. And then send service books."

i did it and now i have HTML email. and its great.

good luck

I am hoping someone can help me here. I upgraded to 4.5 as soon as it was ready, being the good crackberry head that I am...however, ever since the upgrade, 3 of my IE shortcuts won't work, with the following message:

HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
The server coulkd not understand the page request, or was unable to process it for some reason. Please try loading a different page.

Can anyone help me fix this? I have tried and tried and even talked with RIM 2nd level tech support, to no avail. Please help!