Sprint excited to see what BlackBerry 10 can do but unsure of how it fits into their product roadmap

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By Bla1ze on 6 Aug 2012 05:03 pm EDT

Aside from the various other challenges RIM is facing currently with BlackBerry 10, they still need to ensure they have carriers on-board for launch. We've heard many times before that RIM was working with and showing off BlackBerry 10 to various carriers and the overall consensus was that they're all excited for the next generation operating system from RIM but Sprint has now opted to be a bit more vocal about it. As noted by Phonescoop, Sprint spokesperson David Owen stated:

"I would not count RIM out. RIM keeps reinventing itself. BlackBerry 10, as we've looked at it, has some really good characteristics. We're excited to see what it can do. The challenge is RIM took on everything. They took on the entire gambit: the storefront, the operating system, the manufacturing, and this caused them to be slow in reacting to the changes in the market. We don't think we will see RIM get back to the levels they were two years ago. So we have to figure out where they'll be going forward"

Sprint themselves haven't exactly been doing the greatest these days, so we'll just avoid the pot calling the kettle black comments and stick to the basics. RIM has an already existing user base, many of which are actually hanging on to see what BlackBerry 10 will bring. Sprint will find a spot on their roadmap for BlackBerry 10 even if they take a cautious route.

Source: Phonescoop

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Sprint excited to see what BlackBerry 10 can do but unsure of how it fits into their product roadmap


BB10 will be great. It would have been even better if it would have been released sooner. But, I'll wait!

No doubt BB10 will be great (hopefully). But why is Sprint taking the cautious route? They need all the help they can get.

Meaning need all sorts of devices and not limit themselves. Variety is great.

This goes to everyone, not just the person im replying to...

Sprint did not say anything about not having room in their product roadmap for bb10. They said "I would not count RIM out...we're excited to see what it can do...they took on the entire gambit... This caused them to be slow on reacting to changes in the market. We don't think we will see RIM get back to the levels they were two years ago. So we have to figure out where they'll be going forward"

They are rooting for RIM. They want bb10 to succeed. They also know that it won't be successful enough to quickly get the company back to "the levels they were two years ago"

"so we have to figure out where they'll be going forward"... I'm pretty sure they mean the company itself, and the software and the products. If bb10 fails, which I hope is not the case, then they certainly wont be gaining back their market share.

Why would such a large company come out and say that they don't have room for blackberry 10? If that were the case and I were in charge of the company, I would release bb10 on every carrier except theirs and rub the success in their faces... Like someone said earlier, sprint is lacking in the product sector. They NEED bb10. It will give them more selection and maybe more customers if they can fix their 3g and 4g issues. Sprint was also one of the first carriers to offer the bb7 devices (had my torch a month before it landed on Verizon). Obviously they still believe in RIM and they definitely WIlL have bb10 products at launch.

.Rant over.

Remember that you're talking about a company (Sprint) that signed a contract with Apple to buy 30 million iPhones by 2014. They only have 55 million customers so they would need to have more than half of their clients switch to iPhones. They're screwed.

(not mocking) but you're talking about a company (apple) that can still sell three year old phones (3gs) because people think they're still as good as newer phones. Of the 30 million, do you know how many sprint has sold? (not theoretical, I'm actually asking). They have to "buy" 30 million by 2014, not sell. That means from now until then they have a little less than two years to sell some of them. And if it's anything like the 3gs, they will have until 2017 to sell them. Considering that its an iphone, that the economy sucks and sprint has great plans, and once again that its an iphone (everyone one just HAS to have an iphone), I'm pretty sure they can make it happen.

Wrong sprint to put all your power on one brand ....wrong....sorry....apple in 5 years is a medium player ..nothing special at all

Personally, I wonder if its in RIM's best interest to get to where they were a few years ago...if its true that they can't keep pace with the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Apple, ect..as far as putting out # of devices, wouldn't they be better off concentrating on a more upscale niche? I just wonder if they would do better to concentrate on putting out top of the line devices meant for people who can actually use a smartphone for more than watching YouTube..let the others continue to sell to the morons who constantly make idiotic complaints, and who honestly, won't be happy with any smartphone. And when the fad dies, or gets to more realistic levels, I would think it will be those devices that actually do what's necessary for those that actually use a smartphone for what it was intended are those that will be in the best position. I'm no expert by any means, but just my 2 cents..

i think this statement would have more credibility if it were coming from att or vz. to be a company thats hurting and talk about a company that is hurting is just ridiculous in my mind.
start pulling a profit and then talk to us about what is going to be good or bad for business and i will listen until then stop worrying how other companies in these rough times are doing an worry more about yourself.

