Sprint expanding LTE roaming to more rural and regional carriers

Sprint expanding LTE roaming to more rural and regional carriers
By Derek Kessler on 16 Jun 2014 01:14 pm EDT

Sprint has signed agreements with 12 carriers to expand the LTE footprint of everybody involved. The dozen carriers, all smaller regional and rural networks, cover 34 million Americans not touched by Sprint's fledgling LTE network. The roaming agreements will expand Sprint's LTE coverage into those areas, as well as giving those carriers access to Sprint's network.

The carriers involved include: C Spire Wireless, Carolina West Wireless, Flat Wireless, Illinois Valley Cellular, Inland Cellular, James Valley Telecommunications, Nex-Tech Wireless, nTelos, Phoenix Wireless, SI Wireless dba MobileNation, SouthernLINC Wireless, and VTel Wireless.

The agreement will bring additional Sprint LTE coverage to 325,000 square miles spread across 23 states.

Sprint's partnering with local carriers has long been part of their methods. Does the spread of Sprint LTE coverage help your perception of the carrier's network?

Source: Sprint

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Sprint expanding LTE roaming to more rural and regional carriers


Well too late I left sprint already cause they don't have the z10

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Sprint may be adding a lot of substance, but they badly need a branding makeover. Similar to BlackBerry, nobody in the real world knows they don't suck.

Sprint has been making some interesting moves lately. We'll see how it improves my service (in my locale.) If they really want to impress me, they can get a touch BB10 device.

To bad I'm migrating over to another carrier. Sprint been late to the game too many times and the blackberry support has been terrible. Bye bye...

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Since I upgraded to a Q10 from the 9650 my monthly bill has doubled and their service is still like a snail. I've been very loyal but now at the price I'm paying, Verizon is looking pretty good.

Any new trick to bypass 4G connection??....right now i'm use 4G lte z10 and 4G lte simcard but not subcribe

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I've been on Sprint since August 30th (day the q10 became available), and I've been very happy with it.

This doesn't make sense to me. C Spire, nTelos, vTel and Nex-Tech don't have band 25/26/41 LTE networks--vTel doesn't even have a 1900 MHz LTE network. So how does this benefit Sprint or these carriers? Sprint phones are usually built with just their LTE bands in them, and I doubt these carriers' customers buy Sprint variants of phones...

But what's this...C Spire and nTelos have band 2 networks. Band 2, like band 25, is a 1900 FDD LTE network. So what, if anything, does this mean vis a vis the interoperability of band 2 devices on band 25 networks and vice versa? Or is there a "switch being flipped" like AT&T will do with its band 12 and 17 (700 MHz) networks?

Oh I know THAT...but I was just wondering did they inhale some of their own smoke here when making this deal?

Raino, they have employed a technology called Spark.that allows their devices to shift from one band to another seamlessly. They are using that technology to incorporate more bands ton accomplish a conglomerate network.

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Right. But requisite for Spark is the presence of the two other "newer" bands: 26 and 41. My point was that nobody else uses these bands. Nobody else even uses band 25, so which LTE networks are these carriers in agreement (including Sprint) roaming on?

Sprint was awful 10 years ago compared to now. They're service has been awesome and I love their LTE, it simply cooks :)

I left Sprint two years ago. They have no Sprint service anywhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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Hello! Nice to see another Michigander on here! Even though I'm in lower Michigan, a.k.a a "troll" lol

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

I was forced by Sprint to leave. They 100% killed service at my residence when they combined WiMax and LTE towers. Their tech support leader told me that they were sorry but it was necessary to aim coverage elsewhere, to a more dense area northwest of us. Everyone on the east side of the freeway had to find service elsewhere. We had full bars for over 5 years until February 2013 when service died. Good bye and good riddance Sprint. Verizon rocks here.

Trusted Member Genius on Verizon

Just 1 little problem with that story. Sprint didn't own Clear until the Summer 2013 when the deal was complete so the Wimax Lte combining, don't buy it. Plus they didn't start combining LTE and Wimax sites until the fall of last year in which Wimax is still up until 2015. As for them turning antennas on a triangular shaped cell tower away from you, means they had to totally take down a whole sector of the tower just so you couldn't have it. By the way, I have been with Sprint for 18 years.

Well, it's nice to see Sprint expanding its service, but how much does it really matter since the only Blackberry they carry is the Q10? They apparently don't honor Blackberry's one year warranty. Expanding their service won't help keep their Blackberry users, but supporting Blackberry and carrying other BlackBerry devices will.

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Looking for that Verizon (previously Alltel) roaming agreement to renew prior to the scheduled 2016 expiration date.

Free roaming as a selling point has its merits, but roaming sucks the life out of your battery. Add to that the lack of support for all things Blackberry and you still have a network not worth staying with.