Sprint Launches Unlimited Access Plan

By James Falconer on 7 Feb 2008 09:09 am EST
Sprint Unlimited Access Plan
If you're on Sprint and have been waiting for the 'will it ever come' unlimited plan, your wait is over. Sprint has decided to make an Unlimited Access Plan available nation-wide, after some testing in select markets in 2007.

The Unlimited plan will set you back $119.99/month before taxes. With it you will get:

  • Unlimited voice calling
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited web
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited picture mail

The hugely dissapointing fact is that smartphones will still need a separate Power Vision pack or BlackBerry data plan.

For more info or to sign up, head on over to SprintUnlimitedAccess.com, which has more information and including available markets, which are currently San Francisco, Tampa, Philadelphia and Minneapolis-St.Paul. Apparently for the time being, the offer isn't yet available online - you'll have to head into your Sprint store to sign up!

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Sprint Launches Unlimited Access Plan


When the rumors/stats suggest your company is in trouble and you're the first kid on the block to be giving away an unlimited everything plan with the hopes of getting back some of the customers lost last quarter, what's that mean for Sprint?

Great Plan for Customers though...hopefully Sprint will be around for years to come so users can continually take advantage of it!

This plan has been out for quite a few months. I got it back in March of last year. But good news is that if you have a BB, you can call BB support at sprint and they can change your plan to the 95.00 unlimited voice only plan, and then add the 30.00 BIS with unlimited SMS on making the total still only ring it at 125.00. Thats what i did a few weeks ago. But you probably will have to make the change through BB support as i did, since i tried 5 times with regular CC and nobody knew how to do it.

Where do you live? Are you not part of the 4 markets sprint is advertising it is only available for? Sounds like an amazing deal, and I've seen it for several months, but it is not available where I live which is up in the Northeast.

Where do you live? Are you part of the 4 markets Sprint is advertising to take advantage of this plan? I've known about it for several months, and have not been able to sign up because I've been told it's part of my network. If you go to the source, Boy Genius says they heard from Sprint, and it is NOT available nationwide. Anyone have any direct experience on this?

I want to move to Sprint, but this is a little scary. Voce closed down this week and they were doing this. I think Sprint has more of a market share, but they have to be careful not to fall behind on things like technology.

I suppose this would be a good way to compete with TMO's Hot Spot @ Home. Too bad they don't extend this to encompass smart phone access also.

Not very good for BB users. If the price included their Blackberry Vision Pack (the $30 one) I could see it as being useful.

The new plan already includes unlimited texting and web access. So the only big differences are the BIS access and the navigation.

If this were $119 for unlimited everything including the BIS and Internet, I would get it. I would probably even pay the extra $15 for tethering.

Why bother when Sprint only has the Pearl with a camera? The 8830 I have doesn't have a camera and I'd have to either download or email pictures and videos to my device. Waste of money if you ask me!