Wasnt this the company that announced they would have the lte playbook on they network last summer with no LTE. Sprint need to take a seat.

Didn't really like to see this. It would be nice if carriers appeared a little more excited to launch BB10 - especially after Frank Boulben publicly stated he spoke to all the carriers prior to joining RIM to make sure they were all on board.

Saying they don't know where BB10 fits in their product road map is not what I want to hear.

No, but when the same person repeatedly makes the same ridiculous negative comments, it should be considered SPAM and they should be banned. Besides, this site is called CrackBerry, not BashBerry. I don't come on here to read the same repetative negative crap. If I wanted to read negative news, I'll go on other sites.

I am a long time sprint and this is the last thing I wanted to hear. The nice thing is, when bb10 role,so out, my 3 lines and contracts will be fulfilled. I wasn't planning on shopping around , but if sprint is going to take that attitude, I will take my business elsewhere.

And I'll be right behind you with mine and the wife's. Sprint better have BlackBerry10 at launch because come January, I wait NO MORE,even if it means I have to switch carriers I will have BlackBerry10 at launch.

I got one word that makes all grown people grin...MONEY

If Sprint has an opportunity to make money, they will give bb10 a go despite what this one individual says.

The RIMPIRE is money

Me too - we have two lines that can be switched over to Verizon. We actually come out a few bucks ahead with their new plan.

I remember the things they use to say about Sprint and I have Sprint and BlackBerry together.

I definitely will drop Sprint immediately if they can't figure out where BB10 "fits" on their road map.

As mobile devices become more advance and mobile tech field evolves, a major problem these service providers will face is their own evolution. Right now, mobile service providers are not evolving their business fast enough to keep up with the technology evolution - and this comment from Sprint conveys that clearly to me. It is not where BB10 fits on their roadmap but how Sprint can evolve to fit with the technological evolution BB10 (and others to follow) will bring.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Sorry but sprint deserve every shot that comes at them they can spend 27 million on Nextel iden technology but can't get LTE in customers hands. If verizon, at&t, t-mobile can sprint can but they were kissing apple a** so much for the iphone & over spent on that garbage contract. Not only that you have to pay $10 extra on top of your data plan sprint is full of it. If my carrier ntt docomo in Japan have lte and said they were going to push bb10 hard like all they devices I know sprint full of sh*t

I think it was good that they felt excited to see what BB10 could do, that was positive. I think Sprint might want to go hard with BB10 cause they really dont have much in thier line-up to differerentiate themselves from the other carriers. Hows the whole IPhone thing working out for ya Sprint?
I live in the Phoenix area and we have Sprint Duty phones for on call days. Kayocera Duramax :( They network is junk. In the middle of the 5th largest city in the US you get no service and dropped calls.

Enough already! Why are you on this site if you are not a BlackBerry supporter?? It's clear you have nothing better to do with your time...It's quite pathetic actually.

"We're excited to see some awesomeness, but because we're (Sprint) not that awesome - we're not sure how BlackBerry ten fits into our thingamajig. I mean, seems like they're (RIM) doing everything for us, but we'll just have to wait and see." - somebody at sprint


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I'm the onion of "blogs". Not even sure what that means.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I thought if any carrier would back them big in the U. S it would be Sprint. Smh I'm not happy Sprint but I guess I'll take the wait and see approach, there is still a lot of time from now until the launch. Not that anyone needs reminded.

From the sound of that I would be surprised if Sprint has BB10 on launch day - sounds most likely they will watch the uptake on AT&T and Verizon and will react rather than anticipate.

Doesn't sound from the above that they were blown away from what they have seen so far about BB10. "We don't think they will get back to where they were 2 years ago" is the most telling statement from what I read above. Not saying it is right don't misunderstand me - just feel that's a judgement on their behalf.

