Sprint gearing up to show off the BlackBerry Q10 at BlackBerry Live

By Adam Zeis on 9 May 2013 10:29 am EDT

Sprint was scoffed at by many on the news that they would be skipping the BlackBerry Z10 completely in favor of the new BlackBerry Q10. However with the Q10 set to land on US soil in just a few weeks (hopefully) Sprint has announced that they will be on hand at BlackBerry Live in Orlando next week to show off the new device. 

While they haven't made an official announcement as to the actual release of the Q10, they did post some news for next week.

Join Sprint at BlackBerry Live, May 14-16 in Orlando. You'll get the latest on BlackBerry 10 and can take new BlackBerry devices for a spin. Stop by the Sprint booth and discover the power of BlackBerry devices paired with Truly UnlimitedSM data.

Sprint plans to offer Blackberry 10 smartphones, including innovative features like a best-in-class browser, a rich application ecosystem and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities.

So it does look like Sprint will have a decent amount of exposure during BlackBerry Live and we can hope to hear more on their Q10 release next week. The fact that they say Sprint devices leaves us wondering if there is more to this.

Fingers crossed that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will chip in some good news as well.

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Sprint gearing up to show off the BlackBerry Q10 at BlackBerry Live


AT&T has been working great on my Z10 switched in March and haven't had a problem since. Bill went up 7 dollars (from T-Mobile) but the data speed and coverage went through the roof

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I thought the same thing when I saw this article. I actually just moved over to Verizon this past weekend.

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Ack, nevermind, I guess it's for people in the business, plus it's in the middle of the week. I work full time so cannot make it anyway...

Lol @ Sprint. You guys suck. Absolutely no reason to have skipped the Z10. Your lack of vision has cost you before and it will cost you again. Your over confidence is your weakness. *Luke Skywalker voice *

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This is Sprint doing Damage Control. A lot of people (including myself 12 years) probably dropped them for another carrier, now they scrambling to show the BlackBerry community they value our business. Get out of here Sprint. You lost one. I actually really like Verizon now.

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Hallelujah!!! Sprint, now you are talking. Come back home, we missed you with Z10. What a nice news to hear this morning. If this is true then Adam you are a great Information digger. :) Awesome!!!!!!!!! Sprint is still hurting anyway, lots of people already switch to get the Z10. Let see what goes on today with Sprint.

As a Sprint customer, this is definitely a step forward. However, until they release an actual device, I will still be a bit anxious as to when I can get my hands on some BB10 goodness.

Right there with you, unknowngeek. I want the date of release at the very least. As for "devices," until proven otherwise, I am assumning that just means they will have more than one Q10 on which people can play around.

I am beyond annoyed and impatient about the roll out process and time involved for BB 10 in general. That is intensified by being on Sprint (my wife would have had the Z10...I've always been waiting on the Q), but not entirely due to them. I do not believe that the world revolves around us here in the US, but we are clearly an important market to say the least. BB/Crackheads can blame the carriers all they want, but somewhere deep down I feel as though they all could have had these devices out sooner. I just don't see this type of lag time from"launch" to availability with any other tech. Am I just myopic because I want the Q10?

Frankly, if there was any other legit physical keyboard option, I think I'd be gone.

If there was a general, global delay, I would blame BBRY. But if the phone has launched somewhere and still not available in a country X on carrier(s) Y, I blame carrier(s) Y.

That's way too simplistic. It's already known that "carrier testing" isn't too blame. It's definitely on BlackBerry. Either they can't produce enough (there are shortages of the Q10 everywhere) or they're paranoid about the "lack of apps", but it's definitely them not making inventory available to carriers.

App shortage paranoia I can buy, but I absolutely don't agree with your "carrier testing" point. It works to the north, and it works to the east (Canada and the UK.) In the case of Canada, it works on the SAME BANDS, so why hasn't at least AT&T released the Q10?

AT&T has the same testing as Rogers, and everything passed through the FCC weeks ago, so the reason why AT&T hasn't released it is because BlackBerry hasn't given them inventory. It's that simple... (And I think it's app paranoia as well)

I'd put money on it. And just look at all the pics that CB has used for their Q10 articles. It's the AT&T model (with the big ugly logo on the bottom). It's ready to go!

