Sprint Love: Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i Review

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jan 2009 01:48 am EST

When I was at CES 2009 in Vegas the other week I finally had a chance to get my hands on the new BlackBerry Curve 8350i from Sprint/Nextel. It's a cool device. When you see the pictures you think it's pretty much an identical form factor to the other Curve 83xx's, but in reality it's a bit chunkier/thicker. I wouldn't call that a bad thing though - it gives the 8350i a sort of "get work done" feeling which I think is what they're after here (the yellow John Deere/Cat-like accents bolster this impression).

Since this isn't a device that me or any of our crack team writers are going to pick up for themselves personally (nor do I see any in-depth reviews yet in our community reviews forum yet), I figured it wouldn't hurt to point to a solid review of the 8350i by a non-CrackBerry source. Be sure to watch phoneArena's video review above and click on over for their full written review

For lots more opinion and information on Sprint's latest iDEN device, be sure to visit our BlackBerry Curve 8350i forum!

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Sprint Love: Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i Review


IDEN was obsolete? Wow, I can't believe they actually rolled out this phone soley based on IDEN. Sprint has come out with phones that are dual function (i.e. CDMA/IDEN hybrids). The phone/data works on sprints CDMA network while still utilizing the IDEN for Push-To-Talk (PTT). I had Nextel for 3 years and switched over to Sprint for 1 year. I couldn't stand either carrier, even though they are technically the same company. I used Nextel because the ambulance company I worked for provided 911 EMS services and it was easier to communicate with dispatch, units, adminstration when I was off-duty. Nextel was the biggest headache of a service...that cell phone technology is basically USELESS. I think it's a huge mistake on Sprint's part for not utilizing both technologies on this phone because it is capable of doing so much. Think about it: voice/data on CDMA and PTT w/ IDEN. Makes too much sense!

I'm happy with my BOLD!

I do not know about your 8350i, but I have one problem with it, it turns off by itself, also after being plugged in it turns of and the only way to get it back on is to take the battery out and reset it.
i am now on my 3rd phone, and i have the fourth on order and will get soon i hope. the first three were sent to me by ups overnight, the fourth one was sent by us mail, 4-7 days. i guess they are getting tired of replacing my phones.
i am sure hopeful this 4th one will be the good one.
but the tech reps have been great and are very helpful on a norm. there are several even calling me back at times to see what is going on.
enjoy and keep trying

The only issue I had was the txt messaging issue on 12-31, I've never had a power problem and my battery lasts forever, camera works well emails are fast PIN to PIN is fast too, this phone far exceeds my expectations.

I came from a phone that had 3G and while I can not say that it is as fast, it's not so slow that I notice or would complain. If you are in an area with a bunch of WiFi hotspots, I live in a rural area and there are a ton, the speed is blazing fast. While I would have loved to see Sprint offer this in a Hybrid format, IDen PTT and Spint Data/Voice, for some reason they chose not to do so, IMO it would be great but I love the phone the way it is. I've seen a bunch of reviews even some that spread flat out false statements about performance being poor, I suspect they may be written by iPhone or Windows Mobile Fanboys.

I just got the blackberry curve 8350i yesterday... WELL... I am already having problems. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice phone but my text messaging is weird. When I send a text message to other sprint/nextel users with a $ and then numbers after (ex. $500) the numbers don't show up. Actually nothing shows up on their side after the $. THEN when I send a text to other people with different providers the dollar signs show up as an "N" or some other letter. Is this a default in the phone or does anyone know how to fix it? I am going to call Sprint technical support today to see what's going on. If anyone has any info please let me know! I'd greatly appreciate it!

This phone is hands down one of the best blackberrys out there. I personally dont like touch screen text messaging like the storm. However, I do like the OS. If anyone else feels like I do, ITS THE SAME PHONE (Without the touch screen). I also wish this were a hybrid but its not. I just hope that sprint/nextel notices its not the service that everyone is leaving them for. We need more phones like this one. One more thing. I dont know what problems everyone is having.I had a small one when my emails didint show up till the next morning. It happened once. People are saying it shutting off and what not. IDK what there doing to there phones. Highly Recomended phone. A must have if you have nextel

I really enjoy the 8350i, the only problem I've found is the streaming video doesn't work. The techs at Blackberry stated it is that the 8350i is only 2G not 3G like most new phones. Does anyone have a solution for my problem. Do you know if a newer version is in the works having all the features including 3G. Thanks

Does anyone know where i can get some free 8350i themes with the vertical zen design?

Also, not sure if anyone else has this issue, but I cannot access the browser unless I'm hooked up to a Wifi connection. No Wifi at ir near work. Anyone else?

In all i enjoy this phone, its a big step for nextel to finally keep up with the curve of technology. The day to day use is quite convenient. The web browser is descent for basic internet operations, but is unable to stream videos unless connected through the wi-fi. The applications for this phone lack compared to other phones but it keeps streamlined for business productivity. Text messaging can be slow to times but seems to be improving after every update.

I couldn't wait to get the 8350i. I had begged my husband for months. After he finally gave in, we went in search of the phone and found it at a Best Buy.

The phone isn't 3G, but does have WI-FI, still this wasn't the deal breaker (thought it would be though).

After almost 12 hours of waiting on Sprint to get the phone switched over (why I don't know) we already had 2-way, etc.
I attempted my first phone call ... it sounded very hollow. It was almost as if I was in the forest, where you would hear muffled noises. Then we realized that was what I was experiencing, the callers problems were way worse. Everything that the person said on the other line was being echoed back to them.

This is not at all what I had expected in the phone that I had waited so long to get! With no resolution from Sprint, I returned it and got the 8330. I lost my 2-way, but I am enjoying the phone.

When I heard about the 8350i hitting the market I actually left sprint whom I had service for many years and jumped on this nextel phone, what I liked about it most was the sleek apperance and still rugged in many ways. The push to talk was also something I wanted to experince.
Right away my text messaging became an issue I wouldnt recieve messages and friends of mines began to hate my phone because of this. My phone cuts off on its on all the time many dropped calls, I have upgraded to the lastest software which I feel corrected one issue which was when I send a text people woulddget double messages and it would always be marked urgent.
Even after all this i still have the phone im trying to hold on to it but the dropped calls and callers going straight to voicemail is starting to bother me because im begining to miss out on important calls.

Can anyone help me??

This is by far the worse phone that I have ever bought. I have been a Sprint Customer for 13 years now.First I get my text messages 2 days later with message saying low prioty on it , there is always a echo when I am talking on the phone.Phone calls go directly to voice mail without ringing on handset. I have called customer service,tech support and have gone into Sprint Store they did a system upgraded on phone still same probelms.I was given another phone still same probelms. Sprint acts like they are doing you a favor. I ask them to switch me back to the Sprint service and give me the 8330 Blackberry. They do not want to do that. I am so fed up that I am going to cancel my contract and switch to Verizon and get the new Tour.

WOW !!! I'm so glad I did make the mistake and pick the 8350i, I am so happy with my 8330 inferno (awesome color)it's a fun and fast phone. So I'lltell anyone if you don't use your PTT all the time get an 8330 not the 8350i..

Wow!!! after reading all the info on this phone. I must say the 8350i has come a long way. I am so glad, I dont have the issues, That others have had. It's now dec of 2009 and i must say, That i have had my 8350i blackberry for 4 months now and i have no problems with email,mms, voice, picture or even streaming video.