Sprint/Nextel Update BlackBerry Curve 8350i!

By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2009 01:04 pm EDT
Curve 8350i Updated!

For those of you out there with an 8350i who may have missed the information from Nextel, we can finally say there has been an update released by RIM and Nextel which once again, claims to fix alot of the existing issues with the device's operation.

Such fixes are said to include:

  • Echo Issue (Thought they fixed this last time?)
  • MMS Improvements: Remove original message when replying; Cursor now defaults to message body when replying
  • Quiet and vibrate profiles will now not have incoming Direct Connect calls blaring over your speakerphone
  • Master Radio Reset will no longer cause the device to reboot

Feel free to let us know in the cooments if any of the said fixed issues actually were corrected and don't forget to visit the 8350i forums for a lot more information and discussion.

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Sprint/Nextel Update BlackBerry Curve 8350i!


I have just updated my firmware on my blackberry 8350i. And it has been a major improvement. Mt texting issues are now gone. Plus in the past if I used the web browser, then gone to the camera. I would get an error message saying "could not open camera, please close all applications then try again." Since the update I no longer have that issue. As for the echo... I have noticed that if I take my protective skin off the echo goes away. I know that it's not a firmware issue... But I do find that it helps.

Hmm... good thing that this will be the last IDEN blackberry produced by RIM. I heard it is plagued with problems.. good to see they are fixing them.

Alright RIM, time to fix my storm


ok i downloaded the update last night . ive made several calls and ppl can still hear the echo. they said its less but its still there . maybe they turnd down mic gain but not enough? second problem they didnt fix the text message problem where when u reply to a text the old text is still there causing sum ppl to get several messages . also when u go to reply it goes to foward on menu not reply.then u gota scroll down to reply. this is a new replacement phone not from old first batch i got phone maybe 3 weeks ago.

so far so good. I don't know what people are talking about with the echo, I talk on this phone for hours a day and never hear an echo and nor does the other side. The only thing was that after updating I had to re-add my self to our BES.


I realize that whoever posted this may have been in a bit of a rush to get the rest of the story posted, had other posts to edit, or had a case of the runs, but geez... how many typos are you allowed until its just sloppy?

Being that I'm a newbie here I shouldn't be mouthing off...just couldn't resist pointing it out though.

Thanks for everything you guys do here at Crackberry.com!

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P.S. I really mean nothing by it...just being an @$$. I love this site. 2 typos isn't really a lot anyways.

So far, it appears the echo is fixed! This was my only real problem with this phone. It's the best BB I have had to date, and I have had many. My motivation was switching from Sprint service to Nextel. I have found Nextel service, in my geography, to be superior to Sprint.

A great phone just got better with the apparent elimination of the echo.

i updated mine yesterday, as far as the text issue, that shit did not get fix , what i do when i get a SMS i hit the R key (SHORT-CUT FOR REPLY) THEN hit clear field and being typeing my SMS!
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Since update last night most small bugs seem to be fixed.

Unfortunately it seems as though something new is happening.

Every time I am using Desktop manager to transfer apps, files, media etc. My Curve 8350i reboots.

First comes a "Fatal error has occured" in the middle of a transfer on the Desktop Manager Screen.

At the same time, the curve completely shuts off (exactly like a hard boot) red led comes on and takes the phone 2 minutes to restart.

Now, oddly enough the files that I attempted to transfer actually end up on the Blackberry. Weird!

So just wanted some input if anyone had any ideas as to what this could be. I called Sprint/Nextel this morning explaining everything and the guy kinda chuckled and said
"Well, if the apps end up on the phone, lets leave it alone, no point in making a huge deal out of this if the ultimate goal is achieved". That is what he said.

Also, completely out of the realm of this topic but It is driving me nuts. I recently upgraded my home wireless router to a Linksys WRT160N- "N" class router.

Everything in my home works perfect and much faster data transfer, except of course the BB. The BB finds the network and tries to connect but fails after I type in my passphrase. My security on the router is set to WPA, the BB does not offer this type of security, so they (linksys) told me to use PSK security )pre shared key).

It never works, cannot connect to my home network, tried everything anyone with some insight on this would be super cool.

Evertyhing, including the BB all worked with my old Linksys Router WRT54G "G" class, using WEP-which the BB supports.

I tried switching everything back to WEP with no luck.

Make sure your router is transmitting in Wireless G along with the Wireless N (if u even have anything that supports the wireless N). If it is only transmitting wireless n... and if the BB only supports wireless g... it wont work.

i did my upgrade the other day OTA, and it went smooth, took about a hour or so to do it, only thing i did notice is that under the MMS screen, it had checked off reject anonymous message and reject advertisements, where as before i had them unchecked. Everything seems to be going fine.

The updates have made the phone better and more stable, however, mine continues to reboot itself periodically, usually while it is just sitting next to me doing nothing, and other times while in my pocket.

It used to turn off when this happens, but with the updates, it turns itself back on at least!

A few more updates still needed!

I read that the protective skin causes others to hear an echo when they speak. I tried a test and the echo went away as soon as I pulled off the skin.

I have a nextel curve with the latest software and I'm having issues and wondering if I'm alone or if more people are having the same issues.

1: Sometimes when someone tries to direct connect with me I can't see the name of who is calling, all I hear is the beep beep noise. When that happens I can't use my direct connect at all have to power cycle the phone.

2: when someone sends me a text message it takes anywhere from one hour to 5 hours to get it and that goes for email also. Usually when I power cycle the phone for the direct connect issues I get a bunch of email''s and text when the phone comes back on.

I have talked to nextel tech support(what a joke)for hours and nobody can seem to fix this problem. Ive also got a new phone and it has the same issues.