Sprint Officially Releases OS for Tour 9630

By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2009 01:03 pm EDT

If you're a Sprint Tour owner and haven't made the jump to OS 5.0 just yet, you're in luck. Sprint has released OS for those of you still on the stock OS. This is an official release, but it looks like only current Sprint customers can get the upgrade through Desktop Manager. Reports have come in that various aspects have been improved, so be sure to leave a comment and let us know your findings.

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Sprint Officially Releases OS for Tour 9630


Works good so far. The only issue is the prompt when the phone turns on saying that you have inserted a sim card and if you want it to automatically select the network based on availability.

some people were saying that they were getting emails from sprint that this update was available.. i am on sprint and i got no such email.. not that i would downgrade to 4.7, but..
do poeple take joy in being the first to respond to a post? sounds like something a 5 year old would do. if you dont have anything to say..

Too bad I already gave up and moved on to the HTC Hero, Blackberry user since the 7230 and this device crushed my heart. Bought one day one and so buggy and slow ended up back on my Curve, got the Hero yesterday and could not be happier. The 20 people on BBM... Not so happy with me but 4 followed.

Hopefully this fixes the reception problem , Here in NY the signal is weak compared to the other dumb sprint phones

i did this last night and I have noticed some considerable differences. at first my text messages weren't sending at first and I had to resend them all but once I did a quick pull things are fine.

does this version have threaded sms and has the battery life improved with this version. i have 5.0 dont want to downgrade yet till i see whats new and improved

Working OK, but it seems like my phones a lot more "laggy" now... Not a memory issue - I'm at 118MB and run quick pull every night. *sigh*

i love crackberry cause i have not get a email from sprint about the update.but the way that i had to get it is by my blackberry desktop manger for mac.i love the mac version its so easy.thanks crackberry

is this the way new OS's are going to be updated now? Meaning are we not going to ever be able to install the newest (leaked or not) OS's with the vender file delete option?


Didnt get an email but a buddy of mine did yesterday...so I plugged in my data cable selected check for upgrades and wam...I was upgraded in 30 minutres...

I did a run through of my apps after downloading the update per Sprint. i've noticed that now my Sprint Navigation is asking to be charged for $2.99 for 24hr service or a monthly fee for $9.99 and neither of which was an option prior to upgrading. What gives, I thought the Sprint navigation came along with the Data plan??? When is 5.0 going to be released? I haven't noticed any changes since upgrading.

My Sprint nav is still working perfectly free. One thing I don't understand is it says and the number that was actually installed was but either way, Google maps works beautifully and I have more space. Just can't wait for two things now--Skyfire and official Sprint 5.0 threaded messaging.


Makes you wonder just how far off OS 5 really is if they are still releasing 4.7 updates. I am thinking it is not really just around the corner as we all want to believe.

I got about 50 megs of memory freed up compared to where I was at right before the upgrade (with a battery pull)...we'll see if it holds. Other than that I noticed nothing really new.

Just downloaded the update on my Tour and so far everything is okay. I have to sign into some apps but everything went well during the download.

no threared SMS... its basically the same version, hence the 4.7.####

Any firmware updates that continue to be part of the 4.7 version wont change much... now if the OS changes to 5.0, thats a different story because its a new OS

So far the only improvement I noticed is that the GPS will work seamlessly with non-RIM/Sprint apps.

Google maps for example had a problem to lock the GPS's position. Now it locks into the GPS in about 5 seconds.

Even indoors, the GPS works better than before.

The main thing that seems to appear to me is that BB maps loads/responds about 3x faster. Anything more - we'll see in time.

Hey, buddies! I donno what's going on.... everybody says there is update O.S. available for Sprint BlackBerry Tour 9630 and even some people say they downloaded and it's working. I checked on BlackBerry Website, it says for sprint is available, so I called Sprint, they said they haven't released any update as such till now. That's a romour. They said there is gonna be an update on Oct 19 which will fix, Display(Blank White Scree), video, camera, scrolling problems. Please let me know what's going on .......I have BB Tour 9630 Sprint. Thanks.

I received an email from Sprint late last night that said the update was available. I updated this morning (took about 30 mins) and everything was seemless. I haven't noticed any difference, but I guess it was all behind the scenes.

