Sprint Launch Training Event To Shows Off BlackBerry Tour and New Curve Colors?!?

Sprint Launch Training Event To Shows Off Tour And New Curve Colors?!?
By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2009 08:45 am EDT

Some material sent to the CrackBerry tips emails reveals that while Sprint is gearing up for the BlackBerry Tour, they are also gearing up to release two other devices. The other devices in question are not new, just freshly painted if you will. The above image shows off the new "Inferno" 8330 and the Red Curve 8350i.

This makes me wonder though, with the BlackBerry Tour hitting Sprint in the next few days who would even pick up one of the freshly painted 83XX Series devices? Why not just take the leap to the Tour if you are going to be signing up for a two year agreement anyways? Would any of you all NOT take a Tour and go with an 8330?

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Sprint Launch Training Event To Shows Off BlackBerry Tour and New Curve Colors?!?


will still want the Curve. It is not a bad phone, and i'm sure they are going to beef up the memory a bit.

The Curve looks like it will be geared toward entry-level Blackberry users, while the Tour will be for the hardcore guys.

I'll be getting the Tour, though.


I have the Curve and it doesn't have enough memory to run many apps. The Bold is where it's at for AT&T

My mother-in-law is looking to buy a blackberry (on sprint), I told her to wait a week and get the Tour. When she found out it cost $200 she was like "Nah, I think I just get the $50 curve instead". I then proceeded to explain to her how the Tour was a massive upgrade over the curve and $150 over a two year period was not a lot of money. I'm not sure I convinced her though. She is by no means a "power user" so she would be just fine with the curve, but I see no reason to go with the curve over the tour.

Either way, there are still people out there who will get the curve over the tour. This is especially true because the curve is $50 on sprint while the tour sets you back $200.

Yeah with the Curve $50, I wouldn't be surprised is you see more sales of the Curve than the Tour while it is that cheap. Especially when you can get $10-$50 for your old phone when you turn it in.

I just bought three Verizon Curve 8330 phones for our company even though I knew the Tour 9630 is coming out. Its all about cost and what people need (in this case non-power users). Comes down to a simple question of three phones for $150 or $600?

Different colors would be nice for the Tour. I guess wifi would be too lol. I believe I will be getting the Tour though.

Even though all the latest Blackberry are amazing! I sometimes still prefer the Curve. It's both classic and timeless! why not put all the technology and specs from Bold into the Curve?

I thought about getting the tour then decided I was just gonna use my upgrade to get a me shiny new red Curve but after seeing this I'll wait and try to get an Orange one *if it really happens ;-)

For the right price, I would take a curve... it would have to be under $50 (which it is now at Sprint)... I would rather have the Tour (everything better!) but as my introduction to Blackberry, I would start with a curve which is an awesome device in itself! (see, I'm coming from Windows Mobile so any Blackberry would be a major step up for me (ha ha)

y would you still get a 8330??? because right now they are only 49.99 with a 2yr that might be one reason to grab a new blazin orange one

way Sprint is trying to keep people from jumping ship. Also another way it shows that Sprint is out of touch with its customers. They should have offered the Curve in other colors long ago when customers were asking for it. Way to go Sprint!! That's the way to listen! *nods head while walking away

Good to see the Curve 8330 still gettin some love. While this phone is quite dated, its still a GREAT device, and still the best selling blackberry on the market.

These recent color upgrades and marketing lead me to believe it'll be blessed with 5.0 software. If so, it's still a wonderful option for some Blackerry users, even with the release of the Tour.

It would be very stupid to purchase an old phone with a new color when there is a new model out. Technology rapidly changes so why wouldn't you just purchase the new phone and buy a skin or case if you want a certain color? I would purchase the Tour.

The Curve 8350i is for the Nextel network. That's who. Also people not looking to spend $200+ depending on their renewals, or for children....

Why? because it cost me 4.70 after rebates for a solid device.
It may be dated but it is rock solid and reliable.

I wonder if its some sort of attempt to get HS kids/ college kids into a data plan with a bb without shelling big bucks...

This will be my first venture into the Blackberry world and the Curve has been a great device, from what I've read. I don't feel like shelling out the $150 for the Tour right now. Once I get used to the Curve and become a more experienced BB user, then I'll look to upgrade. You can't beat the $49 pricetag on the Curves right now.

A couple of months ago when I was getting my mom a Mother's Day gift, I decided to get my mom her first Blackberry since she was eligible for an upgrade. She has T-mobile, so she preferred the older Curve versus the 8990. Her reasoning was that she gets a new phone every year anyway, and by the time that she's eligible for a new one, she can just get the 8990 at a cheaper price than it is now.

So really I think that the Curve is a good introductory phone and some people don't want the latest and greatest, they want a phone that works well.

I just bought my curve last year when it came out, AFTER being LATE! Im getting the tour because its a sprint world phone, and I dont know the next time SPRINT will release a NEW blackberry...rereleasing the curve in that orange is well, I wouldnt get it...lol

I am thinking of upgrading and getting a tour for myself and a curve for the wife. She doesn't need the bells and whistles on her bb and the 8330 is still a great phone. The radio ads around here are saying the 8330 is only 30 bucks right now compared too 199.00 of the Tour.

Should be rather popular among Longhorn fans and Austin area. but yeah I hear you about the 83XX series I loved my curve, but felt forced to get a storm due to lack of support/ new things that kept coming out. You know i Have to tell ya I have had my storm for a few months now as well and i feel that its a little dated as well. :(

I have contacted Sprint Customer Support twice in the last two days, and they said (both times) that Sprint does not have a release date for the Tour other than later this Summer. Very dissapointing, Sprints lack of ability to put new phones on the market severely undercuts their great costs.

I work for sprint NO date because they dont have money too buy ! RIM wont give them credit !!! nobody will. sad

That's totally wrong!!!! If they didn't have the money to buy them why would they waste money on advertising it? Why waste the energy to brand a tour and send them to testers. I swear people come up with anything about Sprint. Believe it or not Sprint isn't broke as many will think, if anything they're holding on to as much money as they can. They know they're overdue for a blackberry. They're not a small business they don't need blackberry to put them on a tab. I guess only time will tell. For those people calling customer care you're probably getting people that have no clue about the phone until it's released. The launch date is July 12th online only.