They're just posturing to try and get a better deal with BlackBerry. And to make it appear they are dealing from a position of strength.
Remember, it's 'business'.

Sprint better figure out a place for BB10. Their unlimited data plan would be ideal for noodling around on the new devices, and I'm counting on doing so. Don't make me switch carriers, sprint! Where BB10 goes, I go. And if they do decide to carry the new BB10 phones, don't take forever to release them! Thank you :)

I've been with Sprint for over 12years, if they don't carry BB10 I am so gone,their service is weak to begin with,but I've been noticing them dropping more and more BB devices.

Sprint, i have been happy with the switch from AT&T to your service, but BlackBerry is still my smartphone of choice, I will get a BB10 phone. It's up to you if I stay with Sprint.

I wonder what Mr. Owen thought of Apple when they were down and out back in the day. If he stated the same thing I think perhaps a part of Sprint's problem is him. The comments you others have made are solid.

For the most part, i am happy with Sprint for my mobile needs, but if they don't have BB10 sometime in the beginning of 2013, I will pick up my bags and move to another carrier. This is kinda hard to say though simply because no other carrier in my area offers unlimited data...

Odd comments from Sprint. Are they thinking of not even adding BB10 to their offering? Is there something additional that is needed to offer BB10 as compared to the current BB offerings that would scare them off?


This is the same company that have the s3 running on that choppy 3g network they make you pay $10 extra for. Now this comment... Yes they are confused

Didn't Sprint commit to buying $10 Billion of iToys over the next x years? Could this be the delima they are facing nwo with the imminent release of BB10?
i.e. if they push BB10, what does it do to their 10 Billion iToy commitment?

if I was Sprint, I would be worried too?!

It's nice to see one of RIM's carrier partners say this. Until now, all we've heard about the carriers' reactions to BB10 have come from RIM itself, so it's nice to see others noting that it has potential as well.

BB10 can go nowhere without carrier support, so it's vital that carriers are on-board with RIM. If Sprint does so, then the others will follow as well, I think.

Surprised Sprint is still in business after some of the bonehead moves they have pulled like Nextel, wimax, lightsquared, LTE promises, now this, what next?

Sprint dug their own grave with their huge iPhone buy. Like Wayne Gretzky says, look where the puck is going to be, not where it is now. The iPhone is the hot thing now, it may not be over the next few years though...

Their billion dollar bet on the iPhone and their game of catch-up in LTE is the problem. As a Sprint customer, I'm used to having to wait for the devices I want. It took about a year for the 9650 to come to Sprint. They're small so they usually have to wait.

I'm concerned about this comment because I assumed that I'd have to wait at least 6 months after AT&T and Verizon get the BB10 phones, but I hope they make room in their stable for it (them). Sprint recently made a similar statement about WP8 - that they're interested in seeing what it's like when it's ready.

Sprint's in bed with a billion dollars worth of iPhones. The HTC Evo 4G LTE and the Galaxy S3 are bread and butter for them right now. They don't have the money that AT&T and Verizon has to throw around, so I think that's why they're coming across as wait-and-see.

Uhm, actually I think they were the first (beat VZW by a few days) with the 9650 for whatever that is worth.

Blackberry 10 is a myth. I don't want to hear that stupid RIM CEO say one word other than when its being released. Im tired of the waiting, the stalling, and the stupid Blackberry 10 Jam shit. If i were a national carrier i wouldn't be too thrilled about BB10 either....with iOS and Android already lightyears ahead. I'll believe it when its in my hands..

Left Sprint last October when they wanted to extort me for another $40 per month to upgrade my 4 Blackberry devices (which was really to support the buildout of their failed 4G plan-oh-the-week, and the iPhone subsidizing). Was a 10 year customer with them too. So glad I'm on HSPA+ now as it blows Sprint clearly out of the water, and the provider I switched to will probably have LTE out before Sprint even though they just started working on it this year. Sprint has made so many mis-steps from Clear/WiMax, to LightSpeed, to bad iPhone deal, and the service hasn't improved at all and the prices kept going up. I don't mind paying more for more, but more and more and more for the same is where I draw the line.