Sprint expands LTE service to 28 more cities

Sprint expands LTE service to 28 more cities
By Joseph Keller on 23 Jun 2014 01:42 pm EDT

Sprint has announced an expansion of their 4G LTE service, adding 28 new markets. Cities added today include San Jose, Cleveland, and Seattle. With this expansion, Sprint now has LTE coverage in 471 cities. You can view the full list of covered cities here.

Sprint Spark coverage has also been expanded, and is now available in three more cities. St. Louise, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro, North Carolina will now have access to Spark, bringing the total number of Spark markets up to 2. Sprint says that Spark has average speeds of 6-15 Mbps, with peak speeds of 50-60 Mbps on compatible devices.

Are you covered by Sprint's LTE, and do you have access to Spark? Tell us below in the comments.

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Sprint expands LTE service to 28 more cities


When the FCC (the communications regulatory body) and the DOJ (justice dept.) give them the green light...which may or may not happen. Honestly, the opposition within the FCC seems to be waning...

Agreed. It's very rare to see someone get 3 posts in a row let Alone 1,2 and 3.

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Been there, done that.

But hey, on a serious side, there was no Sprint LTE in a city like Seattle up until now?

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I have sprint and live in an area where there's LTE and it doesn't seem to work 3G 4G LTE makes no difference which one -_-

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Spark doesn't work on Q10. It's disappointing that Spark gives you 6-15meg only. 4G LTE is expected to do that much. Spark is basically the same as Verizon's XLTE: a beefed up version of 4G LTE, by some magic they do with combining frequencies or bands.

Right. The Q10 (or the Z30, which came later, albeit never to Sprint) doesn't have the two other frequencies that, in addition to LTE 1900, constitute "Spark."

I'm sorry to say but my Q10 loses connection when in 4G coverage. It goes from 1x to 1X to 3g and 3G. This is my 3rd one so far and no one knows what's wrong.

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Any talk of Sprint coverage is a joke. 4G is practically a myth. Sure, I get "unlimited" data, but I only have service capable of using data for 10% of the day.

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My LTE works quite well on Sprint. I average 12-16 on the download and 6 on the upload. No Spark here but I'm not in a rush.

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