Sprint now rolling out BlackBerry 7.1 for the BlackBerry Bold 9930

By Bla1ze on 15 Dec 2011 08:37 pm EST
BlackBerry 7.1

A few hours ago I heard a rumor that Sprint was supposed to be rolling BlackBerry 7.1 out to all compatible handsets come tomorrow and before I could even have a chance to blog the rumor up, jtels2593 and CMHBerry in the CrackBerry forums opened up a thread letting everyone know the update had indeed turned up on their devices.

For now, it appears to only be an OTA update but it's expected a Desktop Manager installation alert will be along shortly as well as a direct install file from the Sprint BlackBerry downloads page and in case you forgot what all BlackBerry 7.1 entails -- the biggest feature addition is the Mobile HotSpot functionality we've seen in previous leaks but no word yet on whether or not Sprint plans on making that an included feature or a seperate fee.

So, go ahead and hit that check for software update button. You may have BlackBerry 7.1 (OS specifically) waiting for you to download, but if not -- sit tight cause it seems Sprint will continue to roll it out between now and tomorrow, though what devices aside from the BlackBerry Bold 9930 remains a mystery for now. Sound off in the comments if the update is showing for you.

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Sprint now rolling out BlackBerry 7.1 for the BlackBerry Bold 9930


you would think that they would have some quality control with these things, some big issues with apps and crashing

I actually am and have been downloading it for about the last 15 minutes now then I saw this post. And I just bought my 9930 today so I'm thrilled! At least there's something good about BB going on today...

Boldly sent from my 9930

hahahaha now thats a good one. I'm not much for bragging about Sprint but being compared to tmob is laughable...I will in fact go and finish my laugh

You must be on official firmware to update OTA. An OTA update is a 'patch' that strips old code out and inserts new code to become the new OS version. If you do not have the right starting point that is recognized by the update, you cannot run an OTA. Now, you [I]could[/I] downgrade to the old version, but you'll probably be better off waiting 'til the full update is available.

I can see the update via OTA on 9850, may wait to see what the masses say about it before I download. At least you know it is available for the 9850 device.

I can see the update via OTA on 9850, may wait to see what the masses say about it before I download. At least you know it is available for the 9850 device.

Does this resolve the phone bricking itself if left to charge over night? I fear updating any OS now because I've had my phone brick itself with with a simple soft reset believe it or not.

I just checked mine and sure enough it's there, but since I've never done an OTA update, I'm going to wait for a download. (FYI: on the stock .241)

Edit: Of course I'm sitting here wanting to try it . . . ok here I go!

Ok so I stayed up during the whole process and it's up and running. Mobile Hotspot on this version WILL require a hotspot data plan. I tried to turn it on and got a message stating such.

Crap. I just updated with the Verizon release, so the OTA won't recognize. I don't want to revert back to Sprint tonight. Hmmmm. Knowing me, I probably will. There goes my relaxing evening!

Can't wait for a download site for us Verizon customers to grab the file. And hope this eliminates or even cuts back on memory drain and the java errors I get almost every week.

.... A thread a few days ago that Sprint had not released another 7.0 update because they were preparing to drop the update with the hotspot capability.

Awesome to see 7.1 being officially rolled out. Hope to see it for the 9900 and other devices soon also.

I hop it fixes my service issues and text messaging issues Ive been having....fingers crossed....but not expecting it

I have run into a few apps that just don't work on the 7.1.070 for the 9900. They load but run into screen refreshing issues. Ekey by GE is one. Pretty important, if you need it for business.

.... I'd strongly recommend not holding your breath. But, occasionally, I'm off a lil' bit. Are ya feelin' lucky?

As soon as I saw this post last night downloaded & all went fine, backed itself up then reloaded the new software.
Mobile hotspot is there, but I need to contact my provider to activate it, from what I understand that is $50 plan and still $25 a month to activate or something to that effect, will research and update.
Like lewisc1979 said emergency alerts messages is a new folder, looking forward to see how that is used.
*update* the plan is $34.99/month, but I'm still gonna call and see what they say to see if the right hand knows what the left is doing

There are two other things I noticed. Under Options - Advanced Options, there is an option for Billing/Payments and there is a set of diagnostic tools. The diagnostic tools include network drops, battery drain, and an option to reboot the phone if memory is low. That's pretty cool.

How do I downgrade my os - I put King Resurrection on mine and I cant seem to install it through the Loader app in RIM common files folder?
9930 sprint

I did it last night....turned all the icons small and disabled the touch screen....I had to revert back to the original software....I have never had as many troubles with a phone as I have this one....time for a change....

Have it installed for two days now and had no problems uploading and installing it on my Sprint Bold 9930... No problems so far at all... had to reset a few apps but all are functioning well now... Battery life seems a bit better, but I didn't have a problem on 7.0 either... You must use your head on any smart phone and close apps when finished with them etc... I do not worry that I am using too much battery or memory at all, because through the years I have developed habits that seem to work without denying myself the functions that I have a smart phone for in the first place... If you won't let yourself enjoy your phone - get rid of it, but do not think an Android phone will save you - those Google little green men will cause you more problems that you can possibly imagine... I know - I left BB for an HTC EVO 4g and I am happy to be back to Blackberry.

Sprint BB Bold 9930 and happy with BB, phone and Sprint(Since 1999)

I upgraded mine took me 2 hrs. Was that normal? Anyways it was worth the wait. I have 9930 from Sprint. It now have hotspot. I set it up but I have to call the sprint to make it work. I believe $10 per mo for this service.