Way too little too late! Left them when the Z 10 came to Verizon. In 2 years, if they are showing full support for BlackBerry and have rolled out their 4G network, I might return.

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Sprint this doesn't change anything, you made decision for your customers, and customers like me made our decision to leave, Good luck on BlackBerry live, it's a fail..

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Well this is better than "later this year " lol it may not be a fail. it will be a fail if their launch date is more than 2 to 3 weeks after. more than that and the BB users that are left(me included) will definitely leave.

Let's hope that there is another all touch BB10 device later this year that Sprint is going to pick up. I'm a Sprint customer and waiting for an all touch BB. I'm not leaving Sprint but I won't be recommending them to anyone wanting a BB that's for sure.

Really shouldn't recommend at all. I have family that jumped on with sprint and then dumped them quickly because of their shotty signal. I stayed with them ten+ years and was always frustrated. Now I'm enjoying AT&T.

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In other news Marc Cavendish tweeted his first impressions on Z10:
Got an hour to relax, so playing around with my BlackBerry Z10. This phone is a monster! I love it! And no, this ISN'T a commercial tweet.

I'm curious to see what Sprint does at BlackBerry Live. Sprint hasn't made any friends of BB users with not having the Z10 and all the "later this year" talk. I'll be happy if Sprint announces that they're coming out with the Q10 a few days after BB Live, but I'm not holding my breath.

I had already decided to port to Verizon because I was certain that they'd launch it first. Now I have to think this over twice. :-/ same price for both services- but data cap on VZW with 4G, or Unlimited Data on Sprint with 3G. What to do?!

Same "brief" conundrum for me, until I remember I'm currently force roaming on Verizon and why. When my prl automatically switches back to sprint, I INSTANTLY know, because suddenly I have no data and 7 or 8 dropped calls in a row... So, like I said... my conundrum was brief. Best luck to you in your decision, la belle fille!

How close would you be getting to the Verizon cap? If it's totally nowhere near what your current usage is, I suggest you stay with Sprint, or look at other carriers (T-Mobile maybe, if they have good coverage around you?)

I currently use about 1.5Gb, I'm afraid that would increase though with the new OS not using the same compression, and if I were on 4G, even worse lol. T-mobile is not an option though. On verizon I'd be on a 6Gb plan with my family, who currently use about 2.2Gb, so I'd have a decent cushion. We'll just have to see who launches it first because I don't think I could stand to wait any longer!

If you want to see an example of how a smartphone rollout should be done just check out the Samsung Galaxy S4... it's pretty much available all over the world and in a mere couple of weeks!

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I agree but disagree. Blackberry's release didn't hurt them. I say that as one of the people who was waiting in the US. BlackBerry didn't have or even have now the same volume of people waiting for their phone. I think the marketing they do now is vital once again I'm talking in the US) after they build up a fan base again in the US that lines up even close to gs4 or the iphone then we need to worry about release dates. For now they need to build up their following again.

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What are you saying? Doesn't make sense. You need to have products AVAILABLE to build up the fan base. The Samsung GS4 is a great example of how to launch a product worldwide (and even make them available in the tiny, insignificant market known as the US). BlackBerry has a winner with the Q10, but they're horrible at launching anything. HORRIBLE!

But here's the problem, and I fully admit that "maybe it's just me."

They're pissing off us loyal supporters with this wait. I know I can't be the only person who feels that way. I think I'm generally a reasonable guy, and can separate my impatience from what is realistic to expect. It's been almost two years since they released anything new prior to the Z10, so they were already dealing with that (and it is understandable given the wholly new OS). Further delays (or whatever these gaps in time between the Z10's release elsehwere and then here, the Q10's release elsewhere, and between the Q10's release elsewhere and here) only make matters worse.

It isn't as though we in the US are unaware of what's happening elsewhere in the world and ignorance is bliss. We know/have known the phones are out there and we don't have/haven't had them.

As I said earlier, it just seems out of the ordinary for tech releases to have something announced in January and not be able to get it for 3 months, or 5 months. Rumors are rumors, but we're talking the actual launch event here.

I just took my 2 lines from Sprint to T-Mobile to get the Z10. Their service in Northern California is really crappy anyways. Sucks for them!!! Love this Z10.