I tried the wireless update when I got an email and never got anything to work...saw this on here a day or two later and poked around and found a link on the Blackberry.com site for the download which used my PIN to find it... It indicated it was but once I installed it and setup desktop to install it, it showed as

Does this fix the 'error 553 reload software' problem that a lot of us are getting? If not it's a waste of time. OS 5.0 has leaked and the latest build is more stable than any build I've seen of 4.7.1.xx on it's best day.

Either way I'm not on Sprint.

.77 is the PACKAGE version not the application version. Those talking about .77 and .40 are talking about the same thing:

Software For BlackBerry® Tour (TM) 9630 smartphone

BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.7.1.77 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

* Applications:
* Software Platform:
* File name: 9630AMEA_PBr4.7.1_rel77_PL4.1.0.40_A4.7.1.40_Sprint_L.P.exe
* File size: 103.57MB

Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

Just use the DM.. It'll back everything up and put it all back.. I had all messages, apps.. all put back how it was... Took just about 30 mins.. fast and painless..

I noticed the enhancement on space but what I don't like it got rid of most of the programs for instance blackberry maps, tasks and notes, and the games are all gone. Still has a trackball issue.

May have to downgrade back to original OS to get info from notes. Does anyone else seem to have this issue?

mistalovr i had the same thing happen i went on DM and then to application loader then add/remove and clicked all the was i didnt have all the games tasks and words to go and bb maps see if that works for you.

Hey Kev.. thanks I am doing it now.. it worked but the only problem is now i gotta try get tall the info that was on my memo back.. they need to get this looked at ASAP.

lost my bbm 5.0 that i had redownloaded it and now cant find it has anyoneelse have this prob and how do i find bbm now that its downloaded i dont see it in any of folders that it should be in.

sixxpak56 go to options,advanced options,applications and see if you have both bbm 4.7 and 5.0 if you have both of them delete the 4.7 and reboot that might work.

had to redownload it 2 times lost that and my aol had to redownload it, thanks for the help. we lost on thebbm smileys dont see them. and the suretype thats on 5.0 is gone also and threaded hope they do the 5.0 when it becomes offical these are included.

who has the link for 5.0 this new one from sprint is lacking some of the 5.0 that i liked. lost the 5.0 on my puter link is down anybody have a good link thanks

hey i downloaded .57 and it worked great. everything was going smoothly until i looked at my app list under options > advanced options and i noticed that the list has some blanks. the apps are there but its like some of the names have been erased. i have to click on the blank white spaces to view the app properties and tell what the app actually is. .57 is cool but i still want a complete app list. anyone else have this problem? anyone know how to solve it???

I just checked Wireless Update from my phone & it shows that i already have .57. I guess when I went to back up my phone the other day it had also updated the software. Took about 30mins. So far I've only noticed a slight lag but nothing too dramatic as of yet. It did reset all of my settings though (bummer).

I love how people complain about not getting enough OS updates and then when they do release an update they complain about it not being 5.0 or whatever version they think they should be getting. Stop complaining and enjoy the update. Geez.

did the update via DM yesterday, nothing noticeable yet. I upgraded BBM to 5.0 the day before I saw this was available.

why can't we do this update through the new mac blackberry desktop manager? anyone have a work around? i dont have a windows computer

why can't we do this update through the new mac blackberry desktop manager? anyone have a work around? i don't have a windows computer

Why is it that whenever I have tried to download a new OS from my blackberry, I get the "HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large" message? I'm sure that there is a way I can allow larger files to be loaded, but haven't figured out how yet.

This is not something that you can download via the device. You need to download the file to your pc, install it and then plug your BB in and use the BB Desktop Manager to install the new OS.

After trying this Threaded-SMS OS 5.0 stuff and now BBM5 hell no im going back to 4.7 ... BatteryLife sucks in 4.7 and 5.0 eitherways

Just finished loading No problems loading with Desktop Manager. Took about 30 mins total. Agree that Google Maps is faster and more accurate my location. Other than that no noticible changes. All data was backed up and restored 100% (contacts, email, photos, videos etc.)
Will monitor and report any problems. Cheers !!

Don't download... the OS is super cool.. but rendered my Tour not able to use the Navi GPS... considering that it's includeding in my plan ... :)