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I will be taking my service over to T-Mobile as well. What's the point in getting "unlimited" data if the service crawls? Since the other guys have will have both BlackBerry devices, I can make a tough decision on Z10 / Q10.

Notice the "no handguns allowed" sign in the window of the store LOL. Smart move that should help cut down on holdup attempts.

LOL good catch! I didn't even see that. But really, would it stop anything? "Ohhh..this is a no-gun allowed store. Better get a move on to the next store and hope they allow guns/stickups"

That picture must have been taken here in the USA. Most states have a right to carry law and if a store doesn't want you to have a firearm in there store they must post it.
Sprint needs to get moving with improving there network speed and coverage, product line-up, and not always being the last to the market.

I read an article that Sprint is not very optimistic about the Q10 being a success? I guess some company's never learn from their mistakes! i.e. The Blackerry Z10 fiasco, how many customers did they lose because of that!

@BermudasBest The reason why you didn't see too many BB adds promoting the Z10 or Q10 is because the carriers were not putting up the signs as well as keeping the signs and phones hidden. Unfortuantely BB is trying to get back in the game and don't have billions of cash to burn on adds, and they can't force the carriers to do anything. If they threaten them they would laugh and tell them to take back their stuff. So all they can do is send their PR reps to encourage them to put up the signage and show their sales people how to use and properly sell the phone. It seems to be working, but its going to take some time to polish up their image and show why they are relevant again!

I'm a real downer for Sprint, but I also see hope in them.

This was the happiest news I've heard about Sprint in the last three years (excluding the buyout process going on now).

Boo Sprint!!! You would not carry the device I wanted and gave me a BS line like "You will like the Q10 just fine." I didn't just change carriers, I quit you. Booooooo!!!

Sprint ready to get in the game after playing conservatively. Glad to have more Blackberry Brothers onbaord. Shame on all the hating, that is all this community needs.

@tenseriker, the hating is mostly for carriers not carrying bb10 device selections not so much hating bb's in general.....thats ok..... i hate Bell myself.....between Bell and Rogers i prefer Rogers......but am with Fido.....theyre owned by Rogers but have their own customer service dept....in Quebec mostly. I find it a better experience....to deal with....than Rogers....next would be Telus/Koodo.

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I'm on Sprint and I'm really debating switching to Verizon for the Z10. But I'm still not sure which BB10 device I want. It will be either the Z or the Q, that's for sure!

How about this scenario: Sprint gets to demo the Q10 at BlackBerry Live, then at the close of BlackBerry Live they announce it will go on sale the next day, which is a Friday. And **maybe** Sprint didn't get the Z10 so they could have an exclusive 2 week to 1 month selling period for the Q10 like Verizon has for the white Z10? It doesn't make much sense from BlackBerry's point of view, since I would think as a company you'd want all your devices available on all carriers at launch, but it could be possible.

Oh shoot! this is too funny. I hope Sprint is reading all these comments. Sprint knows they lost a lot of customers. So this is another opportunity for them to stop the mass migration. lol

Im trying to give the Q10 a chance cause i really have no issues with Sprint but my heart is REEEAAALLLLLY set on a Z10 and i kinda dont want to pay the $400 deposit with Big Red. But I will if I have to.

its gonna take time for BlackBerry to come back where they were before but what's really hurting them its the major app.not wanting to support them because they get a lot money from droid and the the big Apple but ultimately they gonna come back I believe they will

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Way to arrive late again Sprint. That sprint ahead slogan must have meant something else. They lost a 8year customer when they announced they would not carried the Z10. I'm a very happy Verizon customer now.

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Sprint and BlackBerry has dropped the ball on this one. I hope the Q10 does well here in the States. The problem I have with Sprint is lack of BlackBerry support. I had the BlackBerry 9930 on sprint. After 6 month if I had issues with the device the support was not there. Early this year I did what most people did brought the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is not a better phone over the BB9930. The iPhone has more support from sprint. I want to get the Q10 but not with Sprint for the fear of no support on the device. I will wait until it comes to AT&T or T-Mobile. If you have Sprint the iPhone 5 is the device they cater to. The Q10 will be mine just not on Sprint.

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